Valentine’s Day Ideas

100 Brilliant Valentine’s Day Ideas That Won’t Cost Much

I know I get it Valentine’s Day ideas are being thrown at you from all over the place. We get bombarded with them on TV, Internet, magazines and radio but they all seem to cost so much money. Why does Valentine’s Day have to be expensive when geniuses like Henry Van Dyke said, “It is not the gift, but the thought that counts.” Listen, if spending a lot of money is your thing and your loved one loves you for that then by all means be my guest. However, if you are like me you are going to want to put your creativity cap on and think of some Valentine’s Day ideas that are much more about the idea than the cost. With that said, I compiled a list of 100 Valentine’s Day ideas that will surely stir your creativity.

Video of My 100 Brilliant Valentine’s Day Ideas…

…in case you don’t like to read.

Be a love servant for the evening

Let’s face it. Who doesn’t want to be waited on hand and foot? I do.

Cook an amazingly delicious meal

With sites like Allrecipes here you can’t go wrong. Ever!

Bake the best chocolate chip cookies

I am a chocolate chip cookie addict. Bake me ccc and I am happier than a kitten under a leaky cow.

Ice skate until your heart’s content

It’s always more fun falling over each other if you both can’t ice skate.

Give a massage to die for

I don’t mean literally die for but do make it awesome.

Watch a romantic movie together

I love romantic movies even though they are predictable and corny.

Write an original song about your love

If it comes from the heart it doesn’t matter how you sound. A love song always does it’s work.

Write an original poem about them

Writing poems can be as creative as Oscar Wilde or creative as roses are red…

Write a love letter

Do you remember writing those love letters as a kid? Open your heart and write a love letter.

Go have a great laugh at karaoke

I can’t sing but I am a great BAD karaoke singer which means tons of laughs.

Print free Valentine’s Day fortune cookies

This site is awesome and fortunately breaks it down for you step by step. No pun intended.

Roll play

When I was younger I loved roll play. Now that I have kids I have to roll out of bed to play.

Create an adorable mason jar

Here are 54 inspirational valentine’s day mason jars you will love.

Run a 5k

A 5k might not be the most romantic but add in the 7th from the bottom. 🙂

Plant a tree together

Trees are amazing and beneficial. Planting a tree will make you both feel great.

Clean the house and add flower scented spray

Every time I clean the house my wife loves me that much more.

Make an exotic fruit basket

Use your imagination. Strawberries, bananas and kiwi come to mind.

Make a custom playlist from thier favorite music

All of your favorite music as a couple will bring back all those amazing memories you shared.

Create a bouquet of flowers out of paper

Here are a 1000 ideas in case you need a little inspiration.

Write love notes throughout the house

Go love note crazy and put them in the drawer, fridge, bathroom and all over the place.

DIY gift basket

I did a gift basket for my mom when I was younger and she still mentions it today.

Set up a scavenger hunt

You can get very creative with a personalized scavenger hunt and you can even do it in your house.

Go to a free trial dance class

I met my wife at a dance class. 2 kids later and case closed.

Have a picnic

If weather permits have one outside or set one up in the living room.

Have a redbox movie night

For $1 you have unlimited movie entertainment for the evening.

Go on a walk and hold hands

My wife and I love to walk and hold hands in the park.


Just cuddle. 😉

Library movie night

Usually library movie night shows a classic. Who doesn’t love a classic?

Dine out with a Groupon

I get it we all love to go out but Groupon it to save and then try something new.

Go sightseeing

I have lived in NYC my whole life and it never ceases to amaze me how much I still don’t know about NYC.

Fill the house with dollar store balloons

Get red balloons. They are lively, hot and sexy.

Get naughty Valentine’s Day games

Here is a website that adds in the naughty on Valentine’s Day.

Go on an adventure

Be creative and drive or walk to somewhere adventurous.

DIY Valentine’s Day tattoos

Check for tattoos or other similar Valentine’s Day ideas at your local store.

Make a bubble bath for the 2 of you

Watch how happy this woman is taking a bubble bath.

Pick up cute Valentine’s Day PJs

Every Walmart, Kmart or Target has cute Valentine’s PJs and they are super inexpensive.

Serve breakfast in bed

Everyone loves breakfast in bed unless you have a cot then make it breakfast in cot.

Bake a heart shaped cake

Here is a recipe for a heart shaped cake and you don’t even need the heart shaped pan to do it.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Trader Joe wine

Charles Shaw Wine or $2 buck Chuck is a little more expensive but still worth the price.

Do a serenade even if you can’t sing

If your loved one lives on the top floor you might want to serenade through a cell phone.

Put on a show

The Valentine’s Day ideas my kids come up with are super memorable.

Create your personalized 10 commandments of love

Thou shalt be loved by me forever, I am your love God. Get it?

Make some heart shaped pancakes

Heart shaped pancakes with some strawberries… Yummy!

Turn your kitchen into a diy mimosa bar

Here is a little inspiration for that diy mimosa bar.

Compile a historic timeline of your relationship

Even if you just met you can do a minute by minute timeline to gain some “Awe you are so cute” points.

Give the best foot massage of your life

A great foot massage will make me do anything you want.

Make diy candy skewers

When you are done cross arms and feed each other with the candy.

Print naughty vouchers

Naughty vouchers can be found online or in your creative brain.

Play truth or dare

Don’t just go to the dares… Get some love truth first.

Make heart shaped chocolate covered strawberries

Chocolate and strawberries together. Yummy!

Have a make and bake pizza night

My wife and I do this all the time. It’s quite fun and very tasty.

DIY glitter jar

Here is some inspiration for a cool diy glitter jar.

Make a romantic heart puzzle

I would add a romantic message in there as well.

Design a colorful message in a bottle

Design a colorful and possibly playful or sexy message in a bottle.

Design a “things I love about you” gift jar

The more you feel the love the more things I love about you will go in the jar.

Make personalized Valentine’s Day soap

Once you make the personalized soap you can use it together. 🙂

Make hand made heart jewelry

Here is some creative hand made heart jewelry to inspire you.

Get all sweaty doing a fun couples workout

Working out releases pheromones which will stimulate certain responses.

DIY Valentine’s treat bag

You can be cute, fun or sexy with this Valentine’s Day idea.

Crochet a heart

I don’t know how to crochet but if you are handy with a needle and thread crochet a heart.

Create a diy notebook and add a love note

I can give you this step by step diy tutorial but you have to supply the note.

Make hand prints with a heart on them

I would say, “you see honey you have my heart”.

Make chocolate covered Oreo cookies

I don’t know about you but this sound great all year round.

Do a striptease

A striptease could be fun, funny or sexy. I guess it could be hilarious too. Have fun though.

Make a memory candle

Here is a quick tutorial on how to make a memory candle.

Create a heart shaped light bulb

Here is a quick tutorial on how to make a heart shaped light bulb.

Create a bouquet of red underwear

Make sure the underwear are clean. 🙂

DIY memory album with all of your favorite times together

The longer you have been together the more I imagine that skies the limit with this one.

Create a chapstick Valentine’s Day Butterfly

Here is a cute chapstick Valentine’s Day butterfly.

DIY rose petals

You can greet your loved one with rose petals or lead them somewhere you want them to go. 🙂

Tea bag hearts

Tell me these aren’t cute for the morning or evening Valentine’s Day tea.

Say I love you in 10 different ways

I love you, Te amo, 我爱你.

Personalize a photo frame

Big or small, a personalized photo frame is fun.

Set up an on the hour gift envelop

Think like the movie P.S I love you minus the fact that your loved one is dead.

Design custom beer bottles

I meant the labels like these not the bottles themselves.

Knit a blanket

I can’t knit but I have a neighbor who knits for us all the time and it’s wonderful.

Get a few lotto tickets

Hey you never know.

Design a floral food bouquet

You can make a sweet food bouquet or a funny one like this.

Dedicate a love song on a radio station

Every time I think of radio love songs I think of her.

Freeze heart shaped ice cubes with red coloring

Then you can let them drip on your loved one and go from there.

Bake heart shaped cupcakes

Who doesn’t like cupcakes? Enough said.

Read a book together

Provided you aren’t parents who need to catch up on sleep, read a book together.

Kiss, kiss and then kiss some more

Just kiss. 🙂

Send a sensual email

Make sure your sensual email doesn’t inadvertently go to the wrong person.

Take selfies and post your love on Facebook to make others jealous

This sounds like a lot of fun especially if you post a ton of them every couple of minutes hogging up everyone’s Facebook feed.

Take a walk in the park

Even on a cool night it’s fun to take a walk in the park together.

Dress in sexy underwear

If you don’t have sexy underwear you could always cut up some old clothes to get the mood right.

Surprise your loved one at work

A lunch time or after work surprise with an idea from above will be a big hit.

Leave the toilet seat up with a cute post it note

Make sure the toilet is clean please. 🙂

Dedicate a day to just the 2 of you

Like Bill Withers said, “Just the 2 of us. We can make it if we try”.

Have a romantic photo session

I am a photographer so this is super easy for me.

Name a star after your loved one

You can actually name one at Star Registry or print out the galaxy and diy.

Compliment each other again and again

Compliments make you feel good as long as it’s from the heart.

Take a shower together

This could make for a long Valentine’s night.

Kiss him or her all over their body

This one too.


Flirting is healthy, fun and would definitely get the mood flowing the right way.

Whisper sweet nothings

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

Eat fruit off of each others body

Hmmm, I won’t say anything about this one. 🙂

Have foreplay

Nor this one.

Make love

Definitely not this one. 🙂

And there you have it 100 brilliant Valentine’s Day ideas that won’t cost much money. Some of the ideas won’t cost anything at all and that is a good thing for those who love sexy budgets. However, no matter how much you spend or what you do it’s always best to do it from the bottom of your heart and not the bottom of your wallet.

How many Valentine’s Day Ideas can you add to the list? Let us know.




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