VTSAX Millionaire Journey #3: $70,143.13

April was a pretty good month for me both in the blogging and photography department. Trading was slower than normal and I think it was partly due to my busy schedule and lack of volume in the market. I did make a few cups of New York City coffee money from trading which is a lot for the rest of the world but for New York standards it will only buy you cups of coffee. Besides, I love doing other things because trading can be boring unless you have other interests entertaining you during the day. Luckily the 2 other interests (blogging and photography) are businesses that keep me entertained and help me financially add to my VTSAX position.

Anyway, my Millionaire Journey is now on month 4 from the very first day I began and no matter what I blog about I still get the same questions about day trading. I am pretty sure my frequently asked questions page needs to be updated with more details because people are seeking some very specific answers to some very specific questions. So, maybe I will add that to the list of things to do.

Don’t get me wrong I truly don’t mind answering the same questions and I try my very best to help those who are confused and frustrated. However, what the stock market gurus are presenting to You is not what You are going to get. There is a whole different dark side to day trading that nobody wants to share with You because it won’t help build their student base. And the only way you will ever learn about it is when You are in knee deep and all your money is gone. Then and only then do You truly learn the lesson.

In no way am I trying to discourage You because trading is 1 of the ways I make a living and I will most likely trade for years and years to come but with a 90% fail rate and guru misrepresentation You (new trader) are at a bigger disadvantage than you could have ever imagined. That is why I started doing my Skype 1 on 1 sessions once again. I had stopped for a few months to do other things but too many people were needing the 1 on 1 attention to get a real understanding of what to expect.

Here is a breakdown of what we discuss in 2 hours.

  • Learn the realities of trading
  • Recognize the pit falls of trading
  • Discover how chat rooms really work and how they make their money
  • Realize the time and capital commitment required to trade
  • Explore strategies best fit for your time and schedule
  • Become savvy on the disadvantages you face and how to circumvent them
  • Understand the true cost of trading: Chat Room, Education, Scanners, Platforms, Charting, Commission, Hidden Market Rules, Opportunity Costs, Fees & Taxes
  • Learn a much more cost effective stock market education.
  • Unlimited email for additional help getting started
  • One time fee of $150 (USD)

Yes I charge a fee for my time but most people ask me why I don’t charge more for the information once my session is done. Why? Because I am only charging for my time and not the information itself. I want You to survive in the market. I want You to be knowledgeable and minimize mistakes in the market. It doesn’t take nearly $10,000 for a day trading education and nor should it. If it does… RUN!

In fact, if you start here for free you will be much better off educationally and financially speaking.

Ok, my preaching for the day is done. Let’s move on to the numbers for my Millionaire Journey.

Here are the numbers.

I was able to add in $4,303.96 to my VTSAX position for the month of April. That number is a combination of previous income, trading, dividends, capital gains and option money.

There is now a $3,110.17 investment return since January 10th 2017. These fluctuations in ROI are due to the market not being able to decide to go up or go down. Right now we are in a pretty boring consolidation phase. Eventually it will find a direction and start trending again.

If you want to read more about VTSAX please read my article which was published on Seeking Alpha. It breaks down all the necessary information about VTSAX. However, Vanguard just lowered their expense ratio once again so VTSAX costs even less than it did when I wrote the article. That is great news for me and all those who invest in it because lower fees means more green in the investor’s pocket.

To wrap things up my Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund total is now $70,143.13.

As always feel free to reach out to me here and ask me any questions you may have. If you need 1 on 1 help then plese fill out the form here and let’s set up a Skype session so I can educate you on the lies, misrepresentation and bs in day trading.

I guarantee it will blow your mind.

Until next month.

Disclaimer: My wife breaks open my son’s coin jar so she can get a massage, so I decided to add affiliate links instead so my son can continue to grow his money.










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