VTSAX Millionaire Journey #8: $90,551.02

When I began this millionaire journey I didn’t realize that it would be a journey that would inspire me to learn more about the history of the stock market. I find myself learning about the stock market panic of 1907 and 1929 in particular. To tell you the truth, I was so inspired that I wrote a detailed post about Jesse Lauriston Livermore, my favorite stock trader, who shorted the market right before the 2 aforementioned panics and made a fortune.

You can read my post on Mr. Livermore here but I need to share a financial thought of mine. Jesse Livermore amassed 4 incredible large fortunes over his lifetime and subsequently lost them all. Now here is my thought and I promise to be totally honest. If I come across a huge fortune, be it by my own successes or a lottery, I will quit trading.

I don’t mean I will quit investing and making my money grow in the stock market but I won’t day trade ever again.


Truthfully I don’t need 2 fortunes. I (and you as well) only need 1.


Unfortunately, I didn’t win the lotto. I also don’t have a family member who’s inheritance will put me in the 1% group. So, I continue to blog, trade and take photos for a living. Luckily the month of August was a really good financial month for me.

With that said, here are the numbers.

I was able to add in $5,421.50 to my VTSAX position for the ending month of August. That number is a combination of photography, blogging income, trading, dividends, capital gains and option money.

There is now a $5,952.84 investment return since January 10th 2017.

To wrap things up my Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund total is now $90,551.02.

If you need to reach out to me for any reason please do so here.

Until next month.

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