VTSAX Millionaire Journey #6: $80,350.50

Trading, blogging and photography were financially and spiritually amazing for me in the month of June. I had more photography jobs, more successful blog posts and more winning trades in the month of June. If every month could be like June I could retire in a few years easily.

Anyway, I know people enjoy learning about trading and the good bad and the ugly so I will do my best to stick to that. For starters, I have been much more active trying to get my day trading series under way. I only have 2 posts in the series but there will be more to come. Each post can take a lot of time to prepare and I want them to be great for my readers. Also, the reason the series is taking a bit of time is because I added 2 very important and informative posts, separate from the day trading series, which have proven to be a success for me at Beyond Debt.

The 2 posts I am referring to are 10 reasons you can’t be successful as a day trader which can be read here and 10 ways to avoid the PDT rule which can be read here.

Here are the numbers for this month.

I was able to add in $4,456.79 to my VTSAX position for the month of June. That number is a combination of income, trading, dividends, capital gains and option money.

There is now a $4,566.81 investment return since January 10th 2017.

If you want to read more about VTSAX please read my article which was published on Seeking Alpha.

To wrap things up my Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund total is now $80,350.50.

I hope that those who chose to read this post and have gotten this far take their finances seriously. I understand that I get a lot of day trading questions. People somehow continue to believe they will be successful day traders if they work hard at it. I truly hope you are successful but the honest truth is 95% of all traders fail, 40% quit within 4 months and 80% of day traders quit within 2 years.

Those numbers are not there to discourage you. They are there to remind you to be smart about your money and your finances.

If you need to reach out to me for any reason please do so here.

Until next month.


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