Millionaire Journey Update #13:

And just like that January 2018 has come and gone. Every month I wonder what I am going to say during these millionaire journey updates. Sometimes I am at a loss for words and other times things just flow out of me. Well today I am happy to say that I have something very important to add to my Millionaire Journey Update #13.

In case you didn’t already know I am a big fan of the book, The Simple Path to Wealth. I reviewed it last year and talk about how that book has changed my life in several of my blog posts. It is also one of my biggest recommendations.

Anyway, just yesterday, JL Collins, the author of The Simple Path to Wealth, wrote to me on this very blog thanking me. That is right. He left a comment on this post.

I was in shock and I was overjoyed by his comment.

Here is what he wrote.

Hi Jal…

Thanks for your very kind comments regarding my book and blog, and for bringing both to the attention of your readers. Glad you found them useful.

Enjoy your millionaire journey!

Then, after calling my wife, I wrote this:

Mr. Collins it is an honor to have you find this page and an even bigger honer to read your comment.

Your book changed my mental mindset on finance as well as my financial life.

I recommend your book all the time.

Thank you.

Isn’t that super cool? His $14 book helped changed the way I think and feel about finances. The book was responsible for starting this journey and continuing it and it also helped spark the idea to closely monitor and budget my finances from here until the day I die.

I know it sounds a bit corny but it is true.

So, once again. Thank you JL Collins. May your words continue to echo into the ears of everyone who wants financial change.

Now for the numbers for last month.

I was able to add in $5139.47 to my (VTSAX) Vanguard Total Stock Market Index fund position for the ending month of January.

That number is a combination of photography, blogging income, Youtube income, trading, dividends, capital gains and option money.

There is now a $20,127.32 investment return since January 10th 2017.

To wrap things up my Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund total is now $120,900.42.

If you need to reach out to me for any reason please do so here.

Until next month.

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