I Joined the Tim Sykes Millionaire Challenge

Tim Sykes Millionaire ChallengeTim Sykes Millionaire Challenge

Update: February 2015 I am no longer with Tim Skyes & The Challenge & do not recommend it. My original unedited post can still be read below but my views have changed. If you are interested in trading I highly suggest you watch the free video series here by Investors Underground first.  As always feel free to reach out to me by clicking here.

Call me a genius or call me stupid because last week I joined the Tim Sykes Millionaire Challenge. Naturally you might ask who is Tim Sykes. Good question. To make a long story short he is the guy who turned his 12,415.00 Bar Mitzvah money into 3.5 million dollars playing penny stocks. Click here to read more about Tim Sykes. In any event last week I was interviewed and was accepted to be a student of the millionaire challenge. Feeling skeptical? Good you should be.

Here is my story.

I am a father of 2 and a husband of 1 with a part time photography business. I own a few websites and I have been trading and investing in the stock market (on and off) for 20 years. However, in the beginning of 2012 I hit the market hard again and started to trade this and that along the way. I made money but I felt like a bicyclist on the Autobahn who had no clue how to get in and out of traffic. Then I read the December 2013 CNN article on Tim Grittani  which you can read here. Basically the article talks about the day Tim Grittani became a millionaire in less than 3 years by implementing Tim Sykes’ penny stocking techniques. Click here to read more about Tim Grittani.

I read the article with congratulatory thoughts and then tucked it away in my brain for 2 weeks. In case you don’t realize, 2013 was a great year in the stock market but I kept thinking that I did well only because the year in the market was a success. What would happen if the market tanked again I thought. Would my portfolio tank too? That is when I went back to the article and found the name Tim Sykes.

Why I decided to Join the Tim Sykes Millionaire Challenge

Listen. If you are reading this and you are feeling conflicted you should be. You are not alone. However, I feel like I did enough preliminary research on TS to make an intelligent decision. In essence I am investing in my future by educating myself. That being said this is what I did before I applied.

I immediately Googled the name Tim Sykes and watched video after video after video after video after video after video… of him. There are thousands of videos, blog posts and reviews on him. Some of them aren’t pretty. In fact here is a great article on Michael Goode’s turn around opinion on Tim Sykes. It’s a must read if you are contemplating taking the challenge.

He definitely make various impressions once you start watching and reading. My personal feelings on him are irrelevant though. However, know this. I am a cynical New Yorker. There isn’t any amount of marketing he can do to MAKE ME buy his products or services. I did my research and made a decision based on that research.

In a nutshell Tim Sykes says to trade penny stock (not invest) companies on the way up and down based off of price action by using volatility, volume and chart patterns to your benefit. That’s all.

Simple right?

Not at all. You need the right tools, money and service to do this.

So, I thought about it and talked it over with my wife. She actually supported me on my decision because she knows I am thorough. So, I bought his penny stocking silver newsletter and hoped in feeling confused and overwhelmed. However, I enjoyed it and that is what was meaningful to me. That is when I applied for the Tim Sykes Millionaire Challenge. About a week later I was interviewed by telephone and was accepted. I told them that I needed to reconfirm with my wife and that I would call them a few days later. My wife reconfirmed so I joined.


I want to make this clear before I say anymore. There is no part of my being that feels that this is a get rich scheme. This is a thought out decision based on my personal research and communication with my wife. There are plenty of services I could have used but this one felt right because Tim Sykes doesn’t hide his failures. In fact he highlights them for others to learn from. This is also an investment into my future with the understanding that there are risks involved. In fact, Tim Sykes repeatedly says that 90% of traders lose money. I look forward to becoming a part of the 10 percent.

I will blog about my journey weekly as it happens real time so that others can experience the excitement, fear, confusion, enlightenment and anything else along with me.

Today is my First Blog Post on the Tim Sykes Millionaire Challenge

Here is what you need to know and where I am at right now.

I have been studying for the last 2 weeks and have not made any trades as of yet. I still have the same personal brokerage account and have yet to open an account with another broker to trade penny stocks. From my understanding not every brokerage account is good for penny stocks. By March 1st I plan to have an account open at one (possibly 2) of the firms they recommend and I will blog about it when it happens. I also plan to begin paper trading to work out any kinks along the way before using real money. This means that I don’t plan on making any trades as of yet because I want to understand and grow more before I delve in. I can’t lie. It’s tempting to want to make trades. Even this morning I emailed Michael Goode to ask his opinion on a stock. He answered me back before the market opened and I am confident that his response helped me to save me from possibly jumping in before it’s time. Yes I might have made some money today but I feel that if I make money too quickly without understanding what I am doing I will reinforce bad behaviors which could ultimately cost me in the end.

By the way Michael Goode is Tim Sykes’ first millionaire student who answers questions and does weekly webinars as a part of the Tim Sykes Millionaire Challenge.

That is it. If you have any questions please feel free to ask and I will try to answer them as soon as I can.

Oh… How much did this cost me you ask?


Call me a genius or call me stupid.








Important Resources

  • Read my frequently asked questions or if you need personal 1 on 1 guidance from me on how to fully prepare as well as protect yourself from the misrepresentation please click here.
  • Every month I update this post here for my personal "Millionaire Challenge". I suggest you read the entire post and when you reach the bottom you can see my updated progress.
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546 thoughts on “I Joined the Tim Sykes Millionaire Challenge

  1. Hi,

    really interesting article. I have been thinking about the callenge too.

    A question arose, when I read your article: Does it cost 5525$ to join the program, or is this the money you put in your account?

    Looking forward to your answer!

    1. Thanks for the question. I look forward to answering any questions along the way because it can be scary out there and NOBODY wants to get burned. First let me say that you need to apply to the challenge. I would suggest watching a ton of videos first. Who knows you might not even like Timothy Sykes. I actually like his personality. He highlights his losses and his wins. He isn’t afraid to say when he is wrong but trust me he isn’t afraid to let the world know he is right. That being said if you continue to watch and read and still want to join you would then interview 2 times to make sure you realize this is a process and not a get rich quick scheme. In the end I paid $5525 to join for one year. It includes ALL of his DVD’s, over 1400 Webinars and Michael Goode who answers all your questions along the way. I have to be totally honest. I haven’t made any money yet but I have saved a ton of money from the stupid mistakes I could have been making without the knowledge they are giving us. There is a TON of studying to do. It’s quite overwhelming at first but slowly you start to feel a groove. Some students have banked a lot because they are quicker to pull the trigger than I am but I am in no rush. I hope this helps and come back to read more and I plan on documenting my experiences along the way.

      1. Thanks for your answer!

        Thats a lot of money to pay which I don’t have at the moment :(.

        But I hope you will keep blogging your efforts, as I am curious how this works out. I wish you all the best and will keep checking back to your blog!

        1. I guess it depends on how you look at it. Keep in mind you don’t have to go the route I went. There are plenty of free videos that are very very helpful. However, the amount of material and resources that are available to me has been well worth the money spent and I haven’t even traded yet. Thanks for your encouragement. Please come back soon.

      2. Are you serious? over 5K for a a bunch of DVD and webinars? Sorry but Tim is just another scam in the realm of penny stocks. There are a million dudes like him trying to sell “the dream”.

        1. You think that’s expensive. Imagine all of those college students who paid for 4 years of college and have over 100K loans to pay back and they can’t find a job. Ouch!

          1. I think getting college fees involved here is such a lame…you wouldnt be here trading if you havent gone college, i am interested in tim sykes and like him so far , have watched
            Tons of his videos. But i think its pretty expesive for such an amount..had he made a payment plan for a year with trading that would have been more better so one can go along as he pays..r. As good as he is a trader but asking people for such an amount for a chalkenge and subscription does put people on doubt, this is lot of money its a hard earned money for people,,,as much as i respect him but the fees are too much for hard earner like us,,would appreciate ur answer, ,i am an immigrant by the way and make abt 25k a year

          1. Although what you are saying is incorrect I will tell you that you are very right. There are many scams that go on in trading. It’s amazing how many elements contribute to sketchy business. Taking advantage of that knowledge is the key.

          2. How about a money back guarantee if I can’t make what Tim has told us we could make. Yea, I didn’t think so.

          3. Obviously you know there are no guarantees and you are coming across as condescending. You have a right to your opinion and regardless of your tone your skepticism should not be just about Tim. It should be about every aspect of the stock market. Tim is but a drop in the HUGE ocean.

          4. I invite people to Google “learning” from Timothy Sykes. There’s a nice little article about his “pump and dump” strategy. Huff Post website I believe. Pretty good read.

          5. I have a better solution. Why don’t you post the article in the comments. It will only help those who are interested in the big picture.

        2. As they say, “A sucker is born everyday.”

          Pays over 5K + Didn’t make any money = Bad Trade/Bad Deal

          Have you been living in a bubble or something? I am from NY and we have to deal with people like Tim on a daily basis. We do so by ignoring their asses.

          1. @Patrick, that article was clear and straight to the point. Not saying that Tim Sykes couldn’t of made the money he said he did; given the fact that certain people do not apply logic and reach within their method and jump into something is a disservice to themselves. I believe education, practice and timing is everything; just my opinion. Conclusion, I would definitely do my research before committing.

      3. Why on earth would someone “give away” a money making strategy like this? I never quite understood that. I had filled out the paperwork online months ago, even had a guy call me for an interview but I never picked it up. You want so badly to believe it, but the only way to make money is to work hard. Period.

        1. I wish he gave it away. It’s so much bigger than a strategy. People who think in dollars and cents are selling themselves short. The only thing that you said that I will agree with you on is the work hard part.

          1. have you made money since your last post? I am extremely interested in trading. I tried it on my own and nada, zero, zelch… I can surely use some know-how.

          2. I find myself pretty much break even. I make money but then I lose money. More specifically I will make money 3 or 4 days in a week but lose most of it on 1 trade. That basically means my risk to reward ratio is off. Luckily I am not down but I plan to make specific changes to increase my odds of success in 2015.

        2. he says that in multiple youtube videos why he started going into teaching.. to keep in short and sweet, I remember him saying:
          “there were no penny stocks I liked (supernovas) during ___ period so I started reading about publishing books and putting togther [his] CDS”
          also, he said “my story is basically written”. he has enough money to do what he wants , when he wants. His youtube videos, while cocky, are indeed inspirational. He wants to teach because he enjoys helping others. While doing the DVDS and books, he does make a nice, but small, profit.

          1. Ur probably right but anyways. I think his style is legit and I plan on investing my time to learn his techniques.

        3. The mindset and outlook you have in general is one so common among the many defeatist individuals that tend to discount anything and everything without any actual knowledge of the subject. Im glad that people w that negative mindset exist though bc it allows us other not so unfortunate individuals to succeed in the areas that you arent willing to try to. And no im not a gullible easily persuaded person always looking for the next get rich in case that was going to be your rebuttle. Good luck

        4. Why is it a SCAM? if he does Pump and Dump why is that a scam??? If it is legal to do I think it is Brilliant… You probably don’t have enough to do that but if you were in a group they work together…But YOU HAVE A bad attitude towards Tim from the get go. I think it is GREAT the BOY took money he could have bought CRAP with (video games and other USELESS crap) and did more than you have done working 60 hrs a week And I am not bought one thing from Tim but if I had 5 grand I would Love to get in on the Pump and Dump…as you call it… YOU WILL never get rich thinking like a POOR MAN… Think about it..???

      4. Or you could actually learn something by watching Nate’s DVDs from investorsunderground.com and saving yourself money and saving yourself being a sucker for Tim’s bullshit… either way, since you’ve already paid I guess. Use this time to see how a Pumper who bashes on Pumpers actually Pumps a stock and then sells it to his subs.

        When you go broke – believe me, you will – then you can join IU and actually make some money.

        Good luck

        1. Pretending to be The real Tim Grittani is irresponsible and down right stupid.

          Actually I find rude, uneducated people who don’t do their research to be the ones who go broke. I did a full review of Nate’s DVD in July (here) and I joined IU shortly after (here)

        1. Hi. You can check out my watch list on a daily basis to see my wins/loses. I currently recommend Day Trade Warrior. The education, scanner and live newsfeed is great.

          1. Brainstorm: How about attending the University of the Self? Tim makes much more ripping off suckers than he does at trading. Real traders wouldn’t be bothered with teaching anyone, except for their children maybe.

            The last thing a rich person wants to do is make other people rich.

          2. Hey Jai,

            Thank you so much for sharin the process. Im about to make the investment on tims challenge but currently im in a very difficult financial situation since I support my mother and myself. Could you please guide me if im making the right, decision or is a scam. If there are online trading schools that really worth the money and time.

            Warmest regards

          3. Hi Carlos,

            Here is the truth. You need money to make money and that is the bottom line. If you are using money to support you and your mom and you are on a tight budget you have to know that you could potentially lose. I currently don’t recommend TS but if you are interested in a cost effective way to learn to trade I can guide you the right way. That way you won’t spend anywhere close to 6k to learn to trade.

            Let me know.

      5. I’m currently debating on whether or not I should join tims millionaire challenge. I am a beginner and don’t know a lot about trading stocks. Have u made any money? Is it worth the $5525?

      6. I was interviewed and the tuition was $6,500. I can’t help but imagine that if there are 1000 students in each one spends $6,500 Tim makes $6,500,000. We could all bust and he ends up a multi millionaire? Hmmmm

        1. Hi William Clinton. You wouldn’t be thee Bill Clinton would you?

          Anyway, when I spoke to Tim in 2014 he told me there were 5000 plus students but honestly that shouldn’t matter. Any successful chatroom will have subscribers who pay for a service and that site owner will make the majority of their money doing that. Trading small caps is not very scalable so making millions happens over a period of years and not days, weeks or months. However, with all that said I no longer recommend the challenge as I have found that Day Trade Warrior has a more solid educational format and is much more cost effective. I highly suggest you do a lot of research and utilize the tools I put together here for free first. So, do your research, learn as much as you can without paying for anything and then find the route that is best for You without worrying about how much people make. I hope that helps.

          And good luck to Hillary. I had to… 🙂

          1. I appreciate the digs on my name, lol! Its gotten me outta trouble a few times! People dont know to feel bad, or think its great! Thank you for your opinion, I will definately research till I find what works best. I will check out the material you’ve put together. Thank you!

          2. Hello,

            I currently have the Pennystock silver, and I’m watching all the videos I didn’t know about the cost of the tuition, it is possible to trade with only that information? I see the videos but I don’t understand them very well, what would you recommend me to do in order to start trading? Also I have less that $2000 to start.

            Should I buy the “how to make millions” dvd to start?

            Thank you

          3. Hi Irene,

            In the world of trading you can trade whenever you want. In fact it’s the only profession where you can begin day 1. However, 90% of people who do it lose money and you might be a classic example. Now when I say this I am not trying to be mean but there is no other way to tell you the truth without giving you some important and hard facts. 1. there isn’t a video in the world that can teach you how to be a consistent and profitable trader without other forms of information, practice and real life trading experience attached. 2. Trading with $2000 is like trying to drive on the Autobahn with a bicycle. 3. Buying another dvd after not understanding the 1st one will only add to the confusion further burning through your limited capital. If you are trying to get my advise I would go through my site as I have mapped out my thoughts pretty specifically. If you are still confused and want me to help you save your capital don’t forget to send me over a cup of coffee before answer more questions… Yes I am serious I might have already saved you thousands of dollars and you don’t even know it yet.

          4. Thanks Jai. I really admire this. I don’t know much about you as I just happened to go through this page via search. The thing that I like about you is that you are honest and have other people’s interest at heart.

            Thanks again
            God bless you.

          5. Exactly as good as he is, why does he has to charge such an exorbitant fees if he wants to help other people, why cant he make the fees reasonable, it is hard for people even if they want to learn from him, if he is a real helper he got to be reasoble with fees ,,,,charging 5k is too much to teach the stuuf and old recording.,with respect to him,!,,,but fees sucks and that makes him greedy.,…wish i am wrong

      7. Hello so I got the $300 Sykes DVD set and all is it is doing is adding to my confusion. When you say you can help without having to spend close to the amount you spent on his course what do you mean ? Can you please help me out I am not sure which direction to go here at the moment with what to learn. If I took even word and slang got what was in these DVDs I got it would be 6 years before I actually remembered them all and was able to use them lol
        Please e mail me here
        hod333@hotmail. Com

      8. Hi Jai, im intetested in joining and im definitely very dedicated if it works so my question to you is how is it working for you so far? Are you still part of it and have you made money off of the challenge? Thank you

        1. I no longer recommend Tim Sykes’ Challenge. I think there are much better and more cost effective ways to learn to trade. Feel free to reach out to me if you need any help.

          If you want to see my progress search the FAQ page on the search tab on the top of my site.

    2. Before you buy anything, try this.

      In Tim’s Pennystocking DVD he recommends two books you must read: “The Candle Stick Course” by Steve Nison and “The Art of Short Selling” by Katherine Staley. Read the books first and watch all the free videos that are out there. Take a look at some of the other Gurus. They seems to have some slight differences. Jason Bond traded small caps, Sykes trades penny stocks and Ross Cameron does a bit of all of them. But you don’t need to spend $5,000.

      1. The problem is not which guru to choose it’s how to use a chat room. 99% of people who join chat room services want to follow their guru alerts. That is a guaranteed formula for failure. In fact, James, your comment has inspired me to write a post about how to use a stock chat room. Thanks.

        1. I am not recommending anyone needs to find a guru.

          Timothy Sykes never paid anyone $5,000 to teach him how to invest (read his book). He read every book he could get his hands on and studied trading. What these guys can never give you is judgement. You need to develop that on your own.

          1. Anyway, I thank you for inspiring me to write another post. I find it sometimes challenging to write and you have given me an idea I will run with. All the best.

          2. I’m glad you are motivated to take some action due to my post but what your saying doesn’t address my post. Gurus and chat rooms can offer lessons but they don’t give anyone judgement. That, one must achieve on their own.

          3. I didn’t comment on it because having good judgement is, for the most part, subjective and too broad in scope which can be applied to every area of life. There is obvious good judgement and bad judgement. For example it’s bad judgement to drink and drive but how many drinks one should drink on a Friday night, if they aren’t driving, is a personal judgement.

            In essence what is good judgement in trading for one might be bad judgement for others. For example, I personally think holding a low float pharmaceutical stock over night is bad judgement, however, people build careers on that very same strategy. So, while I am in agreement with your statement I find that having good or bad judgement in trading is something that one develops over time.

        2. Hey there did you end up profiting and is the cakllenge worth it? Have been pondering this since February and having a hard time deciding!

  2. Hi there,
    I hope you post again with your progress many do but don’t on these types of blogs.
    There are a few people out there that are interested.

    Also what trading platform are you using.

    thanks anyways 🙂

    1. Hi Matt.

      I plan on continuing to post regularly. I understand that it’s a learning curve and everyone is different. If I can shed some light on others along the way that would be all the more worth while. As for a trading platform I am looking into that as we speak. I know TS uses Etrade but doesn’t recommend it. I have heard others have used SureTrader and recently I spoke with Asheya (the single mother of 2 who has over 71k in gains) and she uses Think or swim. I know all this information isn’t quite helpful yet but I am narrowing it down as we speak to see what works best for me. The main thing is feeling comfortable using the tools that each platform offers. Lastly, I will open a IB account but I know their level 2 isn’t up to par. Hope this helps somewhat.

    2. I am interested too, but the fee of 5k or more, he says he is from humbke back ground and started with 12k and made millions, ,,how the hell u want to charge 5k for people who wants to learn from u when u urself statrted with 12k…would ts himsekf woukd have join for 5k back in those when he had 12k…so fucking stop being greedy and fucking work with fees, i hope he sees it,,,most people are hard earner her n u got to be fucking reasoabnle ts to ask for such fees,,,as much i respect n believe ur trade,,u r f***img greedy to ask for such fee..i hope u email me .,,as i will have to subscription of 150 for ur pennystock silver …as much as we want to fokkow follow u,,,u f**king made it hard by askimg for 5k to be ur challenge student,,,that’s makes u no different from scammer even if u r rite,,,because this is our hard earned money….

  3. Question for you. I’ve signed up for the challenge and received the fifth homework assignment three days ago, how long from then does it take from then to relieve the interview call?? Very anxious and excited but just haven’t received anything in the past few days.

    1. Hey Fred. Congrats on signing up. Be patient though. Everyone and their mother is contacting Tim on a daily basis but someone will reach out to you. First you will get an email asking you what is a good time to speak. Then you will get a preliminary call. If all goes well it will open up from there. The best thing to do is read, watch and learn everything about his technique. You will start to see a lot of things overlap but that is a good thing. It is a bit confusing at first but if you just hold on things start to fall into place. Good luck with your interview. Let me know how it goes.

      1. What kind of questions are asked during the interview process? Do you have to be completely well-versed in stocks or can you be a beginner?

  4. Hello, I have a question. What is the difference between becoming a Millionaire student versus simply buying TS Penny Stocking Silver for “only” $ 99.95? Don’t you get the same thing?

    Thx / William

    1. Good question. As a student you get his book and all his DVD’s, access to 1500 webinars, access to 2 webinars weekly and access to Michael Goode (his first millionaire student) to ask personal questions. I was a TS Penny Stocking Silver subscriber for 2 weeks before I was accepted. It’s good and very informative but as your questions build you start to have to dig deeper on your own. For me that was super time consuming. I am looking at the challenge as an education that I am paying for. To date I have made smarter financial decisions based off of what I have learned. I have saved a lot of money, time and headaches by the world of knowledge that is there. However, TS won’t do the work for you. You have to watch and watch and watch and watch and watch and… There is so much material that it’s overwhelming at first. However, there is a lot of overlap. Eventually you feel like you are picking things up. My suggestion to you is to keep learning. Google everything that comes to mind and type in the name Tim Sykes when it comes up. See what he says. Read what he says and then you will be able to make a more sound decision on what is best for you financially, emotionally and personally as a trader. I hope this helps.

  5. Hello,

    In your first 2 weeks were you profitable with the silver $99.95? I was interviewed and able to join. Does it really make a different having the live web meetings? Do the text alerts tell when to sell and to buy? Also what software do you use?

    1. Great questions.

      1. Although we all want to be profitable I signed up for an education first. I forced myself to NOT trade during the learning phase. For me it would have been nice to make money right away but if I didn’t truly know why I made the money I might find myself losing without knowing too. So, I am still in the studying phase. I did trade some other non penny stocks for a nice profit and I did mentally trade a few of TS’s stocks for a profit but I haven’t gone in full force yet.

      2. Would the Yankees’ of the 90’s have been successful without Joe Torre? Would the LA Lakers have won 3 years in a row without Phil Jackson? The honest answer is we really don’t know but I would assume that it would have been a very different outcome if those teams didn’t have managers during their winning streak. I think you might be able to be profitable with just the pennystocking silver BUT you need to follow the rules and learn them first. Without rules you will more likely lose or possibly get lucky but not know why you won. For me that is a recipe for disaster. I want to be able to duplicate my success again and again so I can have longevity. I can tell you for a fact that their 3 to 4 hours of webinars and live trading are GREAT.

      DO NOT USE TIM ALERTS AS A BUY AND SELL ALERT. His alerts are there for you to see what he is doing. If you chase a stock that he has already entered you will lose. I have seen Tim get in and out of a trade faster than I can open up my email. Eventually, through the rules, you will learn to be independent and trade for yourself. That is ultimately what he wants from you as a trader. So I repeat… DO NOT USE TIM ALERTS AS A BUY AND SELL ALERT.

      3. As for the software question can you be more specific? Do you mean what platform am I using? If that is what you mean I will write a post about it soon. If you have any other questions let me know. Hope this helps.

      1. John,

        Great article. Few questions.

        It’s been 7 months now…

        How much time have you put into this?

        What have you monetarily gained beyond your initial investment?

        How much have you invested so far, loses/wins ratio?

        How much knowledge have you gained in these 7 months?

        Can you now make Tim Style trades all on your own identifying all the trading benchmarks he discusses.

        Are you getting all Tim Alerts, Penny Stocking Silver and Tim LongTerm all in this program, cause if you’re not then 5500 is way too much.

        Why only penny stocks? I’ve been watching a lot of stocks like TWTR go up and down 1 dollar to 2 dollars all day long. Why not buy 5000 or so shares when it’s down 1 dollar or two and make 5 to 10 k in a day on a stock you know isn’t going anywhere? Rinse and repeat?

        My gf is an architect who absolutely loves her career with a passion, and makes an excellent living at it, but she’s been thoroughly impressed with Tim’s claims and the career he’s chosen for himself. That says a lot!

        1. ps:

          Also, it’s worth the 5500 if you’re going in on trades with Tim in real time where he’s banking and you got in at 1.00 (ex) and now it’s up 4, 5 , 6 bucks. That’s insane ROI….

          1. Also, if Tim has 4000 annual paying students at 5500 a piece then he’s making $220,00,000 a yr right now. That’s more money than he would ever make trading in 5 lifetimes.

          2. I just wanted to say that for the 22,000,000 you propose Tim is making a year, you haven’t factored in any of the costs. I don’t think Micheal Goode is making himself available out of the goodness of his heart. There is also the cost of producing and hosting/shipping the webinars and dvd’s and hiring all the people you need to make that happen. I’d roughly estimate the cost at 2/3’s of the price paid by the students. So then Tim is making roughly 7,000,000 (I know that is not the actual amount it is an estimate I’m not doing the math!). Which is still a ridiculous amount of money, but hey good for him 😉 I’m sure it wasn’t easy to get where he is.

          3. I don’t know where you get that someone has proposed Tim is making 22 million a year but hey your comment is appreciated.

          4. Hey Ash,

            I was going through my research on Tim and ran across this site and started reading. I got to your comments and seems like you may have a pretty good background on trading. Can you mentor me or provide me with insights on tips and tricks to make successes similar to yours. I really need to make some money to give my family a comfortable living and not have my mom work as a school bus driver while i keep my 9-5…
            Any non-$5,525 help would be greatly appreciated!

            Thank you,

          5. SB thanks for the kind comments and your proposal for mentoring. Unfortunately I don’t mentor as I am still go through my educational process. Let me add that the educational process is ongoing but mentoring isn’t in my cards right now. Let me say that day trading doesn’t guarantee money. In fact 90% of day traders lose money so I would learn to appreciate the jobs that you and your mom have. That’s not to say you can’t do well in the market but you will need someone who can guide you the right way. The only one I truly recommend right now is Ross Cameron at Day Trade Warrior. I suggest you check out his site here and reach out to Ross to show you how to get started. No mentor can guarantee profits but I can guarantee you that if you learn from Ross you will have a huge advantage. Feel free to read my review of his service here.

        2. Hi. Thanks for the comment.

          Let’s get down to answering.

          I have put countless hours into it.
          Real money I have made only $300. Paper money I have lost $900. However, I have used a lot of my knowledge to scale out of my stocks that I have had long before I started the challenge… So, those numbers are quite meaningless to me but to you they might. I invested in the challenge, Nate Michaud’s Textbook DVD and his chat. I also pay about $30 a month for scanning stocks. The knowledge I have gained in the last year was worth every penny. I would do it again to be where I am at. Words can’t describe everything I have learned. Yes I can do this on my own. Why haven’t I been more successful? Well to be honest I have a problem letting my winners run. I cut losses quickly but I cut winners quickly too. I should be up much much more but that is why I went to paper. Now why am I down on paper too? Same problem with a few fat finger mistakes. For example one time I wanted to short 1000k shares of a stock and bought it instead losing a big chunk of money. I have made 5 fat finger mistakes. Each one has cost me a big chunk of gains. No long term picks that is a different newsletter. I get his daily watch list. I haven’t traded many penny stocks. I only trade Nasdaq. For the most part Tim does too.

          Your question on TWTR will potentially blow up your account. I suggest you test your theory out on TWTR with 100 shares if you can make it work then congratulations. If it were only that easy.

          Tell your gf to stick to architecture. That is a great career. Don’t be fooled by Tim’s cars and flash. That is all marketing. If your gf wants to experience trading tell her to become a swing trader (short term trading). People think trading is easy. I know several amazing traders who lost 6 figures the last few days due to rule breaking. I have been doing this for a very short amount of time and I can say it’s tough but for me very worth it.

          I wish you luck.

          1. If tTim has 4000 students that’s the money he’s making per yr, if not then it’s not. Even if he only has 1000, you can see how much he’s making. He would never have to trade a day in his life again.

            I want to know how much actual money you started out with. 5k, 50k, etc? For only making 900 after a 5500 investment, that’s an abysmal ROI.

            It is that easy. I’ve been using TWTR and other string bluechips in small incremental trades to make daily 5k gains. It’s not rocket science. Soon I’ll just be playing with the houses money. Why do people make this more complicated than it needs to be?

          2. Yes he makes much much much more money from his subs. So does Nate, Superman, Ross, etc… However, if you are making 5K gains daily hats off to you.

        3. Just wondering if you’re still making consistent daily gains of 5k+ with this strategy and if so, for more clarification of what you’re doing. Thanks!

          1. Consistent gains with 5k plus? When did you read I did that? Yes my gains are consistent but 5K daily is a tough thing to pull off for most traders.

  6. I stumbled upon your website after doing more research on Tim Sykes. I’ve known about him for awhile and after failing in network marketing I always found to have a passion for the markets.

    I’ve been studying trading for about 3-4 months now but have the lack of funds to be able to open an account. Here’s my question to you:

    As a 22 year old, is it a good idea to finish my degree in finance as a fall back and get a job with a residual income to help open up my broker account? Or should I be raising 10K as fast a possible and then get into the challenge?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Jon. You ask a very tough and interesting question. Let me start by saying you truly have to do what is best for you and the only one who knows that is you. However, there are some people like Tim Grittani (click here to go to his blog) who started trading with a small sized account and grew it using Tim Skyes’ technique. 3 years later he is a millionaire. Keep in mind that he studied his butt off, got a bit lucky and grew his account faster than most people do in a lifetime. He is the exception to the rule. If I were you I would keep learning everything I could about TS and his method because getting into the challenge doesn’t guarantee profit. I joined the challenge in the end of January and I haven’t stopped learning yet. The material is MASSIVE. It keeps coming and I keep chopping away at it building my knowledge and confidence. So, that leads me to my last point. There is no harm finishing your studies because if the market is still around after the crash of 1929 then rest assured it will be there after you earn your degree. I hope this helps.

  7. Thanks for your blog post. I actually am waiting to schedule an interview. Honestly, I never do well with interviews but I am a very good man of action. I am not sure how to convey that over the phone. Could you give some tips on what to expect and how to handle the interview? Thanks.

    1. Interviewing isn’t always fun. Sometimes we feel put on the spot or we try to answer what we think they want to hear. Keep in mind nothing guarantees you will get in and you don’t need to be a challenge student to be successful. There are other routes if the challenge isn’t in your cards. However, here are some tips that will help easy your nerves before the big day.

      1. Write out your goals. Be specific in what you want to accomplish. That is a great way to showcase your ability to show action.
      2. Be HONEST with yourself and them. Don’t tell them what you think they want to hear. If you do you might set yourself up for HUGE losses.
      3. Know yourself. You know you are a good man of action so that is a good start but know your limitations and where you will have issues.
      4. Stay positive. Not getting into the challenge shouldn’t stop you from your overall goals.
      5. Don’t worry about it. Follow the above rules and jump into motion. Whatever happens happens from there.

      I hope this helps.

    2. For those of you who can’t see a clue even when it hits you in the face, let me help. Tim Sykes Challenge is a scam because he wouldn’t need to charge anything if he was so successful. Are you the same people who send money to Nigerian Banks who tell you about winning 10.5 million? Why would they need to charge you before sending you 10.5 million?

      1. I wrote about my thoughts of Tim Sykes being a scam artist here.

        But let me respond to your comment because it is just plain unthoughtful, uneducated and not researched. You compare Tim to the Nigerian bank scam which is lunacy. Those bank scams are blatant scams to rob people of their money by accessing their bank account.

        Tim Sykes doesn’t rob anyone.

        In addition every stock guru charges a subscription fee and those that don’t you need to be very careful about. Why? Because those who don’t charge are using a pump and dump scheme to make money.

        I appreciate your comment and I thank you for trying to add your two sense. Play devil’s advocate is exactly what people need to play when making a decision to join but please please please do your research and use convincing evidence if you have an opinion you want to share in the future. Thanks.

  8. I been doing some research and noticed Tim Sykes challenge students don’t really post anything almost anywhere. You have maybe 5 who openly post but that’s about it. How successful are the challenge students besides the top 5 students? There was a blog video where Tim was showing a tutorial of his challenge site and there was a screen with bunch of red numbers which he didn’t discuss. I went back and paused it and it was his students profit/loss.

    Could you elaborate on this? How many students percent wise are actually making 10k or more yearly in your opinion?

    1. That is a good question. I really don’t know how well his students do. Keep in mind that people make their own choices and don’t necessarily know what they are doing. For example I have been sitting at the computer for 3 hours and I tried to pull the trigger on a few stocks but could not because I couldn’t get filled or got too nervous. It’s intense but I have only been studying 6 weeks so I can’t expect the world right away. Also, you need to get used to the idea of being wrong. If you are wrong 50% of the time but cut your losses quickly you will be up more than down. However, if you hope and pray things will turn around you will most likely take a hit. Lastly I try to look at it like a baby. First you learn to hold up your head. Then you learn to crawl. After that walk… You get the point. Trading is the same way. I have made 4 trades and I am up on 3. I scared myself out of all 4. :). Anyway, take it one step at a time. The pressure is already there so don’t put anymore pressure on yourself as you can drive yourself bonkers. I hope this helps.

  9. Hey Jai. Wanted to give you an update. I had my interview but I decided not to sign up. Not because something I thought negative about it but rather I just want time to think it over.

    I found you on profit.ly and I am following you. Hope that is ok. Great job on explaining hour picks! Best of luck!

    1. Hey Bobby. Thanks for the update. Take your time because it’s a big deal and could seem costly if you are on the fence. I am happy you are following me on Profit.ly. Please keep in touch and let me know if you ever join or go a different route with another guru. All the best.

    1. Hi Josh.

      For what exactly? If you haven’t gotten an email yet then it should come in shortly asking to set up an initial phone conversation. If you had your first interview then you should hear back right away. If you had 2 interviews and you haven’t heard back from them and it’s been a couple of weeks I would reach out to them. I know they have been swamped with everything. I hope this helps. Let me know what happens. Thanks.

      1. Thanks Jai you know as a 17 year old i am very interested in the stock market. It is something i have a big passion for. When i found Tim and watched a lot of his videos i really wanted to work with him because i think he can make me a better and smarter investor. It’s going to be a week tomorrow since i applied for his challenge and i am just very eager to her back and hopefully i will be accepted to his challange and work my way towards success.

        1. Usually after you apply it takes a couple of weeks. My suggestion to you is to study everything you can about Tim Sykes and his techniques before hand. For example you wrote the word “investor”. Tim Sykes isn’t an investor he is a trader. There is a HUGE difference. So, that being said, sit back and learn and wait for the next step. Then when it’s time interview from your heart and all will fall into place. Keep in touch.

  10. Hey Jai, great blog you got going on so far. Very interesting reading as I am pretty much in the same boat as you recently were.
    I am a pennystocking silver subscriber and also signed up to be a Trading Challenge student about 6 weeks ago. Yesterday I got a call from a recruiter explaining that it would cost $5500 (without the software they recommend). The $5500 would include all the DVDs and webinars as well as a weekly live webinar from M Goode and bi-weekly live webinar and trading session with T Sykes.
    Before I explain my situation let me first tell you a little about myself. I am 28 years old, married, and have a 2 yr old son. I have only been trading for about 6 weeks and it has been a roller coaster ride. I use Interactive Brokers (Trader Workstation platform) and iHub level 2. Unfortunately, I don’t have the same will power that you do as I couldn’t wait to jump into live trades. My account net has been up and down but mostly down. At this point another $5500 seems like a pretty hefty investment.
    I told the T Sykes recruiter to call me back Monday morning and I will give him my decision then. I understand that this is a great opportunity for anyone that sees trading as a way out or a means to financial freedom and that I should look at it as an investment in education but at this point I just don’t know if I can risk another $5500.
    My broker account was once above $25k so I was not subject to the PDT rule but now it is below. Is this something that I have to take into consideration to use T Sykes’ strategy effectively? If you were in my position, which route do you think is the best to take? Any guidance you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

    P.S. What is your profit.ly ID? Add me, mine is btsao818

    1. Wow thanks for sharing. Let me start by saying this is not easy. In fact it might be one of the more challenging things ever. All is great when the money is coming in but one bad trade and you feel like a failure. I have only made 5 trades so far and this week was tough because I just didn’t have the guts to dive in when I knew I had a good risk to reward set up. Anyway, here is my thought. You say you have a 2 year old son. Give or take a few months he crawled when he was 6 months old and walked when he was a year. Are you still potty training? My point is things take time. Learning takes time. Growing takes time. 6 weeks training is nothing. Imagine having the conversation with friends and family telling them that your son started walking at 6 weeks. Shock and skepticism would fill the room. Listen, I know you already know this but it’s great to hear it again and again. You see I wrote this blog for people like you but more so for myself. It keeps me grounded and real. I am scared too. I can’t lie. I am very scared but in my heart I believe this is all worth it. I can’t tell you if you should join or not that is on you but do what is in your heart and take the pressure off. There are NO wrong decisions here. You have to do what is best for you and your situation.

      Lastly and I will use all caps so you feel what I am saying.


      I hope this helps and please let me know how it goes.

      My name is Catman on Profit.ly.

  11. I want to sign up for the challenge, I have 5500 but that’s all I have. Is there a way to put half down and pay the other half in two installment payments. Or do I have to pay all up front

  12. So is there no other way to begin the program than paying the $5500 up front? Why can’t you pay monthly? Or pay for a plan that has less services such as a plan without the DVDs or something.

    1. Hi Jack. Yes there are several plans available. Also there are various gurus who seem really good although I don’t have any experience with them. Please do your research as you do have many options. Check out the link here for more information. I hope this helps.

      1. Hey Jai, not sure if you remember me, buy if you scroll up you will see that I was the person that was considering joining the trading challenge about a week ago.
        So after the initial call from the TIm Sykes recruiter, I received multiple follow up calls and even a call from the team’s “director”. My impression of the first recruiter that contacted me was that he had little to no knowledge of the OTC market and that his only concern was getting me to sign up. He was VERY persistent in trying to find different ways for me to get the $5500 for the tuition fee. He mentioned that getting a credit card and putting it all on the card was a good idea and that I would more than likely make it back within a month. He also said that I could just pull out from my broker account and that would be a good idea too.
        When I told him that I needed some time to think about it I received a call from his “director” about 20 minutes after. This guy seemed a little brighter just by the way he talked and the way he enunciated each word. But he was also very straight-forward. He was very pushy and even told me that if I decided not to sign up for the trading challenge, I should just quit trading all together. When I mentioned that I was currently a Pennystocking Silver subscriber he replied that by the time I get Tim’s alerts that it would be too late for me to make any real money on it. He kept saying that as a trading challenge student I will get access to live webinars with Tim Sykes twice a month. Is that really going to make me a successful trader? What really threw me off is when I asked the director if I could set up a payment plan to pay the $5500 instead of paying all at once he said that they don’t allow it and that he knew I had enough money in my broker account to cover it already so no need to pay in installments.
        All in all, I felt like I was being pressured into buying something. It’s like the same feeling you get when you go shopping for a used car and the salesman is desperate. Ultimately that’s what made me decide not to sign up.
        I hope everything works out for you Jai and maybe you get better luck than me. I feel this blog is great DD for anyone considering the challenge and I just wanted to share my personal experience transparently.

        1. Hi Brian. Yes I remember you. We truly had 2 very different experiences. However, let me make it clear for you and for anyone else reading the comments. The stock market game in general is an ugly game and I see it more and more as I get deeper in. There is a ton of money to be made but I don’t follow Tim when it comes to trading. I feel I am too slow to react and that in essence will hurt me. His webinars are great for me. I learn a ton. However, I don’t overreact nor do I rush to trade. In fact, I haven’t traded much and that is because I am doing all the necessary work ahead. My goal is to find my comfort spots in the market and respect price action. If I am wrong I plan to get out quick. I have invested on and off for years. I have had some big gains and some big crashes. The truth is that what Tim is offering me is an education on the good the bad and the ugly. Trust me I have seen people lose big in the chatroom and I have seen them hit big. I am me and I will do what works for me and not be a sheep.

          Here is the good thing. You did what was best for you and I respect that. I truly hope you do well in all your trading endeavors. Please check in down the line and see where I am at. Hopefully more in the green. All the best.

        1. Hi Jai,
          I want to know what you mean by ” if only it were that easy ” responding to khan , reason being that if one has Tims materials, Nathan DvDs and Ross Cameron DvDs and also your blog at hand don’t you think he will be a making a good plan to succeed.

          Thanks for your work not many I repeat, not many I doing what you are doing.

          1. Hi.

            What I mean is trading is not a simple step by step process. For example if you were looking to build a table you could watch a video and get the necessary tools and supplies to replicate the results from the video. In trading it’s far more complex. Thinking you could download a video and watch it and now duplicate results will, aside from luck, get you killed. I hope that helps and thanks for the compliment.

  13. (This was a comment emailed to me directly. I am placing it in the comment section for everyone’s learning benefit.)

    hey Jai

    first off thanks for sharing your thoughts online, I started reading your blog and I loved how I can totally relate to your initial situation: i started a few weeks ago studying the financial market, including some of TIm’s videos and anything I could put my hands on!!…so far, ok I haven’t got much money, but I’m forcing myself to wait before opening any brokerage account (maybe a virtual one to test what I know) but I’m slowly learning the lesson that I need to invest time+energy+money.

    so, I have a couple of questions for you and I hope you would find the time to go through them:
    – would you think that someone with a full time job (although kinda of flexible hours) could sing up for the challenge? how many hours per week do you invest?
    – with the brokerage account at the brokers that they mentioned your have a fee of at least $6-$7 per trade…this means that if you buy/sell the same stock you spend ~$14…and if you short it can be even more expensive…so, how are the small gains in your chart calculated? do they take into account the fee factor?
    – if you had all the material and no access to Tim’s team…do you think you would be able to get the same results?

    thanks so much for taking the time to read this!!
    good luck with your trading 😉

    1. Hey Seb.

      Thanks for reading and finding trust in my information.

      First I would like to ask if we can move this conversation to the comment section of the blog. There are other new people and readers who would benefit from this my answering your great questions.

      Now back to you.

      1. I think that a full time job will slow down your learning curve and ability to study. However, it will slow down your mistakes and bad trading too. This is all about timing. Sometimes the best trade to make is no trade at all. No forcing trades. Also, there are plenty of people who have full time jobs and trade using Tim’s strategy. For example Tim Bowen has a full time job and has been with TS for years. I spend a lot of time studying. Hours. I would say 6 hours a day or more. I have passed up small jobs to study and learn.

      2. You are absolutely right. I have a Fidelity account which I have had for years. The fees are $7.95 per trade. $15.90 in and out. Luckily for me I already have an expensive broker so anything cheaper will feel great.

      3. You are right again. The small gains take into account the fees. And to short a stock you will pay more. However, the borrow rate changes per stock and only adds up if you short a stock for a long period of time. For example if you short a stock that has a 100% annual rate and hold it for 1 year you will pay a really high amount for shorting. You might even take a loss.

      4. This one is tough for me to answer. I like being with the team. I get to see many things hear things that they have taught me faster than had I been doing this by myself. You might be different.

      I hope this helps. Let me give you this advice and I think it’s a good learning experience. I know you are interested in paper trading. I suggest you trade with real money but small size to get the experience. Emotion is really important to factor in. We are all genius hind sight but if we have real money with real emotions on the line we make different decisions.

      Ok I think that covers it. Let me know if there are other questions I can answer and please consider my first concern of moving this convo to the blog itself.



      1. hey Jai

        thanks so much for the super fast response!

        by any mean, do feel free to put that on your website! i just couldn’t find a specific post where it would have been able to fit properly so I just decided to shoot you an email directly 🙂

        if other ppl can benefit from my questions, it just make me happy that you want to share them!

        your answers do help and the last one is mainly cause now I can’t afford the 5k subscription but I want to learn as much as I can in the meanwhile…also because I am really tempted to do it as soon as I get the funds in! I teach martial arts for fun on my spare time and I see this a similarity with training: if I get in the new gym with a good martial arts background it would be easier to pick up whatever they teach, and I (ok, kinda hope/want to) believe that the same applies to this where if I study a lot before than it’ll be easier to grasp the key concepts once in.

        did you have the chance to interact directly with Tim? how is he? he looks pretty cocky in his videos (yes, i’m doing homeworks already lol) but I can’t deny that his stuff work and he’s good!!

        thanks again man!!

  14. Seb I placed the comments on the starting millionaire challenge page as this gets the most hits and questions. If people are curious enough your questions will definitely help others make better decisions. For me that is what it is all about.

    Let me answer your questions..

    There is no rush to trade or be do this. I have made only 6 trades which you can view in my profitly chart on the right sidebar up top. There are times that people in chat are making trade after trade. Some bank lovely and it’s naturally to think Oh I Wish That Were Me or Oh I Should Have Done That. However, I just sit on the sidelines and continue to learn and get more comfortable before I take on a bigger step.

    So, don’t worry about any of that. Study EVERYTHING you can about Tim and his strategy. There is so much free info on the web that you can learn a nice starting amount just by putting the learning time in. You say you are a martial artist so that discipline should come in handy in this situation. Do yourself a favor and anytime you have a question google it with the name Tim Sykes in it. You can find a lot that he has written about. For example if you have a question on rules you can type in tim sykes trading rules. There are some great posts that pop up that he has written. Read it-Heed it well. It will serve you better in the future.

    As of today I have not interacted with Tim. He has responded to 2 questions that I have posted in his live webinar but I don’t ask much. I listen. I learn. I study.

    I do ask Michael Goode (his first millionaire student and teaching guru that comes with the package) a lot of questions. He answers them honestly and quickly.

    Is Tim cocky? Hmmm. It depends on how you look at it. For me I see a very passionate man who expresses himself whenever he sees fit. He is not afraid to brag, confront, challenge and make fun of people and or students. Yep even his students. But the reality is that trading is not a pretty game. Tim doesn’t paint this challenge as a pretty walk in the park. He will YELL at you if you ask a dumb question. Better to be yelled at then lose money is what I always say.

    What’s a dumb question you ask? Which broker do you use is one? He mentions it in the welcome email. He mentions it in a ton of blog posts. “DON’T BE LAZY! I HAVE ANSWERED THAT QUESTION A MILLION TIMES…” But he is right. We only get 2 hours a week with him and what a waste of time for him and others to sit through that question/answer every week. You would shoot yourself.

    On the flip side, he is also not afraid to share his mistakes… especially his big ones. Ironically it’s his mistakes that make you learn more than the successes. At least for me that is.

    Yes on the surface Tim is cocky but he speaks the truth and that I love.

    I hope this helps Seb. Once again thanks for stopping by. Please let me know how you fair in the future.

  15. Hi my name is Michael I am 17 years old live in Michigan. I really want to get going with time I just really need some answers though so I would very much appreciate it if you could speak with me.

    Thank you.

  16. Hey Jai! Great job on your trades. I had one question. What is required to short? Do you need a certain amount of capitol? Do you need to apply and get a credit check, etc?

    I have $2k that I want to set just to short with. Can I short within my means or do you have to apply for a margin account just to short?

    1. Thanks but 6 is just a toe in the water start. I plan to be a snipper and get more involved by standing on the sidelines waiting to attack. 🙂

      All a margin account means is that you have the ability to borrow money from your brokerage firm. You never want to use it but you need it to short. So, if you have $2000 then open up an account at your desired firm and apply for margin. Then short within the means that you have in cash. However, every stock you plan to short under $2.50 means that for every share you are short, you must put up $2.50 of capital. That means that if you plan to short 1000 shares of a stock that is $.50 you need $2500.00 in your account to do so. It’s the curse of being a newbie with little capital.

      Hope this helps.

    1. Hi Carter. I would be a fool if I gave out the password. If you are a challenge member please check your email or email them directly so you have a password.

  17. I was just wondering what the difference was between the Millionaire Challenge program and the Penny Stocking Silver Subscription. It seems to be that the only difference between the two is that with the Millionaire Challenge is that you get all of Tim’s DVDs. Let me know if I am wrong, but that sounds about right from what I’ve read.

    Also, what would you recommend doing for a complete beginner. I want to be able to do the research, learn and then trade but am kind of lost with all of the knowledge available. Would you recommend the Penny Stocking Silver Subscription or the Millionaire Challenge to begin?
    With the 1,400+ videos, where do you recommend to start? What else can I do and what can I benefit from?

    1. Hi John thanks for reading. I honestly don’t know the difference between the 2. I wasn’t a penny silver subscriber too long before I updated but it sounds like you did your research and know more than me.

      Where to start is a good question. The best answer I can give is dive right in. Don’t think. Dive in. I don’t mean trade I mean learn. Treat it like a foreign language. You will be super confused in the beginning but in time you will feel more and more comfortable. As for which route you should go I think you should think about it some more. It’s a lot of work. Not so much learning work as it is personal work. It’s your journey and you need to find what works for you financially and emotionally.

      As for the videos I just started watching. I didn’t pick a specific one. I just watched and watched and watched. There is a 60 day video tutorial which gets you started but I just kept watching.

      Lastly yes you get live webinars in the MC which to me are the most helpful.

  18. (This was a comment emailed to me directly. I am placing it in the comment section for everyone’s learning benefit.)

    Hi Jai,

    My name is Sebastian and I have just recently applied for Tim Sykes millionaire challenge. I have a few questions as I do wish to work with him and learn under him. I have several questions and if you could answer them that would be fantastic.

    I was wondering what type of stuff is it that you learn from him?

    Are you in direct contact with him on a daily basis?

    Is he doing this with a select few, or are there a lot of people that are currently learning under him?

    How is the interview? Is it via phone, Skype, etc.? And if you can, what type of stuff did they talk about?

    Since you’ve been selected and are a part of the challenge, do you have any pointers on how to get chosen?

    I do not expect for Tim to be doing this for free. I saw on one of your blog posts that it was around $5,500, is that correct?

    And if it is $5,500, does he expect to be paid up front, or after you have made some money. If he claims to be this good, with 2 of his students reaching the million dollar mark, I’d expect for some results as $5,500 is a lot for someone who is about to start college and, also for just about everybody.

    I’d really appreciate if you could give me some insight to these questions.


    1. Hi Sebastian.

      Thanks for your questions.

      Let me first start by saying I am going to move this conversation to the comment section of my blog so others can benefit from it.

      Here are your answers in the order that you asked.

      1. We learn a ton of things such as charts, price action, cutting losses quickly, mistakes not to make, info we need to progress and the list goes on. There is A LOT of studying. Also, reinforcement of the information as it’s not always easy to follow rules when you think you know what you are doing.

      2. What do you mean direct contact? Am I speaking with him on the telephone? The answer is no. However, he is in chat everyday and you can see all that he writes. You can ask the moderators questions and they are very helpful. Tim only answers during the live webinar. That being said a lot of questions get answered without asking as many people keep asking the same questions.

      3. I have no clue how many people are in the challenge. I heard him say once over 1000 but don’t quote me.

      4. For me it was a phone interview. I can’t discuss what they talk about in the interview because each person needs to go through their personal journey so there is no bias. What good would it do you to know the answers to the questions if you aren’t completely ready. The only way they and you will know if you are ready is if you answer them as they ask which will be honest and in the moment. Let me say this. Be honest with yourself and your expectations and you will make the right decision.

      5. The only pointer I have is be honest. Don’t think about making money. Think about being a smart trader with specific rules and the money should come.

      6. You answered your own question. No Tim does not do this for free. I didn’t ask about a payment plan so I am not sure but I can only assume you have to pay up front. It makes no sense for people to get a feel for trading and then pull out of the deal. That is why you have to be 100% ready. This is serious business and the markets are not pretty. If you are not willing to pay the money up front you might not be ready.

      Sebastian let me finish with this… This is not easy. There is no easy way to hop in and make a ton of money. I have made 6 trades and they are becoming more and more specific each time. The idea is to learn ALL the rules and follow them to a T. Then build your account 1 trade at a time. You have to accept that you will lose money but that your winnings should outweigh your losses if you follow ALL the rules.

      I hope this helps.

      1. Thanks for the quick response! I had a feeling I knew what the answer to some of my questions was going to be, but I figured asking could not hurt.
        Keep writing the articles man, I really do enjoy them.

        One more thing I forgot to ask. Where/What do you recommend I start learning right off the bat? There seems to be an endless and vast amount of information in his blog posts, all over the web and youtube which can be very overwhelming.


        1. It’s super overwhelming. I suggest hop right in and watch, learn and study. If you have questions right them done. Chances are some of them will get answered. Check those off and right new ones down. Eventually things get clearer. I had a headache for the first week. I am not joking. A splitting headache.

      2. I’m pretty sure whoever applies to the millionare challenge will get accepted. It boils down to are you ready to spend 5500$. The phone call is not really an interview they just let you know how things will work. They won’t accept or deny you based on what you say. They just want you to get onboard with the program. Now, for the program itself is it worth it? I haven­´t accepted yet so i cant say but I will say that i do plan on being part of it.

  19. (This was a comment emailed to me directly. I am placing it in the comment section for everyone’s learning benefit.)

    Hello and good day!

    First off I would like to thank you for providing us real time information on your journey with Tim Sykes. I as well have been looking into him and began watching his DVD series. However, I am full time student with literally no money lol, although I am waiting for the trading challenge interview, I realized that I most likely can not afford this right now. My plan so far is to keep studying from his DVDs alone and begin trading based on my own criteria and possibly signing up for TIMALERTS at first to begin gaining some capital to make further investments into his programs. I am currently experimenting with thinkorswim paper money and to be honest I am super lost on the basics of buying, selling and shorting. I feel that I must first be comfy with a platform to then give it a shot with real money.

    All in all, what can you recommend due to my financial limitations? Good luck to you and thank you again for keeping us posted. I am eager to start but at the same time I still feel lost and short on guidance, maybe you experienced this.


    1. Hi Sebastian.

      Please note I have moved this conversation to the comment section of my blog so that others can benefit from it.

      Let me start by saying you sound like you are on the right track. You need to learn and get comfortable first. You also realize that you don’t have the funds to do this right now. Your plan of studying is exactly what you need to do. Study, learn and educate yourself so you can be self sufficient.

      Good for you on the TOS paper trading. I think that is great for someone with no money. Keep in mind you have no emotional investment in your paper trading but it’s a nice start.

      Lastly I think it’s safe for you to be in this position. It allows you to learn all you can without losing money.

      Keep up the good work and let me know how it goes in the future. Sounds like you know more than you think.

      1. Hey Jai thanks for your response it is very reassuring to know that I might be on the right path. To keep you posted I am still working with TOS paper money. However I am now researching which broker suits me best. Maybe you can recommend some based on this criteria.

        -finding and shorting stocks effectively
        -no initial funding or max $500 to start
        -if account is inactive, no extra fees
        -user friendly platform
        -reasonable broker fee
        -level 2 options

        Since I am still learning how to short, I plan on buying long stocks and ease jnto shorting. Based on reading previous posts, thinkorswim can work, the downside is that i read there is a $2000 minimum to fund your account. Another option is starting with a decent broker that maybe is not as good to find short stocks, but works well with minimum fees, such as scottrade and then open another account with another broker that can offer more. How difficult is it closing down a broker account?

        I was also looking into Tim Sykes stockstotrade software and i think it is genius. Maybe you can relate, but for me the hardest part is building a watchlist. Are you using this software and if so how has your experience been? how much does the software cost for trading and non trading challenge students?

        Thanks again

        1. Sebastian you ask a really tough question that I probably can’t help you with. Here is why… There is no complete solution for you when it comes to brokers, fees, platform excellence, etc… I really wish there was. I have had a Fidelity account for 20 years and will never shut them down. They aren’t the cheapest but they are GREAT on so many levels. Tim barely mentions Fidelity but between me you and whoever reads this Fidelity has had available shares to short for a bunch of stocks I was interested in. They aren’t good for low cost penny stocks but they are great for small cap stuff. Again there is no real solution. I opened up an IB account and haven’t traded with them yet. Mainly because I am still learning and also because Fidelity has come through for me.

          Here is the thing and I am not saying this to hurt your feelings but $500 is nothing when it comes to trading. Can you build your account with it??? Absolutely BUT you better be meticulous in your trading to the point where you protect the account at all costs. Fees add up and can eat your profits fast. Yes it can be done but you have a BIG mountain to climb. If you are willing to do it you might prevail.

          As for stockstotrade I haven’t used them. It sounds great. Amazing even but I am not there yet. I am finding stocks that I am comfortable trading and not following Tim much at all. I have missed about 10 trades due to fear and internet disconnection. I would say I was right 7 out of 10 times. Yes the proof is in the trading and all I have are my words but I find my thesis has been right which has been building my confidence to trade more.

          As for building a watchlist I haven’t done much of that either. I find 1 or 2 stocks and watch them, learn them, study them and come up with ideas. I don’t have the knowledge and comfort level yet to trade and watch 10 stocks at once. However, I look forward to getting there over time.

          I don’t know how much Stockstotrade is but I am sure it’s not too much different than Equityfeed. I would check out Interactive Brokers scanners. I have head that is good and inexpensive. I have the webtrader version of it but it’s not so good. I have to upgrade to the workstation for it to be worth it for me.

          Hope this helps.

  20. Hi Jai,

    Im just curious, do you learn a more from tim sykes dvds or from seminars? if i were to just purchase the dvds with no experience with the stock market how much could i learn.

    Whats your reccomendation? should i start with TOS papertrading? what is that? and also what are tim alerts?

    Im sorry lots of questoins.. THANKS ALOT!!!

    1. Hi Dameon.

      I personally have learned a lot from both. The DVD’s give you the structure and the webinars add in the detail.

      Paper trading is great for learning but lacks 1 really HUGE element. It’s the emotional aspect of trading. It’s super easy paper trade $5000 of a stock because you don’t really have that money on the line. However, if you were trading with real money then you have an emotional element that would pull you. I use real money but trade what I am comfortable with.

      I don’t know exactly what Tim alerts is because I never looked into it. I can tell you this though you don’t want to trade when Tim trades. The best way I can help you understand is by the guest post directly from Tim’s site. Click here. I hope this helps and thanks for stopping by.

  21. Hei Jai I was performing some Due Diligence on Tim Sykes as I am considering subscribing to his PennyStocking Silver and I stumbled in your blog which I consider extremely useful.
    Few questions for you:
    – Tim is now launching a promotion 54% off on his PennyStocking Silver subscription so I am really tempted. The videos I will be able to access through this subscription are enough to learn or will I eventually have to buy his DVDs too?
    – I am Italian and I therefore reside outside the US. Do you know if I can use an American brokerage trading account anyways even if I am not American? I am referring to the Fidelity, Interactive Brokers, SureTrade etc.. do they “accept” also non American residents?
    – Once you are into the PennyStocking Silver, is there an order in which you should go through the materials/videos or is it all random?

    Thank you very much for your help and i hope your answers to my questions can be useful also to other people.

    1. Hey Jacko… I am part Italian by heritage and have been all over Italy. Anyway enough about me. :).

      Congrats on doing your DD on Tim Sykes. It is very important.

      Let me say that when Tim had his sale in the beginning of the year for penny stocking and I jumped on it. I didn’t think I jumped. Prices then went back to normal for a few months. Now he has a new sale. I don’t know if his prices went up but as he builds on his business I am sure it will. Then 2 weeks later I joined the millionaire challenge and they discounted the money I spent so I don’t really have a lot of personal knowledge of Penny Stock Silver.

      His 1600 plus videos are helpful but they are teasers that give you a little bit here and a little bit there. You will need to really keep a tight studying timeline to understanding his technique by just watching those videos. However, to be fair I have only watched about 100 or so. Let me say this… I feel that there is a lot of studying and so I study a lot. I don’t trade often yet but I study a lot and I love it.

      Is there an order? I haven’t watched all his DVDs yet but I think Tim Fundamentals 1 and 2 are good as well as his frameworking DVD. Those 2 were a great help in the beginning. Each dvd is about 4 hours long so it is a process but slowly but surely I am watching them all. I guess I will re watch them at one point to keep fresh.

      From what I know about brokers you can open an account internationally. Let me say I love Fidelity. They aren’t good for penny stocks but they are good for some of the stocks Tim has alerted plus some that I have found on my own. I have been with them for 20 years so I am biased. I also have IB. I haven’t traded with them yet. Partially because Fidelity has come through for me, the other part is timing. I am sure I will trade with them soon. So far I like them even though people say their customer service sucks. I have contacted them at least 10 times via live chat and they were very helpful. That is my experience.

      Let me end with this… Continue to do your DD. I can’t tell you what will work for you but try your best to not think of this as a cost. Look at it like an education. That is how I view it.

      I hope this helps. Please let me know how it goes.

  22. Hey JAi Thanx a lot for the quick answer. I really appreciated! I am definitively thinking of joining the PennyStock Silver program. I have been trading macrocap stocks on the italian market over the last 4 years and overall i have won more than i lost. Pennystocks’ volatility attracts me and I would really like to specialize in these field since opportunities are potentially huge.
    When you say you are doing a lot of studying.. what do you exactly study? Tim’s DVD, his videos? Other stuff?
    Does Fidelity and IB provide Level 2? Are you learning to trade also based on Level 2? I heard Tim Grittani saying in one of his videos that most of his trades are made based on L2. I would really love to learn all L2 dynamics.
    That is really cool that you are interacting with your followers. I am glad you have an italian heritage and that you are proud about it.
    Good luck on your studies and trades.

    1. Yes I am studying everything. Chart patterns, level 2, sec filings, reasons for Tim entering and exiting a stock, scanning and building a thesis to my trades with a risk/reward set up… just to name a few. Unfortunately Fidelity nor IB have good level 2. For now I am using ThinkorSwim for charts and level 2. There level 2 lags a bit but it’s a start for me. I will look to upgrade that when the time is right. Glad you like my blog and like always thanks for stopping.

  23. Hey Jai! Guess what? Yesterday evening I finally made my decision and I signed up for the PennyStock Silver subscription! I am so exited about it. I can’t wait to dive into all the videos and material to discover everything about pennystocks.
    One of the first mail I got from Tim included a pdf file with a sort of orientation on what to do during the first 30 days.
    Week 1: “Choose a broker and get familiar with them”. He suggests to go for SureTrader. Would you recommend me to for Fidelity or IB instead?
    thank you! and Keep in touch!

    1. Congrats for making a decision. I don’t recommend brokers to anyone because a broker is like a loved one you have to choose the one who is right for you. I have a Fidelity & IB account. I have only used Fidelity since joining but I will be using IB sometime in the near future. Let me know how everything goes in a few weeks from now.

  24. Hey Jai,
    First off, thanks in advance for the help. I just started researching Tim Sykes and I look forward to working with him. My question is, I currently trade using the TD Ameritrade platform, but TD makes me wait 3 days from when a buy a stock (and sell) until I can use those same funds again. Are there any brokerage houses that do not have this restriction?
    Thanks, David

    1. Hey David,

      Most brokerage firms have a 3 day settlement period of funds which is standard. One way around it is by opening a margin account but that can be dangerous because you are using borrowed money. If you lose that money you have to pay it back plus the fees for using it. Other than that the only other way you can do it is by building up your account so that you have more money available to use. If I were you I would try contacting other firms to find out their policy. I know Suretrader (offshore firm) has different rules but I hear they lack in various ways. Thanks for stopping by I hope this helps.

  25. Can you send me your email please? Im interested in joining the millionaire challenge and I have a few questions.

    1. Hi Nicolas. Please post your questions in the comment box. Even if you email me directly I will post them there as this site is to help others making important decisions. I answer questions so everyone can benefit. Looking forward to your questions.

  26. Ok, sorry. Can you tell us (or repeat) the brokerage you are using or which one do you recommend for short selling? (besides SureTrader)

  27. haha sorry I just read..Fidelity, what are the pros and cons of Fidelity? Can you short sell there with no restrictions?

    1. I have owned a Fidelity account for over 20 years so I am never going to close that account. However, I find that 30 to 50% of the stocks Tim Sykes puts on his watchlist has shorts available. I was shocked at first but more and more times they are there. They don’t have OTC stocks though. Only smallcap. Pros of Fidelity… 1. GREAT customer service. 2. Account is highly protected. 3. Easier to short than I ever expected. Cons 1. $7.95 trading fee. In and out $15.90. 2. No OTC shorts.

      I also have an IB account but haven’t used it yet. I have only traded 7 times which isn’t a lot but as I get more comfortable I will use both.

      Every brokerage firm has restrictions. You need to call them to find out what works for you and your account size.

  28. Jai,
    What’s your goal by becoming a challenge student? Are you skeptical or a believer? Do you feel you will achieve your goal?

    1. I don’t know if I completely understand your questions but my goals are pretty specific. I am educating myself and researching the companies I decide to trade in. I am making informed decisions with set risks and reward levels.

      No longer will I bag-hold a company and hope that it comes back as they want you to believe on TV. I was talking to a friend the other day and he mentioned that he would be happy making 10% on his investments. Imagine only 10%??? Wow that seems like so little compared to the billions of dollars people place everyday in the markets.

      I also want to grow my account substantially and continue to build more and more financial freedom.

      Am I skeptical about what? Don’t know if I know what you mean. Tim Sykes? Not at all.

      Do I believe I will achieve my goals? Absolutely.

      Hope this helps. Thanks for stopping by Max.

      1. depends on what its 10% of. if your friends portfolio is valued over 5mil, $500,000 a year seems pretty decent

        thanks again for your posts.

  29. Hi, is there an archive of the weekly seminars that he gave for challenge students? That would be really helpful for a new challenge student, thanks. Trying to determine if I should sign up

    1. Hey Gary,

      Yes there are 2 (2 hour) weekly seminars. 1 from Tim and one from Michael Goode. Every so often they have a 3rd. However, any questions you have about the challenge you should write down and discuss in your interview.

  30. Hi, thanks but are you able to watch old seminars from before you were in the challenge?

    Great blog by the way, its always interesting to read an average persons daily challenges.

  31. Hi Jai,

    First of all, thank you. Your blog and your replies to everyone’s comments has probably been the most helpful information I’ve come across yet when considering Tim Sykes.
    I have always thought about getting into investing and trading but not seriously till about a week ago. In the past few years I’ve grown a youtube channel from nothing to over 6k subscribers and made about $1k off of advertising from it. Now I’m into daily fantasy sports, which isn’t gambling if you know what you’re doing (much like trading). I turned $10 into $4k in a little over a year on playing daily fantasy sports (DFS). So a week ago when I started reading and watching videos from various sites and people including Tim Sykes, I realized how similar it is to what I’ve already been successful at. A lot of basic trading concepts, money management, and way of thinking that I’ve heard Tim talk about I could directly relate to what I’ve already been doing to turn $10 into $4000 on DFS or even 0 subscribers into 6000 on youtube. So I’m very confident I have what it takes to be successful at this.

    Unfortunately, I currently am on a fulltime internship for the summer so I’m only able to study in my freetime and weekends. I also graduate with an electrical engineering degree in December and can easily get a job making 60-90k starting out. I received the email to set up an interview for the MC. However as a complete beginner who knows basically nothing yet, I feel it’s best to just spend the next year learning as much as I can on my own. Then once I have some understanding of everything and get a full time job, only then I should consider paying for and seriously considering learning Tim Sykes’s strategy. It would seem stupid to pay for Sykes’s lessons when I haven’t even made a single trade or barely even understand shorting a stock. Does this seem like a good plan to you? Do you think with a fulltime job its possible find the time to learn and fully understand everything? Should I bother with the interview even though I’m not considering buying anything from them right away? I know it’s extremely overwhelming right now and is for everyone starting out but what exact steps to you recommend I take? I know you said to just dive right in, but dive in to what exactly? What sites to use? So far I’ve used youtube, Investopedia, ToS paper money. I understand the emotion, money management, the process of learning, and mentality you have to have… Just not everything else. I’m so lost.
    Thanks again

    1. Hey Chris. Thanks for the comment and I am glad you find this blog helpful.

      Let me turn your comment back to you. I want you to read it a few times and see if you can see what I see. Firstly, and I am not criticizing you on any level, it seems like I am reading your personal diary. A book of your thoughts with all the answers embedded in them. In essence I think you answered your own question.

      That being said there appears to be a HUGE amount going on in your life. They all seem great yet not life changing as you continue to search for something. Hence why you are here. I think you have to find out what you want to do and why you want to do it. Do you want to be a Youtuber, Fantasy Footballer, engineer or a trader? I don’t know how old you are or what your personal life is like but add in a loved one and maybe kids and you might find yourself nearing a breakdown.

      It’s great you have the confidence but it’s easy to convince yourself that building a Youtube channel and making money in DFS is similar to trading. Let me tell you it is not. That doesn’t mean you can’t be successful at it it just means that one thing has nothing to do with the other. How do I know? Because I had nearly 20K Youtube subs at one time. I made nearly 7K on this one video alone. I let it all fizzle out as I started my family but let me say it was a lot easier to do a funny YT video than it is to trade. IMO…

      Anyway, Chris I truly thank you for coming here but I can’t tell you what you should do. That wouldn’t be fair to you and it wouldn’t be right of me. However, I can suggest you read your comment and dissect it. Question why you wouldn’t run to a job making 60-90K a year easily. Question why you set up an interview but might not do it now. Question why you might want to trade? I guarantee you if you answer those questions you won’t feel lost.

  32. Thanks for the reply. Yeah I didn’t really want to post this as a comment cause I knew it sounded like a diary. I know trading will be WAY harder than anything thing else. I just was looking for someone else’s thoughts on my situation that has been through the grunt work of learning trading. I guess I more feel lost on the path I should take to educating myself on trading. There’s so much information and learning tools out there. I’ll figure it out

    1. Wether you know it or not you are helping a lot of other people considering stock trading. I created this portion of the blog to help those who need it and are trying to make sound decisions. It helps me to stay focused and learn the rules. Let me say this… It’s a ton of work. It sounds easy because when you make money it’s fast and yes… easy. In reality it isn’t.

      Let me give you an example. Ticker BIOF got a delisting notice late after the market close. Delisting means that they were going to take it off of the NASDAQ. The news was BAD. It gapped down from $6.22 last night to as low as $4.75 this morning. However, it surged premarket until 10:10am and hit a high of $6.69. Why in the world would bad news bring on so much buying? You could have bought the stock at yesterday’s close and made a nice profit a half hour after the market open. Yet the news was BAD.

      Anyway, there are several reasons that happened and too much for me to type here but my point is that there is no real rhyme or reason. There is no guessing. You come up with a specific plan and you set your risk/reward level and get out if it doesn’t do what you want and take your profit when you are right.

      Look it’s natural to feel lost. It’s new, it’s scary, it’s either profit or loss with a click of a button. If I were you I would watch every video about Tim Sykes and day trading I could get my hands on. You will feel LOST at first but then it makes some sense. It might take you a month or even a year to get it but at least you are learning without breaking the bank.

      I hope this helps and please keep me updated with your status.

  33. First off I want to say congrats on the little success you have seen so far. I have my 2nd interview for the challenge this afternoon and have a few questions. My question is/are; have you used the stockstotrade software or level 2? If so what are the costs associated with that? Saw level 2 on suretrader costing 40/month plus various add-ons for 15+/month. I couldn’t find a price on stockstotrade but let’s say its 50/month. Thats an extra 100+/month. Does the 5500 tution cost involve the silver stock trader or TIM alerts? If not do you use them or just stick to the dvds, webinars, and vids? If it doesn’t and one subscribes to everything (Silver, level 2, stockstotrade those monthly fees can add up quick). Last question I promise, after the year of tution do you know if your just on your own or is there like some sort of lifetime membership where you still get access to various tools (webinars, videos, chatrooms, etc)? Goodluck in your trading and keep up the good work Jai.

    1. Hey Gary. Thanks for coming by and congrats on your 2nd interview. I wish you well. Ok now on to your questions. I don’t use stockstotrade. There are 3 reasons I don’t use it. 1. There are several sites that give percent gainers that are free or nominally priced. Interactive Brokers, FinViz and ThinkorSwim. However, you have to do scans nightly or throughout the day as that is where you will see the percent gainers. I also have no clue what it costs. 2. For me there is no reason spending all this extra money when I haven’t made a real dent in the trading yet. I haven’t traded in a while but I am on EVERY day doing my thesis work and building my knowledge. 3. Tim and his team are busy so just because you want the software doesn’t mean you will be able to use it immediately. They have so many inquiries that they are very backlogged.

      As for level 2 I have been using ThinkorSwim as it is free. I hear it lags at times but that hasn’t been apparent to me nor is it a major concern because I haven’t traded that much yet.

      His challenge includes everything. DVD’s, webinars, video lessons, chat room, stock alerts… Let me say this though be careful not to follow his trades blindly. If you like a trade he has made you must know your risk to reward or you might lose your shirt. You could bank too. It’s too much of a gamble to just blindly follow so be careful.

      From what I know once your year is up you can renew your subscription. It is significantly less because there are no DVD’s to repurchase.

      I think that answers your questions. Good luck today and please keep me posted.

  34. hey, jai, i just got interviewed by jarad on the phone, and he was asking for my credit card info since you are already a challenge student, you should know this. how did you pay for the tuition, did you pay with a credit card, check, transfer? I’m kind of scared cuz i got my credit card info stolen before. just want to make sure that jarad does belong to the challenge team. thanks

    1. Hey Sam. I paid for the challenge via cc. I don’t know who Jared is though. Good luck with the challenge…

  35. Jai is obviously one of Tim Sykes business partners/affiliates. Purely on this thread to market Tim Sykes scam challenge. Can’t believe people are too stupid to see this…

    1. John I am in no way affiliated with Tim Sykes nor do I receive any business or affiliate compensation for anything that I write on this blog. However, there aren’t too many people that will read this entire thread which means they will miss your lack of research and my response to it. So, I will do a blog post addressing your accusations of Tim scamming his students and me profiting from it.

  36. Jai,

    First off, I’m very appreciative of the fact that you’re willing to share your journey with us via this blog. I respect your approach to trading and I recognize that you’re investing in the “knowledge” aspect of Tim’s challenge.
    I’ve found the majority of the posts to be informative and genuinely insightful. (I’ve read them all, I fully intend on following you.) I am very new to trading myself, and I’ve been seriously contemplating accepting the Tim Sykes challenge. Got the interview call today, I still need to get back to them with my decision…

    Moreover, you mentioned you have roughly 20 years of experience in investing/trading yourself. As a longtime trader, I was hoping you might share some deeper wisdom on the subject with me. I have a few questions.

    1) Personal Question:
    As a longtime investor/trader of many years, I imagine that the time you’ve put into this endeavor has yielded positive gains for you overall, otherwise why would you continue to practice it?
    Also along those lines, what is the greatest impact choosing to invest/trade has had on your life? Has it been worth all of the time & sacrifice you’ve put into it?
    Would you say it’s been a profitable pursuit in the sense that it’s improved your overall quality of life? Whether that be directly or indirectly related to your wealth, finances, education, personal business, etc…?
    (I realize that’s a bit of a long winded & loaded question, however I think it has a lot of merit.)

    2) More specifically, would you say that the criteria in Tim’s challenge is arranged in a comprehensive structure that you can easily absorb and follow? Untimely have you found the program to be more “practical knowledge” based, as it relates to the real-time trading process, or is it more theory based information that you can only apply if the conditions are right?

    I anxiously await your response, please keep up the good work. If I do accept the challenge, I would hope to rely on your blog as a means to relate to one another and to help create a sense of perspective.

    1. Hi Butch Cassidy. I am assuming that is just a screen name. :). Anyway, thanks for your kind words and great questions. However, there are many mini questions or answers that you are seeking in between the main question. For example there is a difference between trading and investing. I was an investor before and now I am training to be a trader. Trading is quicker with very little holding time. Investing can be for years. Ok so, here we go…

      1. I made some nice money in the stock market years ago but I lost a lot of it. I did it because that is what everyone was doing when I began so I followed like a sheep. I quit for many years as I pursued other aspects of my life. Investing came back to me in 2012 and it has yielded positive results. Not life changing but positive but I wanted more. You ask me if it has been worth the sacrifice. I would say in hindsight yes because it has lead me to this very moment. However, there were about 4 years during the financial crisis where I would have said no.

      That being said the challenge has been life changing for me. I haven’t made much money doing it yet but I follow and watch and participate every day. I make daily watchlists and do a recap the following day to see how I did. You see for me this is not just about making money. It is about my education. It’s about learning as much about what goes on inside as I can. It’s about learning the corruption and lies that companies will hide. It’a about learning level 2, SEC filings, charting, scanning, etc…

      I can’t lie the stock market is a really dirty business and so yes it has changed my life forever. To be more specific I will NEVER blindly follow or invest again. I am writing a post as we speak that will delve into that more…

      2. Tim’s challenge is pretty simple and if you have watched any of his videos he says it all the time. Tim buys breakouts and shorts pump and dumps. It’s that easy. However, you need to learn and see the patterns. You need to learn how to get out quickly if you are wrong. You need to learn to control your trading. You need learn to control your emotions. You need to learn to accept losses. You need to learn to cut loses fast. You need to learn to be self sufficient. You need to learn learn learn…

      On a side note Tim has had some heavy losses lately and has shared his mistakes with us all. It’s the best part of the challenge for me. When he is wrong he admits it and shares all his mistakes or thinking along the way. Sometimes Tim is wrong but his thought process was right so he cut loses quickly which ended up being his best decision. Ironically you learn more from losing than winning.

      Anyway, to me Tim is like my coach or manager. He guides me daily even if he has many others to guide along the way.

      So, I haven’t made a lot of money doing the challenge yet but I personally would do it again for all the education and training.

      I hope this helps and good luck with whatever you decide. Please keep me posted as I am always curious to see what people are doing in regards to trading.

  37. Hello there jai!
    Im novice trader looking for someone that can teach me. I heard from this guy tim sykes and i also did my research and found some good stuff and also a few bad stuff about him, but im kind of convince.

    So jai, i got a few question and ill be glad if you could help me.

    1) i live in dominican republic; is there any inconveniente trading tim sykes system from here?

    2) i wish i could apply for tim’s challenge, but i dont have the complete money, i honestly just got like 1.5k in my saving, is there any way i could still learn and learn and learn and then trade profitable without getting to apply to tim’s challenge?

    3) as a novice trader where should i start? What will be my first step? I got 1.5k that i can use, i live in the dominican republic and also im a full time student

    Waiting anxious for your response


    1. Hi Richard and welcome from DR. Thanks for checking out the blog. Ok let’s get to your questions.

      1. As long as you have internet, a computer and a broker you can trade from anywhere in the world.
      2. You don’t need to join the challenge to be a successful trader however, you are going to need money to begin with. $1500 is a very thin amount to start with and leaves you very little room for error. To be more specific you need a newsletter subscription to follow. Tim Sykes has his Penny Silver subscription, Nate has his Investors Live subscription, Superman has his Super Pro subscription, and there are others too. I am a fan of all 3 but I am only a part of the challenge. I only know about them from Twitter and what other people say.
      3. Richard this is tough. It appears you have very little knowledge about trading, you have very little money and you are in school. The odds are stacked against you in 3 main departments. Education, finance and time.

      Listen Richard… I don’t know you and I can’t tell you what is best for you but I know if I were in your shoes I would continue going to school, find a job to build up my financial situation until I was comfortable losing the money that I was going to trade with. 90% of traders lose money so the odds are stacked high. In my spare time I would learn everything I could from the markets by reading, watching videos and getting more comfortable with trading ideas. I would learn about risk vs. reward, cutting losses quickly and I would paper trade until I was confident that I could make a profit and grow my account.

      I hope this helps Richard.

  38. Hi, really appreciate the blog! I was just wondering what kind of market data packages will I need to start trading? I’m thinking of.setting up a suretrader account and any info on this would be really helpful. Thanks a lot for the help!

    1. Thanks Jordan. Are you a challenge member? If you are it’s in your welcome package. I don’t use Suretrader so I can’t help you there. I use ThinkorSwim for charting, level 2 data and scanning because it’s free after you sign up at TD Ameritrade. I also use Interactive Brokers for selling and shorting because their locates are good and fees aren’t bad. I use their scanner as well but I find that my ThinkorSwim scanner does pretty much the same so it’s a matter of preference. I also have a Fidelity account which I have had for over 20 years. Tim Sykes doesn’t recommend them but let me tell you this… Fidelity has come through for me many more times than I could have ever imagined. I also use Fidelity’s level 2 data for certain stocks as I like the look and feel of it but again that is just preference. So, get a feel for what you like and go from there. I hope this helps.

  39. Ok, thanks for the reply. I am still thinking about becoming a challenge student so I don’t have the welcome package. I’m thinking I’ll probable need NYSE, AMEX, NASDAQ, and PINK SHEETS level one and two?

    1. ThinkorSwims level 2 does all indices and it’s free. Suretrader has many problems from what I hear but they have a level 2 that is very good and has all indices as well.

  40. So you don’t pay any monthly fees besides you’re commissions at think or swim then? What platform are you using, and do they have a pattern day trading rule? I really appreciate all the help.

    1. On TOS there are no fees and you don’t have to fund the account. If you are trying to get your feet wet and save money this is the way to go. I only use Fidelity as of now as I LOVE them. I have an IB account but haven’t used them yet. I will soon.

  41. Jai,

    Closing in on 5 months now since you first posted the above article. How are things going with the challenge? Profit and loss?

    1. Hi Alex.

      I haven’t missed a day watching the markets since I started and it’s actually going really well on an educational level. I haven’t traded much. In fact only 7 times but I started charting daily and creating watch lists. Then the following day I evaluate my thesis and rank how well my thinking was. I find it has really taught me a lot. Keep in mind it’s the summer so things are a lot slower in the markets. Anyway, I will eventually share my daily watch list for my educational purposes as well as for others to see where my thought process is on this journey. It will not be for others to trade but to learn. In addition to that I have studied multiple DVD’s and have picked apart the trading DVD by Nate from Investors Live. I will blog about that soon including some really interesting things that should make this more fun to read daily. Thanks for checking in…

  42. Hi Jai, first of all… Great blog, I just read te whole thing and really enjoyed it as appreciate how helpful you have been.
    Ok so here it goes, I’m about as new to trading/the stock market as it gets. I am considering buying Tim’s silver package but should I dive right into that without knowing anything about the market? You mentioned several things such as “level 2” and I have no idea what that is. Should I real books like stock market for dummies, day trading for dummies and so on? Any advice/suggestions will be greately appreciated. Thanks for your time

    1. Thanks Nelson. Congrats to you for starting out. Ok so here is my opinion on your question. The summer months are pretty slow. Most people take vacation, kids are home from school, people are out in the sun. I would study all you can on Tim Sykes that you can find first. Get all the free stuff first. Learn about cutting losses, level 2 and charting. You don’t need to master it right now but get your mental feet wet. Then once you have done some studying you can hope in with a little more comfort. You can even start paper trading to test out what you are learning. Remember this one thing and you will do a lot better… Don’t study the markets to just make money. Study the markets to educate yourself. Making money is the bonus. I hope this helps. Please let me know how you do.

  43. Thanks for your response Jai, I will do that. Is there a good website or program i can start paper trading on? Will it cost money? I’m looking forward to staying in contact with you and this blog. I’ll be keeping you posted on my progress.

  44. Hi, I wanna know if we can choose to pay the monthly $100 instead of the $5525? I wanted to start trading with my own money so $5525 is too much for me now. Thanks in advance

  45. Hi Jai,

    I’m a Tim silver subscriber and I was wondering do you as a challenge student get newsletter from Tim for free or do you have to pay extra for that? If you do get newsletter can you please explain more about it please? Right now, I’m playing a demo in SureTrader and it is difficult when to buy a stock or short it. I’ve seen 50% of his videos as a silver subscriber and I’m able to understand the break outs, breakdowns, resistant, and support. You think by having newsletter alert from Tim will give me a higher change to buy a stock or short it?

    1. Hi Roger. Let me see if I can steer you in the right direction. As a challenge student you get the same Tim silver alerts. I never trade based off of his alerts because by the time I get the alert the stock has already made it’s move. Keep in mind that he has 4000 plus students. 1% (40 students) will move the stock if they join Tim’s trade. You want to learn how to buy and sell short on your own and not off of Tim’s trades. We all want easy money but if everyone made easy money based off of Tim the world would have no money problems.

      Nightly I put together a watchlist and then recap the next day based off of my theories. I don’t trade Tim’s trades.

      On the flip side you might want to think about trading around Tim. What do I mean? Let’s say Tim buys a stock and sells it for a nice percentage gain premarket. I might be tempted to short it being that the people that follow Tim might sell out too. If I am right I gain. If I am wrong I cut my losses quickly.

      So, come up with daily plans and go for it from there. Don’t worry about trading Tim’s trades unless you have done your due diligence and have devised an entrance and exit plan of your own.

      I hope this helps.

      1. Hi Jia

        Thank you for getting back to me as soon as possible. I really appreciate it. I agree with you its is too late to buy a stock or short it based on Tim alerts. I tried that on the demo and did not work well. Your right, It is better to find your on stocks and make your own watch list. So my next question is where does Tim get his information or news on when a stock is going to have a promotional pump? Do you know any sites that I can look and get that information. So that I can prepare my own watchlist. Also, today I got alert from a student that made money trading at night? I thought market hours was only 9:30 am to 4:30 pm? if so, how does it work? Is that only specific stocks that you can trade after hours?

  46. It’s the summer so things are slow so don’t push a trade. You have to check percent gainers daily. Thinkorswim has a free news feed. Yahoo finance has great info too. Promo pumps you might hear about in chat but there aren’t really any good promotors like in days past. Seeking Alpha has good articles that move stocks but you have to do your charting and work before hand so you aren’t blindly trading.

    After hours trading is from 4:00pm to 8:00pm and premarket is 4:00am on certain stocks but for everything else it starts at 8:00am until the opening bell.

  47. Hi there,

    To be honest, I also fell for that trap of this “guru” millionaire. What really opened my eyes is his method and why he is doing this. He appears to be trustworthy, but you have to look deeper. His student millionaires are not his. Both of them officially claim they they made little to no money using this trategy. Tim Grittani now shorts Tim’s (guru) alerts, and Michel Goode made only 6K out of 1Million of his profits on that strategy. Read this blogpost that I found which can explain you what I mean.

    1. After studying your comment for a few minutes I noticed your blog post you attached on my blog was written and dated the same day as your comment. That makes your research look fishy. So, I took a photo of your researched post and replaced it with the link you added so there is no backlink.

      Now for anyone reading the comment posted above realize that Tim Grittani made over $200K on one chart pattern which is straight out of Tim’s 7 step framework. Click here to read the post. Furthermore Tim Grittani just shorted WSTI (and banked) which again was straight out of Tim’s 7 step framework. As for Michael Goode you can read this post here where he claims Tim Sykes is full of BS. Read all the comments placed on the blog because Tim and Michael go back and forth several times. Then read here where Michael claims he made $132K using Tim Syke’s strategy.

      The truth of the matter is, aside from the proof above, Tim Grittani is a happier man with a great career because he came across Tim’s strategy. He also credits Nate from Investors Live for helping him out.

      Michael Goode now works for Tim Syke’s after their back and forth disagreements. I have been in dozens of webinars and Michael Goode is honest with what he and Tim agree on today and he has no problem telling his side of things.

      So, your blog post is suspect and your research is too thin for merit. Please do your research and share the real truth.

  48. Hello Jai,
    I have read almost everything you’ve posted and if indeed you are doing this simply to help others without any work relationship with TS. Well, TS owes you big in my opinion. Because you are helping him out a lot by doing this. I am sure he has seen a spike in people trying to enroll since you’ve started this blog.
    I think he should hire someone to do just what you are doing here. Ok, enough about that.
    I actually got accepted for the challenge years ago, but could not commit because at the time I was working overseas. I am actually still working overseas, but am getting ready to head back home for good and have been thinking about calling TS’s staff to talk about the challenge again and try to enroll. My question to you is how long have you been studying and how much longer do you think it will take to finish going over all the study materials? I am sure the study will be almost a non-stop thing, there will always be something to study about the markets. But I am sure you will reach a point where you will move from studying a whole lot to trading more. I do not mind the study, but is this something which will take more than a few months to cover in your opinion and that is study 6-8 hours/day?

    Thank you in advance for your reply!

    1. Dukens that was very nice of you to say. Tim doesn’t owe me anything though. I do it because I want to. I enjoy learning and helping others make the right choices that best suits them. So, thank you for saying that and reading the blog.

      Every person has their journey when it comes to trading and the market. I studied hard for the first 3 months and then I turned my attention to the market itself. I now look at charts and level 2. I read news, contracts and earnings winners then I see how it moves the market. I also watch premarket to see trends building. In addition to all of that I am working on myself as a human being so I don’t scare myself out of a trade. You are right there is always something to study but to be honest I think the personal journey takes the longest. For me I am not doing this just for the money. Don’t get me wrong, I want money to come out of this but I am doing this to educate myself and build on financial freedom. And… I actually really enjoy doing this. It’s fun for me and I can see myself doing this long term. So, I know I went a bit of course but let me say this. If you study a few months everyday for 2-4 hours daily you should feel more comfortable in what you are learning. However, don’t put a timeframe on it. I have been in the challenge for nearly 6 months and there are people who do much better than I do and to them I say congrats. I don’t dwell on missed opportunities. I don’t cry for not making money and I don’t complain. When I am ready I will know and I will act. I hope this helps.

  49. Hi Jai,

    Another question for you here my friend. Based on a conversation I had with Tim’s staff, It sounded like I’ll be all good to go with the Challenge as I won’t need to reapply or be re-interviewed.
    Do you have any idea of a good trading platform, brokerage firm which will be suited for the trading patterns of the Challenge? I was told about suretrader.com, but I am not too comfortable when it comes to dealing with non-U.S. firms.

    Thank you!

    1. Don’t worry. Once you join they will share all of that info. You can also Google it and it will pop right up.

  50. Hey Jai,

    Interesting post. I havn’t entered the challenge yet, i’m still researching. I’m very skeptical about it as i’ve heard some other reviews saying it’s a scam, waste of money, etc

    I’m not sure if you can answer this question but i’m wondering, if Tim is such a successful trader then why does he need to make money training people?

    I hope this doesn’t come across as too pessimistic, i’ve been burned in the past is all and am very skeptical about these sort of things,


    1. Hi Chris. Thanks for stopping by. You should feel skeptical. You should also do a ton of research until you feel ready to make a decision one way or the other.

      Tim actually sucks at trading. He says it all the time and I see why. He is such a scaredy cat that he scares himself out of a ton of profits. I also don’t always agree with his decisions but he has a proven track record so he sticks to what works.

      Anyway, be pessimistic and ask away… That is what this blog and my perspective is for.

      Why does he need to teach people you ask. I would think that one part of it is quite obvious. The not so obvious is he genuinely likes teaching. He is passionate about it and it shows up every webinar.

      However, put his passion to the side and do the math. He has over 4000 students and more come and go everyday. Times that by the cost of his services and I think you can see another reason why he teaches.

      If I were you I would work out your pessimism first before deciding to join. Any negative feelings will hurt you especially if you aren’t successful with it in the beginning.

      I hope this helps.

  51. Jai, first and foremost, I wish you success in all your trades. Personally, I have decided the information Tim provides isn’t worth the cost. Granted, I know not of any specifics when it comes to his patterns and indicators, so I could indeed be wrong. It all boils down to a webinar I’d watched when he spoke of how it would take tens of years for others to figure out the patterns that he could show. I thought to myself, well if it didn’t take you tens of years, then why do you assume such of others. I realized then I was watching a marketer. The plus side of that for Tim is with his marketing ability, he sits himself upon a goldmine when companies are looking to be marketed. In that, he is smart, very smart. However, in true trades, I don’t quite think so.

    Though I just felt a need to type the previous statements, they’re not really the reason I’m commenting. I’m not even commenting to ask you a question. I just wanted to applaud you for taking the time to really study all you can. Education is golden. I think by educating yourself in what works for you, you will truly come out ahead. It can be time-consuming which I’m sure you already know and the market just loves to insert that emotional attachment that we all love to hate, but you are on a great track.

    Your posts and responses to previous questions are telling. You are a very realistic guy with an excellent mix of optimism and skepticism. You appear to be more interested in learning trends, patterns, where to look for red flags and being able to know when you see them. That, Jai, is the start of a smart investor. I wish you great knowledge, and again, much success.

    1. Hi Dawnis.

      I think your comment was one of the nicest and most honest comments I have ever received. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to express your thoughts in the manner that you did.

      It appears you have done the right amount of research to make the decision that best fits you. That my friend is what one is supposed to do. Good luck in all your endeavors as well.

  52. Jai,

    I recently got done with an interview with one of TS staff members and I got accepted. With that said, I also told him that I needed time to come up with 5525 or is it 5025, anyhow my question to you is, once I come up with 5k and another 2k in the brokers acct what is the next step that TS staff member would lead me to? Would they give me a different pennystock silver account so i could associate myself with other challenge students? How does the process work from the time you have the funds to actually engaging myself with TS, Michael and TimG?


    1. Hi Jay. Be specific please. How are you looking to engage in with them? That confuses me. Once you join you will get an email detailing all that you should do and how you can join the chatroom immediately. Anyway, here is some food for thought… If you are going to start the challenge with 2K then know that you will have a very limited amount of wiggle room to make mistakes. It will be a very very tough starting point to grow your account. Also if you have any questions or concerns please write them down and contact your interviewer to answer any questions you have before you join. Make sure your questions are specific. I hope this helps.

      1. Jai,

        Sorry for the incomplete sentence, what I meant is, when do I start engaging conversations with the guru’s. And yes I will be more specific in my questions. I am new to this stock trading community and hoping this education with TS pays off. O yea the 2k is low but I just need to adapt and take whatever profits I can get. Thank you for your time in helping me out. Hope to share some analysis with you one day.


        1. There are no verbal conversations that I am aware of although if you succeed well I am sure they will reach out to you. I have had 3 interactions with Tim Sykes via email but only because he reached out to me. I personally don’t reach out to him because he answers a lot of my questions in his webinars. If I have a pressing question I send all questions to Michael Goode and he responds quickly. Good luck with your journey and I look forward to hear about your progress.

          1. Jai,

            Ahhh I see. You heard of Robert Blackman a Senior Training Coordinator for TS? I just hope he is legit, because he is the one who interviewed me. And yes if everything goes well I will post my progress on here and testimonials on TS website.

          2. Great! I just wanted some type of verification he was legit. Hehe because $5525 is a-lot of money to just throw away. Thanks again Jai I will keep you posted.

  53. Hello Jay,

    I am new student and I just subscribed for Silver account . I am also new to this trading. I can’t find any video where it is explaining on how to start once you ready to trade. Most of the videos are already for the people who already in trading for awhile.

    Let’s say I already have and setup StocksToTrade platform, and also have a broker, so what is my next step and how I have to buy these all shares and how (from the brokers) but how? Or let’s say I want to borrow them once they went to high $, and then sell them again once they drop down? What is the process?

    After you short sale them are the they count as yours? Because you have to buy them now for the lower price, isn’t? I would like to find and watch al those videos. I would really appreciate if you will guide me on that, please!

    P.S I signed up for the free paper trading platform with ThinkOrSwim. To get an idea and practice to buying and shorting with “monopoly” money, but again I can’t find PennyStock on that tool.

    Thank you in advance!


    1. Hi Roma. Let me be totally honest with you. You seem very very lost in this process. If I were you I would stop everything I was about to do and take it one step at a time. Also, why do you have StocksToTrade? You don’t even know how to trade yet. Ok so here is my suggestion. On your Profit.ly platform you should have a link under videos that says 60 day video lesson. Watch all of them. Don’t trade anything. I wrote a great post on what is short selling a stock that you can read here. Also check out Michael Goode’s blog here. He has great information about trading on there and he is one of Tim Syke’s teachers. His information is helpful. In addition to that any questions you have Google it with the name Tim Sykes in it. For example what brokers does Tim Sykes use or how does Tim Sykes build a watch list.

      My friend you need to study first. You need to learn about what you are getting into before diving in. I am happy to read you will be paper trading first but I would put that off for a month or 2 and just get familiar with what trading is about. I hope this helps.

    2. Roma,

      I concur with Jai, just take it slow and ONE step at a time. I started with marketplace.com virtual stock exchange(paper trading), following the chat room, watchlist alerts and doing analysis on my own. I even youtube significant terms such as low highs, buying from the dip, fades, squeeze, etc… If I was you I would definitely learn terms that they are use daily on chat, so it will make sense to atleast what they are doing in their trades. To make the long story short I would paper trade for a month or two to just get use to the chatroom lingo and figure out why certain guru’s trade certain stocks, Pay attention to their Entry position and exit position and figure out why they did so. Or buy investorslive dvd it will take you step by step on trading. The process takes a while and years to figure out but starting with the basics is key. I hope that helps.


      1. Jay’s comment was even better than mine. I have the investorslive DVD which I am reviewing on a blog post. It was the best money spent. Thanks Jay for chiming in and helping others. That is what this blog is about.

  54. Jai,

    Helping others is always good with the traders community because everyone has something to share from novice to pro. But I hope to get investorslive dvd pretty soon I will also post a review once I watch it. I’ll blog my progress once I actually start trading with real money. And most importantly have FUN with trading! -=0)

  55. Thank YOU very much Jai and Jay!!!

    I really appreciate your advices… Its a HUGE help and support to me! Otherwise you are right I lost a bit 🙂

    Thanks again!!!

    1. Roma,

      No problem, o yea get really familiar with Resistance line and Support lines. See how guru’s implement this in their daily trades.

  56. Hey Jai,

    So how much have you made in profit from the day you started is a challange student to this day?
    I see that you’re not active at profit.ly’s website so I’m wondering if you pretty much gave up?

    Let’s say I’m super motivated to start trading penny stocks and I am able to put like 4 hours each day to this.. would you consider it to be worth to pay 5700$ for the challange?
    Do you feel that it have helped you alot?

    1. Hey Toby. You are right I am not active on Profit.ly but that is because I haven’t been trading yet. On the contrary I have been working behind the scenes studying. The short answer is the summer is slow and there are not a lot of stocks in play but I have been creating daily watch lists and trying to study charts as they set up. Every morning I set up for the market open and hang around until 11am. I take a break from the market until 2pm or so. I also take daily notes and review my theories to see what went right and what went wrong. So, even though I haven’t been making money I also haven’t been losing money. One trader blew up his account and lost $26,000. Yep it can be very dangerous if you aren’t specific in your trading. I have been putting in a lot of valuable time for myself and when the time is right I will strike.

      So, to answer your question yes it has helped me a lot. It has helped me understand certain aspects that move the market and certain traps that people fall into. Making money is one thing and not losing it is another. I hope this helps.

  57. hey Jai,

    I was contacted by the Millionaire Challenge recently, and was curious what the most important part of the program for you was…i.e the dvd’s the chatroom, the lessons etc. I understand that all are useful, but was curious as to what made the biggest difference in your experience?
    I am skeptical of any program by default, have a moderate grasp of charts, and a member if investor’s underground already. Also, how involved are Mr. Goode and Mr. Sykes? Are they involved actively in your development?

    Thank you so much,

    William Conklin.

    1. Hi William. That is a very tough question. I like the live webinars and I like the video lessons. I am curious though why do you want to join the challenge if you are a part of IU? There are great traders in that room from what I hear. MG and TS give webinars weekly and MG answers all the questions I have ever asked him outside of trading hours. The only time TS and I have corresponded is via email and that is because he reached out to me.

  58. hi Jai I read one of your responses saying “If you are going to start the challenge with 2K then know that you will have a very limited amount of wiggle room to make mistakes. It will be a very very tough starting point to grow your account.” Does this mean you recommend starting with a higher amount of money than 2k?

    1. HI Damien. I did say that and for the most part that is true. It’s not impossible but it leaves you in a tight range. I don’t necessarily think you need more capital because that isn’t the answer. So, if you only have 3k to your name putting 3k to play with is a HUGE gamble. If you have 10k to your name and you use 5k then you have a better chance to test out your theories once you start making them. You can’t just follow Tim. I would suggest paper trading if you have only 2k. Test it out on paper with 2k and see how you do. The idea is not to always win but to win more then lose. If you only have 2k it will be tougher. I hope that helps.

  59. Jai,
    I’m a new trader, been studying for 4-5 weeks now and feel like I’ve been picking everything up pretty efficiently pretty fast, not only through Tim and his videos but all around the web from my own personal teaching and experiences through paper/virtual trading. I have a few questions for you as far as trading in general and using PennyStockingSilver.
    1. The one thing I’ve been most concerned with as of lately is which brokerage I will actually be using given my circumstances, which are not important to the question. My question is, your plan to “have an account open at one (possibly 2) of the firms they recommend”.. Please tell me you’re not thinking SureTrader, right? I looked into SureTrader A LOT throughout these past few weeks trying to make sure I was making the perfect decision, and after sifting through all the pretty bs of great commisions, leverage, $500 minimum for margin and avoiding PDST rules, I’ve found the TRUTH is that this brokerage, in my humble opinion, is fucking horseshit. Just forewarning. I’m going with OptionsXpress for now because I can’t even make the $1,000 cash account minimum at most brokerages.

    2. Have you really been with PennyStockingSilver for 6 months?? And still haven’t made a real trade? In an honest and non-offensive way, how do you do that? What makes you think that 6 months of studying all these videos would be THAT much more profitable in the end than studying for a month and starting your trades low and working up with confidence. I emphasize ‘honest and non-offensive’ because I’m finding myself in a similar boat right now… continuously going through a pattern of, feeling very ready and can’t wait to go make some trades and make money (with or without the subscription, to be honest) and “holy shit I’m in way over my head, I cannot open an account and start f-ing with my hard earned money yet”. I’m trying to find the right balance of learning before I open an account and learning AS I trade with an account but I have yet to decide when that is… and don’t know if I’m patient/willing enough to find out 6months+$600 later.

    3. On a more specific and really just curious not, how do you have data on Profit.ly if you haven’t made a trade yet…? Anyway, last question I promise..

    4. Have you put any serious thought into looking into other “gurus” to subscribe to? I was all into wanting to open an account with Tim, but as I continued doing research in general and research on him specifically, I can’t help to think that this whole thing is really just a self-fulfilling prophecy: that whenever he makes a “genius pick” and throws it up on profit.ly saying “hey guys, this stocks gunna crash! short it!” or “hey guys, go long on this one, I did all my super in-depth technical analysis that you guys really don’t understand so that’s why you believe I did it and know better. Actually I just see a moderately volatile, low-priced stock that I know can be highly influenced” and BAM, all of his little children of the corn go follow Timmy boy and make the stock do exactly what he says just because he said “it was going to happen”. Now, that’s not to knock neither Tim nor the potential of success through this subscription: it’s genius. If you use these picks and just make sure you’re very conservative in keeping those profits when you have them, I know this subscription will work and help anyone. The only things that make me iffy about it are A. what’s defined as conservative (what I think might be a safe pull out might be 2 ticks past a 40% drop) B. if those “oh so verified picks” on profit.ly are even real and C. honestly how much longer this site will actually last/when or if Tim will be severely fined or jailed. I say this because, Tim may have been popular for a little while now, but within the last year he has really been put on the spotlight. I can’t help but to feel it’s only a matter of time before some big shot with a big shot lawyer realizes “wow, this guy is on a real fine line of being considered an unregistered investment advisor through the SEC” and may win that case just by playing the right cards. I’m looking into subscribing with ClayTrader, he just seems more modest & clear-cut.

    Regardless, sorry for the book I wrote you, this shit just gets me real excited. I may have just recently picked up interest in this area but I’m not stupid. Never trying to stop learning though.


    1. Hey Jake. By far your question has been the lengthiest. 🙂

      Anyway, let me answer your questions.

      1. I use Fidelity and Interactive Brokers. I have been with Fidelity for over 20 years and will never leave them completely. As for IB… Even though I wrote my negative in depth thoughts on paper trading that you can read here I have broken my word and only used the paper trading account. I will blog about the change of heart soon.

      2. I have made 7 trades which is why you see that on profit.ly. Those are all the trades I have made to date from doing the work with Tim and his teachings. I am doing a lot behind the scenes by creating a watch list and reviewing my paper trades and thesis but I haven’t had time to blog about that yet. In addition, I sold 2 homes in the last 2 months and have 2 kids which take up a lot of time. So, I haven’t been risking my capital yet. I will soon. Real soon.

      3. I answered that in 2.

      4. There is no doubt that Tim’s people move the market to a degree but EVERYTHING moves the market. News, other gurus, Tim, hedge funds, other daytraders, twitter, and the list goes on. That is part of the reason I haven’t made many trades with my money. I am truly trying to see the whole picture. Will I join another newsletter? Yes. I plan on joining Investors Underground and will blog about it this week.

      As for Tim being arrested… That will never happen. He isn’t doing anything wrong. He clearly states not to follow his trades. He clearly states that his picks are for educational purposes only. He has more than enough people making a living with his teachings and he has more than enough capital to defend himself if he ever finds himself in that position.

      Anyway, I hope that helps.

  60. Hello Jai,
    I have read every single comment on this blog post. I just wanted to ask how your trading is going thus far, and I had a very simple question for you.
    If you were 18, and you had the knowledge about trading that you have now, what would you have done differently?

    1. Did you read today’s blog post? It answers a bit of your question about my trading. If I were 18 I would be much more aggressive with strict rules. I have a family so I can’t just take random chances. I was dead against paper trading but now I see the benefits. I will blog about it soon. By the way… I am in no rush to trade. In fact that is the problem with new traders that I see in chat. Some trade without rules. Sometimes they win and sometimes they lose. However, I met one guy in chat who lost 26K. How the hell do you lose 26K? You lose it by not having strict rules and making random choices. I am doing my best to come up with a plan and follow through with it. Again I will blog all about that soon. I hope this helps.

  61. Jai,
    I have really enjoyed your blog. You have answered many of my questions and I admire your patience. In my opinion you are doing the right thing learning first and trading later. You should be able to minimize the losses that usually occur during the learning process. I have applied as well. I will have about 4 months off work this winter and I plan on using it to learn as much as possible. Thanks again for all your insight

    1. The short answer is yes. The long answer is I am building on my education for the long haul so I have gone to paper trading, charting, research, etc… Read this post to give you a more accurate picture of what I mean.

  62. Hi,

    Thank you for sharing your experience. I also just completed an application to work with Tim Sykes. I really like his marketing strategy and he’s the real deal! I’m on homework assignment #5, so I’ll be receiving an interview in a few days.

    He mentions that if you don’t take this opportunity right now, then you’ll never have the option to work with him again. What if you don’t have the $5,525? Are there other options available?

    Thank you for your help,

    1. Hi Lee. Thanks for your question.

      Here is how you need to look at this. You are a business. You need certain things to get started. You need a space to trade in which you probably have in your home. You need a computer. You need a trading platform which costs anywhere from $35 to $150 a month. You need a good broker. My friend Gary says it best about brokers. Fidelity/TD Ameritrade is a rainy day. Interactive brokers is a cloudy day and Center Point is a sunny day. That basically means Center Point has the all around best trading platform, borrows, customer service…

      Then you need capital to trade. You can start with $1500 but that leaves very little room for error. You can start with $10K which can open you up an IB account or you can go all in with $30K to open up a Center Point account.

      However, the most important thing you need is an education. Tim Sykes provides this and the cost of his teaching costs what it costs without a payment plan.

      Those are the basic things you need. You also need patience, fearlessness, risk management skills and the ability to understand you will lose money.

      Anyway, if you don’t have the money to do that you have 4 choices. 1. Get the money somehow. 2. Try to open up a paper account and watch EVERY free video you can to learn as much as you can on your own. That means learn charting/fundamentals/technicals/watch list building/level 2/etc… 3. Try another field and forget trading for now. 4. Go with another Guru who uses another technique.

      I am not trying to discourage you but trading is very challenging and puts you up against your emotions daily. The more money you have the better your business will be to begin with BUT keep in mind the more money you have the more you have to lose.

      I saw a guy lose $26K in one trade and wipe out his entire account. I have also watched people make $40K on one trade. Take a minute and try to think of that dynamic before you do this. This is not a get rich quick scheme. This is a life long journey that will and can change your life forever.

      I hope this helps.

      1. Jai,

        Thank you very much for your feedback and quick response. This was very helpful. I’m in for the long haul, so whatever it takes is just going to have to do. I’ll just have to find a way to make it happen. This opportunity is way too important to pass up.

        Thanks for your insight and quality information!

  63. Hello Jai,

    First, I would like to thank you for your blog. It has saved me lots of time looking for questions. I also like that your caution when it comes to trading (“better safe then sorry”). There’s a saying, “Every master was once a disaster, including me.” I have read almost everything on the blog. The question I have is as follows.

    I have signed up for Millionaire Challenge. And I did my last homework, now I should receive an email to set up a call for my interview. Based on what I have read in your blog. What I didn’t know, there’s $5,500.00 to “get accepted.” Tim does not mentions that anywhere before I signed up for the Millionaire Challenge.

    My question is, do you think I will still get accepted later, if I refuse to pay $5,5k during my interview?

    Reason is, I don’t have 5.5k laying around for me to pay that at this moment. The second part, Timothy Sykes also mentions in one of his videos lessons if I won’t get accepted, I will no longer have another chance to work with him, side by side.

    I want to know if I should just not schedule an interview just yet until I have the funds to sign up?


    Explain my situation during my interview and sign up later? Any tip will greatly be appreciated.

    Thank you


    1. Hi Roman.
      I am glad you find this blog helpful. It was meant just for that purpose. You know to be totally honest I don’t know if he will or will not accept you later. It is a business so I can’t imagine he would deny you if you fit the profile for the challenge. However, do know that you need some money to get started. You have to look at this as education and not as a money maker. I wrote a blog post on how I don’t paper trade but about 2 months ago I found myself in a situation where I had to paper trade to learn the program. Then I made some losses and promised myself I would get back to zero before I trade real money again. The good thing is I have been building a great skill and I was minimizing my losses recently. Then I got a bit too confident and now I am 2 steps back. Ok enough about me back to you. I truly think you need to do what you feel the right thing is. There is no wrong answer. If you don’t get into the challenge you have other alternatives and if you are a good researcher you can find a lot of free stuff that Tim has put out on almost every day trading topic. The more work you do the better off you are regardless of getting in or not. I hope this helps.

  64. Hello Jai,

    Thank you for getting back in very short matter. I appreciate for your help. I understand and yes it’s definitely believe its something that requires education and discipline for great results. I wish you the best trades. I will follow you up on your success.

    Best regards,

    1. Read the comments section. I answer that question numerous times there or email Tim Sykes’ team and ask them what it includes.

  65. Hello Jai.
    Thank you for posting your story. It really gives some nice info , about tim’s challenge that is not easily found elsewhere.
    I am interested and skeptic on the same time about the challenge, so the decision is not easy ( but then again you know that very well ! )
    A couple of technical questions if you don’t mind :
    1) Did you have to actually give your CC card details on the phone, or is there a website or other more “classic” ( and safe) way to process the paying?
    2) Any hints for purchasing the DVDs, other than partecipating to the challenge? The online store is down, and i already send an inquiry a couple of times but i only got an automated response with no further instructions or offers/price list etc…

    Thank you in advance, for any suggestions.

    1. Hi Michael.

      Thanks for your question. I did give my CC over the phone and there was no issue.

      Hmmm… I don’t know what hints you mean. The challenge offers much much more than the DVD’s. It offer 2 webinars a week and 2 live trading sessions with Tim a month.

      If money is an issue I would say wait for the store to open back up or watch all of his free videos online.

      I hope this helps. Keep me posted.

  66. Hey Jai
    I’m really interested in Stock trading and discovered Tim Sykes. I applied for the Millionaire Challenge and I have the Chance to go into.
    My Short question, should I take the chance? Well, for sure, that is a question, that you can not answer.
    But, would you say, it was and it is profitable for you?

    Let me allow, to ask you a personal question. Does you earn money from trading? (Yes, I know, that’s a bit impolite)

    I’m a bit unsure, because of sending 5700$ to someone, I don’t know.

    Thank you for your time.

    1. Hi Silvio.

      You are right I can’t answer that question. Only you can answer it but I will gladly answer your other questions that are more personal based.

      Your first question is was it profitable for me. I am pretty break even with the challenge. I have made a little money I have lost a little money and I have paper traded to get my timing right. I am currently down in my paper trading account although I was on a nice winning streak building it up step by step.

      So, do I earn money from trading? Well as of now I can’t lie. I have not however, I feel it’s more about making adjustments than it is anything else. Profitable trading comes down to 2 things. Picking the right stocks and respecting risk to reward. I am pretty good at respecting my risk but I have not allowed my winners to run when I am right. So, I truly believe I need to make adjustments to become profitable. That is something I will work on in the next few days/weeks.

      And just so you know… I chose to sign up for the challenge and don’t regret it. I think and still think it was worth it for me. I love the education and plan on staying in. I have learned things about the market that have changed my life forever and for that I am grateful.
      Trading is tough and it’s a lot more tougher than you think. Some get it right away and others take a little longer.

      If you are unsure about sending him money then think really hard about this. Take my situation in consideration. Think about how much time you plan to dedicate to learning about the markets and if you think you will still be interested in a month, year or 5 years from now. If the answer is yes than you will find your truth. If it is not you will be wasting your time.

      I truly hope this helps.

  67. Hello again Jai and thank you for your previous reply.

    I would like to ask you a couple of questions about the brokers you use:
    If i understood this correctly, you have both a Fidelity and an IB account. As far as i know IB is much cheaper commission wise, but has the PDT rule for any balance under $25k.
    Aside that restriction and the commission rates, do you feel there is a significant advantage trading with IB rather than with Fidelity?
    I remember you once said that Fidelity does not allow trading with every penny stock in the US market. Is that significant? Is that difference in penny stock availability anywhere near 50% less, or is it more like 10-15% ?

    Thank you again, in advance.


    1. There actually is a HUGE difference between the 2. I use Fidelity because I love them. They have been my broker for 20+ years. I also have longer term positions in there that have nothing to do with the Challenge. Don’t bother getting them as IB is much much cheaper and they have many more borrows than Fidelity. If you look at my last loss on my Profitly chart AVNR $16 of that money was commission. Had I done it through IB my commission would have been $2.

      In my opinion IB is a great broker for building an account and refining skills. It might seem ironic but sometimes it’s a gift if there are no shares to short. It allows all the newbies and inexperienced people to get squeezed before they leave the stock alone. I look at it as a gift.

      So, I will never close my Fidelity account. In fact I plan to build up my portfolio with the challenge profits and add my winnings there. I look at Fidelity as my second home for my money but in no way recommend them for the challenge or day trading.

      I hope this helps.

    1. You can open an account with them if you have 10K. You don’t need 25K. However, that puts you under the PDT rule which states you can’t execute more than 3 trades within a 5 day rolling period. So, if you plan to hold positions over night than you have nothing to worry about. If you plan on going in and out within a day you will be stopped on the 4th trade.

  68. Hi Jai,

    Ran onto your site while researching Tim’s Challenge and I wanted to thank you for providing an honest review and sharing of your entire journey. I also inquired about the Millionare Student Challenge, but the initial capital/fees are $7,500 USD are too much for me at the moment.

    I wanted to know if you think that Tim’s Strategy & Techniques work? Have you benefited from his strategies? Which of his videos do you recommend to purchase (PennyStocking Part Deux, Tim Fundamentals part Deux, etc)? There are just so much DVDs that it’s a bit overwhelming for someone trying to learn the foundation. I’m still fairly new to trading and I would like to learn and have a strong solid foundation.


    1. Thanks. Glad you stopped by. I honestly think it works very very well. I haven’t made a lot with the challenge yet because I have to overcome some issues I am working on with a paper account. Without going into too much detail I am working on letting my winning trades win. I seem to be fine cutting losses fast but once I see I am winning I snatch the gain. That is not how trading works and I have to work on that impulse.

      However, in my heart I have benefited beyond my wildest dreams from the education even if I can’t say I am making a lot of money from it. For me it’s a process that I am in no rush to get through. It’s life long for me so 7 months isn’t much. Besides the summer was slow and I took 2 months off.

      I liked PennyStocking part Deux & Tim Fundamentals. I also liked level 2 although it’s as boring as watching paint dry. Educational yes but boring. Thankfully Tim makes it fun.

      You can also check out Nate Michaud’s DVD. I did a full review about it. here.

      The review is an unbiased review and there is no affiliate link attached to it so I get nothing out of expressing my opinions.

      I hope this helps and I wish you success on your journey.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  69. very informative blog jai,
    I’ve been looking into Sykes for about six months now and I’m still on the fence.He really talks up the fact that you get his watchlist.I haven’t seen mention of it in any of your comments.Is this just a carrot on a stick?It seems like it would help you make a little dough while your learning to do your own thing.If you understand when to enter and when to cut loses,that is.I’d like to hear your thoughts on that.Keep up the good work.

    1. Hi George thanks for your comment. It’s good because it means you are doing your homework. Let me say this. I don’t use Tim’s watch list at all. I look at it everyday but every night I come up with my own watch list and gather my facts for the next trading day. Also, you are right the key to success in the markets boils down to 2 things. Picking the right stocks and risk management. That takes practice.

      Lastly, never never never never never make a trade because Tim made a trade. You can trade the same stocks but you have to have your own plan going in. I hope that helps…

  70. Hi Jai,

    I have a few questions.
    Is catman your name on profit.ly?
    Why is the challenge better than the pennystock silver?
    You say, you don’t make money with it. So why you think you can make money with it if you don’t made real money with pennystocks?
    Tim told in one of his videos about giving the rod and the fish, but you say don’t trade with
    Tim when he’s trading. So he don’t give the fish ?
    If you invest 5000 dollar, you like to see money coming back right ? because you study for this pennystocks. Like if you’re finished with school, people like to have a job, but sometimes people don’t find a job. It depents what kind of the study of course because if you study hotel school its easy to find a job but the thing is, you like to see the investment of your time and money back in cash right ?!

    1. Hi Diego.

      Yes my profit.ly chart is on my page.

      I always felt the challenge is better than pennystocking from the live webinars. There are 2 live webinars a week and now Tim added Tim Gritanni 2 times a month.

      There are several reasons I haven’t made much money with trading that are too complicated to discuss here but I am forever changed by all that I have learned and continue to learn.

      You never want to follow a trade because Tim traded. If you do you will learn the hard way. Read this here to understand more.

      You need to use the challenge as a way to educate yourself and find your own stocks. You can use his watch list as ideas and trade from there but NEVER trade because Tim trades.

      You are right there are no guarantees like your reference to high school and job search. However, I am confident my studying and education are my ways to prepare myself for steady profits when the time is right.

      Listen if you are looking to get into the challenge to make money than you are not looking at the bigger picture. That might seem complicated but unless you have seen all that goes on in the markets you won’t understand.

      Anyway, good luck and I wish you well.

  71. Hi Jai, you blog is really awesome thanks for your thoughts – i’m looking at doing the challenge but I’d like to know what other costs are involved that you might not have known about before e.g. signing up for an account, or paying for other trading software etc – cheers

    1. Thank you David.
      Yes I pay for scanner fees from Interactive Brokers and I also bought Nate’s textbook trading DVD. On a personal level I bought a laptop and a more comfortable chair but that was me. I hope that helps.

  72. Hi:

    I don’t mean to be glib or rude – but why haven’t you made much money? I’m studying Nate Michaud’s “Textbook Trading” and his new DVD “Tandem Trading” at Profit.ly. Am a retired, 57-year old lawyer and a day trading novice. Did well investing in Apple over 4 years – my 1.5M is now worth 3M – but market is slowing – so interested in learning how to day trade – but sure looks scary! Do you still think profitable day trading is something you can learn from these guys and their chat rooms or is it an innate gift they possess? Maybe I should just stick to investing – since I HATE to lose money. Any thoughts?


    Mike Roberts

    1. Hey Mike. Great question. I am not making excuses at all but I studied for 2 months then took 2 months off for personal reasons. I only made a handful of trades and decided to join IU. Then one day I made a big fat finger mistake while testing out the IB platform paper trading system. I was down nearly $500 then I promised myself to make it back before trading real money. I was so close to getting back to zero and made some STUPID errors. That in conjunction with the fact that IB doesn’t always have shares to short of a company. For example LAKE and APT was never in play for me because I still use IB. Yes I can afford to use Centerpoint but I am in no rush because I set myself a goal. The goal is to get my paper account green again. Once I do that and I will… I will use real money. Then once I reach a goal I will join CP. There is no rush for me. I am not in a hurry to get to the big leagues. I enjoy the process and have appreciated all I have learned. I have made money in investing too but after some harsh realities about the unknown I am almost completely cash.

      So, there are so many factors that have to do with why I haven’t made money but I am confident I am on the right track.

      By the way I hate losing money too.

      Feel free to IM me in chat. My name is Catman in IU and I am there everyday.

      I wish you well Mike.

  73. Hi Jai,

    Love the blog and website. I’m thinking about joining either the Millionaire Challenge or Investors Underground Elite, and seeing that you are part of both of them, I want to see what you think.

    I’ve read both articles but I wanted to hear it straight from you, of course not being biased towards Tim since he flew you out to his place.

    1. Hi Sebastian. Thank you for the compliment. Let me start by saying this… I have been trading (almost daily) from a paper account since the end of July. The reason I went to paper is because I was testing out the platform and made a HUGE fat finger mistake that cost me about $200 (on paper). So, I said let me go green in my account before I go back to real money. Every so often I use real money but I truly need to stick to my original goal of getting into a flow in my paper account first. Anyway after making 5 fat figure mistakes along with both my bad trades and my good trades I am still trying to dig out of the whole and go green on paper first.

      In case you didn’t know a fat finger mistake is pushing the wrong button which in turn causes a loss.

      Ok so I wanted to clear that up because people read that I started at the end of January and that I was trading ever since. To me that is the worst thing to do because trading is a process that you need to understand first before going in. Even when I feel I will be ready I am going to trade small until I get a flow going and build from there.

      Ok so on to your question.

      If I had to do it all over again I wouldn’t change a thing because I have learned a lot from Tim Sykes, Michael Goode and Tim Grittani which only comes with the challenge subscription. However, Nate’s Trading DVD is AMAZING and a HUGE help. It totally applies to Tim’s strategy as well even though Nate and Tim trade differently.

      In addition I am not a fan of Tim’s chat room. I feel it has too many people who throw stupid ideas out in chat which causes a ton of noise. IU has a no noise policy which I LOVE. They send real time alerts which shouldn’t be followed but can be helpful if you have a plan that coexists with one of the traders in IU.

      So, if you have no education in trading I highly suggest you buy Nate’s DVD. That will help a ton… It won’t solve everything but it will give you a big overall feel of what is going on. And trust me there is a lot going on that can be overwhelming.

      If you can afford it I would get into the challenge as a way to further your studies especially from Michael Goode. He is very informative (a little wordy) on an educational level.

      If you can’t afford it I would then say join IU and look through all the past webinars, sit on the sidelines and just watch. Trust me opportunities arise and when they do you have to be ready… However too many people think they can trade which has made the markets really wild. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing but if you study and find patience in the timing you will do really really well.

      Lastly I suggest you watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2LKW1fbDNOo. It is all about the psychology of trading and can make the difference between being a good steady trader and a bad one.

      I hope this helps.

      1. I really do appreciate the long and informative response.

        I should’ve started off by saying that I’ve been a Penny Stocking Silver Subscriber for a few months and have seen most of Tim’s videos and DVD’s, and am most of the way through with Nate’s DVD.

        In the PSS chatroom, there are way too many people just throwing random things out, as I can literally count about 10 right now in the past 10 minutes.

        I’m just trying to make a good decision to further my education because I have seen way to many negative ideas thrown towards Tim, so I just wanted to see what it is that you had to say on the matter.

        I did read Trading in the Zone by Mark Douglas(it’s a great read in case you haven’t read it), and it’s about the psychology of trading, but I’ll definitely check out that video that you linked.


        1. I totally know what you mean. That and the fact that Twitter has so much info (good and bad) it’s sometimes tough to make a decision however, it’s all about sticking to the plan and when the plan fails you bail. I highly recommend Ross Cameron. I haven’t joined his chat room but he offers a free chat once a month. I have joined 3 times. His videos on Youtube are very specific with his strategy. Honestly. There is no perfect answer. It’s what works best for you. Between you and me I don’t even go to Tim’s chat anymore. I only what to see what he alerts to be in the know. I don’t trade his stuff much… And if I do it’s because I was watching it anyway.

          1. True that man, and yeah I’ll definitely check out Ross Cameron and see what he’s got!

            Thanks, once again appreciate it.

  74. Words are not sufficient, but thank you so much Jai for your insight. I get confused because i watched Tim’s 7 free videos and any others I could get my hands on while waiting for them to respond to my request. I’ve been paper trading for 2 months. One week was an exception to my over all batting average which is $500 a week if I got the fils and if the trading volume wasn’t too thin. With these realities, it’s probably more along $300 a week profit. And I started (on paper) with a $500 investment. Now, I’m considering starting larger when I go live to get more wiggle room.

    Okay, considering my family was living off about 0.50 a day in 2012, that’s a lot of money. Because of this, it’s so very easy for me to do my due diligence, get up in the morning, hit the stock picks and turn a profit early morning and WALK AWAY. $50 profit over commission? Excellent! Any day I don’t have a loss is a great day. I have a knack for picking the stocks. So far, I have come to fully understand when Tim and his crew suggest you need to work your hiney off. Cuz if I don’t research that stock and know where it’s at, I cannot bid confidently. Without that confidence? I don’t bid. Period. You’re doing the right thing. Even Tim says work at your own pace. Everyone good in the industry suggests never trade until you’re ready. In fact, they generally state trading on only those exceptional or potentially winning trades is far better than trying to shove a profit on a daily basis. I find this to be very very true. I always make more money on Monday and Tuesdays.

    In open comment areas I’ve had some of Tim’s silver members ask me where I got the information to trade successfully. It was in the free videos!! Tim is right, again. Most people don’t $STUDY. If I don’t have the patience to diligently watch the videos, I’m not going to have the patience to find the right trades or trade them accurately.

    While this sounds terrific, I remind myself I’m still paper trading and my worst fears are the “fat finger” mistakes. I worry about Market Maker scams, but I’m sure I’m involving those in my paper trading. I also worry about my stock picks being too low in volume. Like you, when I have doubts or fears I search and search and read and study everything anyone has written on the subject until I become more comfortable in my decisions. And that’s one reason why I ended up here. Now, your blogging on the subject is very important and I will return.

    On another note, I want to add that I was honest with Tim’s staff about my financial position. I did NOT ASK for anything special. In fact, I feel like I already owe the man money!! I’ve got a good start to trading without paying a dime. The quote they gave me was not $5500.00. I’m not going to say how much, because I think this was a discretionary decision on their part. And it might change. Honestly, every time I deal with this group it just gets better and better. I don’t want to anger anyone about this reality, but I think they were trying to working with me. Even so, I must get to trading and build up my financial reserve for the endeavor. It was clear from them I needed to have those affairs in order before making a commitment. I may end up on the Silver list and just doing my own thing. Time will tell.

    Thanks again, Jai!

    1. Hey Bonnie. Excellent comment and great attitude. I truly was inspired by your words because I know you know my journey which in turn is your journey too. So, thank you for sharing your thoughts. I have made several fat finger mistakes on my paper account and even last Friday I made one. If you look here you can read about it and see a photo of my entry points. Luckily I turned what was going to be a solid profit into a losing trade back into a solid profit. How did I make the mistake? I shorted LAKE 50 shares at $15.73 but bought 100 shares to cover thinking I had shorted 100. Then it took me a minute to figure out what I did and boom I went from a nice gain to a loss. Then I hoped back in and turned it around. Anyway, study study study is the name of the game and market manipulation you can’t get away from. You also can’t get away from individual people moving the markets. For example even thought Tim Sykes says don’t follow his trades people do it which in turn moves the stock in a particular direction. However, if you follow him in and he is wrong or he gets out fast you might find yourself in a bad situation. So, I always trade my own stocks based on indicators that I use to guide which direction I want to place an order. Anyway, have you checked out Nate Michaud (Investors Underground)? They have a great crew there where you will learn a lot as well. Check them out too in case you find one style fits your needs over another. And remember if you decide to join join because you want to not because they are offering you a deal. This is about your journey and your family and nobody else so focus on them and your goals. Thanks for your comments and I wish you luck.

    2. Bonnie, As you and Jai can see here, there are more guys involved with trading than there are girls. Given that reality, it makes sense for TS & Co. to want to get more women involved in their program. Think about. In fact, they should PAY YOU to join their program!
      As things are today, they are not at all tapping into the other half of the population! (‘the population’ = a very specific demographic). Once the NFL figured this out they tweaked things in order to dramatically increase the numbers of females viewers.

      1. Very true Warren. In fact… Scientific research has shown that men trade more than women and unmarried men trade more than married men. That doesn’t mean that women don’t trade. I know of 2 who are very profitable but I only know 2. :). Any questions Bonnie feel free to reach out to me.

    1. Glad I could be of assistance to you. I wish you tons of success…

      I am not interested in commissions right now but thanks for saying that.

  75. Hey Jai,

    Hope all is well brother. I just caught on to they TS bandwagon and had some questions. Naturally, I’m a very skeptical person. I do believe his program obviously works but the scale is always variable for something so dangerous. I’m 23 and looking to build a strong financial future. I’ve invested since I was 19 and made good profits in the market playing long with programs such as IBD, yet, the returns are slow as you know. I come from a family of businessmen who don’t touch the day-trade game as they believe it’s time consuming and unpredictable. I have 30k in investment spread across the field currently, and I’m willing to pull some out in order to possibly begin the Tim Sykes program (the $5500 challenge definitely isn’t in the cards, I just don’t have that money personally). My question is, with going for the silver program, how much you think is a good base amount to start with for trading?

    1. Hi Josh. Thanks for checking out my blog.

      Honestly you sound curious but not hungry to learn about day trading. For that I would say save your money. The last thing you want to do is take your skepticism out on the process. It’s great to be skeptical of Tim but from your comment I sense there is more curiosity than anything else. Worse thing to do is spend money and make a bad trade which will happen at one point or another. Then you will feel horrible and find your family to be 100% right. To a degree your family is partially right. It’s very time consuming but nobody talks about that end of it until you get involved. On the other hand the predictability level is all dependent on the stocks you play.

      Anyway if you are still interested after reading my thoughts then I suggest you purchase Nate’s textbook trading DVD. You can read my review here. I think that DVD will give you a nice basis for day trading. It’s not exactly Tim Syke’s strategy but there are similarities to a degree. I only suggest that so if you don’t like it after watching it you haven’t lost much. In fact, in my opinion, you will have gained a ton. I hope this helps.

  76. Please help me I’m 19 I know pretty much nothing about penny stocks but I’ve seen a few videos but I know nothing about trading tell me what would you advise me to do

    1. With all due respect there is something desperate about your comment that bothers me. I suggest you continue with your education. There are tons of resources that you can start with online and they are free. Research risk management, charting, & support/resistance levels. And be careful of your money.

  77. Hey Jai,

    I am a student too. I have been with the challenge since April. Do you feel that you have gotten ripped off at all since there are no pump and dumps and the OTC market has been non-existent since March? Tim does not teach that well and his rules do not work for Nasdaq stocks. How do you feel about this?

    1. Hey Korey thanks for stopping by. I have been doing this for nearly 10 months and I have to say the stock market as a whole is one corrupt place. That doesn’t mean you and I can’t profit from it but how is the key. Let me make this clear. I don’t trade Tim’s picks. In fact I barely look at his chatroom. It’s poorly run and he will be the first to admit it. I have learned a lot from Tim S, Michael and Tim G and for that I am grateful. Now if you read my last post that I wrote here it will shed some light on how I feel about Tim.

      Here are some suggestions I have for you.

      1. You can start using your knowledge for your personal gain. If you feel Tim has chosen to long a stock that is BS and you see sheep following him in you can prepare to short it when the indicators are there. Nothing is a guarantee but that is using information to your advantage.
      2. You can buy Nate’s trading textbook dvd and see if you like his strategy. You can read my review here. If you do like it I suggest joining his chatroom. It is very well run BUT they play ALL stocks which to me is not my thing. For example I scalped AAL yesterday here for a quick gain but it was nothing to be proud of.
      3. You can also check out Ross Cameron who has free chat Monday’s to see if you like him. I haven’t joined his chatroom and don’t plan on it but he has taught me a ton so far and I haven’t paid him a dime. Check him out here.

      I hope this helps. Feel free to hit me up in chat. My name is Catman. All the best.

  78. Just wondering how you have faired over the last ten months.

    Were you able to read The Verge article on the penny stock trader? Any thoughts or comments?

    Best of luck to you.

    1. Hey John. Please send me the article. I don’t know which one you are referring to. I am pretty break even. Even though I started trading 10 months ago I really got going in August. I made 8 trades from Feb thru July. That being said I am usually in IU chat learning from those guys along with Ross Cameron’s chat room. I hope that helps.

  79. Jai,

    Thank you for your day by day real world experience. TS’s story and concepts seem too good to be true. I am a new investor and have heard mixed opinions on Penny Stocks. I have heard its like the “Wild West”. Corrupt and unpredictable. That said, clearly with the right knowledge and strategy money can be made. I have a few questions for you.

    1. What would you guess were your total hours invested before beginning to have a well formed opinions of your own?
    2. How much time daily/weekly do you spend researching now?
    3. How much time trading? (I know so much is dependent upon timing and I do have a 9-5 job)
    4. Lastly, what kind of dollar volume do you trade on a typical trade? I mean, $500 dollars goes a long way in the world of penny stocks right?

    Jai, thanks for all your info.

    1. Hi Philip. Thanks for your questions. Let’s get down to it. The penny stock world has been slow for some time now. Tim usually trades listed stocks but in the last couple of days OTC stocks have been popping back up. I personally don’t trade them just because they can be tough to get in an out of when the volatility comes in. That’s not to say it’s not a good way to build your account but I find listed stocks are a bit easier for me to stomach. Also, the stock market is very corrupt but that really doesn’t matter. What matters is how you use the information you have to make a decision to go short or go long a stock. So, with that being said let me answer your other questions 1 by 1.

      1. This is tough to answer. I am constantly studying and have been since I started. I did have to take a few months off but I still checked in daily to learn.
      2. This is a tough one too because it depends what type of trader you want to be. If you want to be a day trader you just need to understand more or less why a stock is up on the day. There are other factors too but if a stock is up on BS news and the company is a BS company then you can look for a short position based on the chart data with a good risk to reward setup. If you want to be a swing trader I think you have to do more research. Me personally I spend about an hour a night looking at what peaks my interest.
      3. Sometimes I trade 1 or 2 times and I am done. If I meet my daily goal or do well I call it a day and write on my blog or take care of other business. If you have a 9-5 job you might consider looking into swing trading.
      4. I normally trade $2 to $20 stocks and base a position around that. So, if I want to short a stock at $2 I will use 1000 shares more or less but if I want to short a $20 stock I will use 100.

      I hope this helps.

  80. Hi Jai (and others),

    Thanks for putting your time into this blog. It helps a lot of people. Trying to make the decision to invest in trading education is a hard one to make. I have been around this game for a long time and had to make that decision several times. I have spent over $40k on my education over the years and blew 2 accounts early on (2002ish) for $10k and $14k. This is a dangerous game for newbies so I have some advice to pitch into the bucket.

    Should you pay for education?
    That is a hard question. Here is why. How much did Tim Sykes pay for his? None is the answer. He is self taught. You can be also. He isolated himself from everyone and said to himself “what makes sense”. You know the baseline of his strategy (short the crap, buy the good) so why can’t you do the self-study like he did and figure this out on your own? You can but most don’t have the drive to really do it (and most also don’t have it in them to win a the trading game either). What you don’t realize is that there is a lot more to this game then picking a direction.

    On the other hand, your education cost will benefit you in the long run IF, IF, IF you are strong enough to make it to the finish line. Most are not so the education cost will not be worth it to them. This is the hardest game in the world and you are competing against the best. Don’t forget it. You learn this game by doing everything wrong and eventually figuring out that someone is on the other side of your trade (and thought process) and they are winning (hint hint). You need to figure out how to stop doing everything wrong and leap into the shoes of the people on the other side of your trade. That’s when you start figuring out the game. This is where your education will be a framework for you to understand how beginners think and what they are taught.

    If I was starting out now, I would do it on my own because there is so much info available on the internet for free or cheap…but that does not mean live trade. That means “devise a strategy” that I can prove on paper. Then give it a shot with a few shares. Eventually increase the shares as you prove it out. That is what he did.

    Trading is a high level skill where you recognize what the market should do in a particular situation and you have a proven strategy to take advantage of it when it does. If it doesn’t, you may have a strategy to take advantage of that (surprised/trapped traders) as well. There is a thousand things that can go wrong and you need to know how to deal with all of them without blowing your account.

    For the people that are deciding to quit school to trade instead, I also have a thought to share. If you are a “I will win, or I will die on the path to winning, there is no other outcome” type person, then you might consider it, however, why not finish school while developing your strategy. The market will be there when you are done and you will have the advantage of all the homework you will do from now until then. Further, if you develop a successful strategy that you can do well, you may want to go the hedge fund route. Investors will like to see that you finished college.

    Learning this game is hard and it takes years (4-5 is typical) with a 95%+ failure rate. Very few make it faster than that because they are either psychologically wired for it (Tim) or they have close contact with a winning professional trader that is willing to sit with them and teach them the ropes real time. Good luck with that. 😉

    Hope this helps,


    1. Jamie I thank you for sharing your story with my readers and me. I think to a large degree you are correct. You can do this on your own without a chat room BUT your education and discipline needs to be spot on. I find myself at the break even point or better said I am basing with a slight curve on the upside if I want to look at it positively.

      In addition for anyone reading I do not regret starting the way I started and if I had to do it all over again I would do it exactly the same because I appreciate the journey. I have had horrible experiences turn out to be the best move of my life and for that reason alone I regret nothing.

      Lastly, I am currently in IU chat and Ross Cameron’s Day trade warrior chat and both have proven to educate me greatly. They are both very different but educational at the same time.

      Thanks again for sharing your story Jamie.

  81. Hi Jai,

    I greatly commend you for choosing this path and taking it seriously. I urge the readers to do the same. This is the hardest thing you will ever do, by far (unless you are a professional athlete). There is only one thing that separates those that will eventually win with those that do not. When smashed down onto the rocks for the 1000th time, the winners ALWAYS finds the strength to get back up. You need to adopt the attitude that nothing will stop you, nothing. And work your butt off.

    Chat rooms are good but I have found that they can really limit your learning as well. They become too much of a psychological crutch. I have found that it is better to participate in one for a while but there was a point of diminishing returns (usually after 3 or so months). You make real progress from doing your own homework over and over again. It is a self teaching game and a large portion of what is taught to you is not of great value until you do the homework to really, really understand it. Your head gets far too junked up with a bunch of crap that doesn’t help you. Know what you are looking for. Find your own ways to scan. Find set-ups that you understand and learn to play them. Learn the best times of day, learn when they fail and when they work. Learn what you should do in every case. Challenge yourself by asking questions like “what would happen if I bought instead of sold”. What mechanics could I use to accomplish that? Get creative. I have always made the most rapid progress when I ignored all the noise (all outside influences) and focused on the basics of what we are trying to do as traders.

    Side note: I have also found that most of these instructors aren’t very good at teaching. They may sound like they are and can communicate clearly but they are poor at transplanting that knowledge over to you. That may be because you are not ready to hear it but I have listened to recordings of lectures from years ago from many different instructors and am always saying to myself, “why don’t you say it like this xxxxx”. It is easy to explain trading principles but, in my experience, most instructors fail miserable here and instead, fill you head with a bunch of crap (that they can sell to you).

    These chat rooms are good for finding stocks on the move and maybe getting your feet wet in the beginning but by hyper-focusing all of your energy on developing and mastering your own play using basic sound technical logic, you will be much better off.

    Understand the nature of your play… what should happen. Know your plan of attack. Where do you enter. Where is the best place to put your stop. Do you add. Do you reenter if you are stopped out. When do you know you are wrong. Where do you get off. How do you do it… scaling out, trail, etc. Will you need exit orders ready to go right after you enter. Most importantly, how you strategically manage all plays in order to let your wins grow relative to your losses. Most of this is not taught to you. It comes through studying hundreds and thousands of similar set-up charts. That is where you need to spend your hours. Then you have to actually DO it. That is a lot harder than it initially seems but because you are the one who did the homework to develop your play, it is yours and you will believe in your analysis and take the right actions when you need to. That does not come from a trading room or a PowerPoint slide deck. That can’t be taught. It is your beliefs and confidence. You can’t trade another traders play. That is why no one can mimic the moderators results in a trading room. It sounds like you have discovered that in your writings above.

    Everyone’s path is different learning this game but the funny thing is that we are all (all traders) trying to do the same thing… enter before or early in a move, and exit closer to the end and profit from the difference. We all agree that these moves come from imbalanced buying and selling pressure and that prices bounce between support and resistance areas (price clusters and pivots). We also want to take a ride on the big players game when they are moving the market. It is how we take advantage of these things that are all different from each other.

    Take care all and good trading,


    1. Very well said and I totally agree with you. I believe eventually I (everyone) needs to be independent with their daytrading decisions. There are a ton of distractions and they hinder the process. Thank you once again for your words of wisdom I will work towards becoming a better and more independent trader in the new year.

  82. Hey Jai!

    I applied for the challenge a week ago and haven’t heard anything about an interview. About how long did it take for you to get the interview?


    1. Hi Lorenzo. You should hear back soon. If you don’t you can always check out Investors Underground (Nate Michaud). His chat room and service is amazing. And he too is on Profitly. Good luck.

  83. Hi Jai,

    I’m about to join the challenge and I was wondering, do you recommend it? It is a lot of money just to get into it. Do you actually believe it’s legit and you can learn how to make a money from this challenge?

    1. Hi Liran.

      That is a good question. As long as you don’t trade what Tim Syke’s trades unless you are familiar with the stock first than I would say yes you can make money. You have to find your independence in the market or else you won’t do well. It’s tough because we want Tim or somebody to hold our hand so we can make money but it doesn’t work that way.

      If you try to follow Tim you will be at a HUGE disadvantage. You can learn a lot from him and his staff but there are other services such as Investors Underground and Ross Cameron that are amazing. I hope this helps and good luck.

  84. hey jai… i just wanna ask you how are you uo now…i am looking forwards to get accepted on the millionaire challenge

          1. So how is it going? Tell me a little plz, is it hard to learn? Are you continuing trading? How are the classes?

            Sorry for the many questions.

          2. Have you read my comments on the blog? It will tell you a lot. Like I said I am pretty much break even. Trading is one of the toughest things to learn but once you get a flow it’s AMAZING. Classes are cool.

  85. Hi jai, I have noticed that lately you are talking a lot more about investersunderground and Ross Cameron. I am currently taking the day trade warrior classes and was wondering which of the two chat rooms you think would be better for a beginner with a smaller account?

    1. I love them both. Every daytrader has a different style but I would say Ross Cameron would be a great way to learn if you want a solid education. I think Nate is great but they are more homerun hitters than base hit hitters. It’s amazing to watch but that might not be me.

      However no matter what there is risk involved and managing that risk is the most important thing.

  86. I got the email for my interview on monday. I am extremely new to the stock game. I have no idea where to start. I have only been reading articles on CNN finance, yahoo, CNBC, tim’s blog, and a few other blog posts by random people who have participated in the challange. I’ve just turned 20, have a well paying hopsital job, medical education but I most definatly want to make A LOT more money. Which is my reason to learning the game. I just have no idea where to start and i only have $4000 to my name. Where do you suggest I start? I am in no rush to make money (as much as I’d love to have it) but I really want to learn strategies, chart reading, and what are the steps I need to take inorder to find the perfect stock share.

    1. Hi Kevin. Let’s get down to answering your questions. 90% of traders lose money. That means you have a 10% chance of keeping that 4K if you start this “game”. I personally don’t think the challenge is for someone who has a full time job but DON’T QUIT to trade. Bad idea if it’s a thought. I personally think swing trading is a better option for someone with a full time job. Check out Superman on Profit.ly and see if his strategy fits your life style. Keep in mind there are tons of limitations to wanting to trade and only having 4k. It’s like driving on a busy highway with a skateboard. I hope this helps.

  87. Does anyone reading this blog actually believe the Jai is an actual student and not a shill? This student is kind enough to offer his time to help others by answer all these questions in such great detail?

    Or if you are an actual student,. you are getting something for doing this as it serves a great benefit to Tim Sykes from an SEO perspective.

    Lets see, 5k for access to 1500 webinars? 1500 WEBINARS!!!!! How long would it take to watch and absorb all those videos?

    I don’t doubt Tim’s success and ability to trade. His approach is really quite simple, look for penny stocks that are being pumped and short, or go long at the appropriate time. How many seminars do you need to seek out those patterns?

    The challenging a part is finding a place to short the stock,,, or get fills when trying to buy. Thinly traded stock move quickly with small volume. Of course, the skill is identifying the right stocks with enough trading volume.

    You can teach yourself most of the information he offers but please, be a smart, educated consumer and if 5k means a lot to you,,, just fully understand what you are getting into…

    1. I actually hope people do believe what I have written as I haven’t hid a thing. And for those who care to know I get no financial compensation for answering questions. You can read what I wrote here which still holds true today.

      1. Jai,

        I truly believe that you do not get compensated, I stand corrected. In viewing your website, I see that you are employing SEO methods to drive traffic and grasping for whatever subject matter will assist in that effort. I admire your dedication and see that you finally found a subject that garnered a lot of engagement. Well done.

        Please don’t get upset by the critical feedback that is about to follow. Your site comes off as a poorly made infomercial and its obvious that your goals are clicks, advertising and traffic more than anything else. Your answers are contrived and come off like that of a well trained customer service rep as opposed to someone with a genuine opinion. Your subject matter is all over the place and inconsistent. If you want to earn a living online find a passion and stick to it. You seam to have an eye for photography. That a great subject with a lot of interest. You are in one of the greatest cities in the world for a photography blog and you can do much better than answering questions like you are here. Drop the fake customer service mantra and bring out the NYC directness that surrounds you. Check out X These guy started with nothing and has a huge following. Focus your passion and you will have success!!!!!

      2. Jai;

        I’ve come a long way since we last conversed. I cannot resist stating that some people wouldn’t know honesty and sincerity if it slapped them in the face. I really appreciate your contribution to the learning and sharing of your experience with day trading.

        1. You are right but it’s ok everyone has their journey and it’s up to them to decide who they should listen to. Thanks for your kind words and I am glad my blog has helped.

      3. Jai my friend I believe u , I can see that all u are trying to do is sharing your honest opinion . I am thinking of joining tim’s program but before I do and spend $6500 can you please tell me until today how much you have made following his program

        1. Thank you for your nice compliment. Please read my FAQ. If you want more specific details that far exceed my FAQ page please contact me via my email. Thanks.

  88. Hi Jai,

    This has been interesting and enlightening reading. One thing puzzles me though – after forking out so much for the course and spending so much time learning the ropes, you still appear to be break even in your results. I won’t really be convinced about the worth of this course for you until you actually start making money.



    1. Is that a bad thing? It sounds like you think you can do better. I invite you to try. Break even is actually a pretty good accomplishment. Whether you know it or not 90% of traders lose money. Looks like I am beating certain odds. Making money is the next step.

      1. You sound like you are getting defensive. When I think about it, you are not even break even yet – you’ve spent all this time and money and don’t have any real results to show for it. I’ve had limited exposure to the stockmarket over the years for about $4000 profit. Until you start posting some actual results, I won’t be convinced of Tim Sykes’ strategy.



        1. Ooga I have no clue what you are talking about when you say defensive.

          Anyway for anyone else reading this response it is very important to know that 90% of day traders lose money. If you are break even or making a few dollars (DAY TRADING) you are on the right track. If you are making a living off of it you are doing better than 90% of those who try.

          Also, I trade more than just this strategy and have had invested in the market most of my adult life. I am saying this so you don’t confuse my breaking even using a strategy with not having any money. Lastly, please know that in no way do I care if anyone reading my blog joins Tim Sykes or not.

          1. I don’t think you’re even listening to what I’m saying. Where does TS get this figure of 90%? Forgive me for being highly skeptical – your answers so far haven’t given me added confidence in the TS method. Probably the contrary.

            Anyway, good luck with Tim Sykes. I hope you actually make some money off this tactic one day and share with us the fruits of your success. In fact, I’m grateful that you’ve shared what results you have had so far.


          2. That is the problem. I am not listening to what you are saying. I am reading what you write. I would understand you better if I were actually hearing you. For now I have to rely on what my interpretation is. Anyway, 90% is a proven fact via stock broker data and not TS. If you click on the free resource tool you will see under important blog posts that I pasted the link. Anyway, thanks for rooting me on. I am no longer with Tim which I will blog about soon. Basically my year ended and my strategies are evolving. I just have to catch up with a ton of posts. Thanks again for the kind words.

  89. This article is really interesting.
    I received an email today by Robert blackman saying Timothy sykes wants to conduct a phone interview with me, and the link he has given to select the date and time for 30’40 minutes interview is not working is there any other option?

  90. good day Jai.

    thanks for the info 1st of all.

    i know nothing about stocks,like I’m clueless. I’ve tried watching youtube videos to get a bit of understanding before i try and get into challenge.

    so my question is will tim sykes and his team be able to help me even though i know nothing about penny stocks.
    (I’ve been corresponding with Glenn Peters, his part of Sykes’s team)

    thanks again, happy for your accomplishments.

    1. Hey Clint. I highly suggest you read and look at every link I have placed here. This will help you to understand a bit of what is going on. You will feel lost but the more time you dedicate to learning the easier it gets.

      1. hi jai…I was acepted as student and they are asking for 5700 us dolars to be paid to them so I can have access to dvds webinars and god knows what else ..what are thoughts about this?

  91. Hi Jai,
    Firstly what an awesome blog you have got going on here and I know I speak for everyone when I say thanks for answering all the multitude of questions with time, honesty and patience. Look forward for your dvd to come out with all the things you have learnt.he he
    Anyway just a quick question. I am living in Australia and with the time zone difference to trade on the US market I would have to be up all night. When you trade do you hang around your computer all day? Do you have to watch your picks like a hawk? Does the trading platforms have auto stops or selling points you can set? Just wondering if im wasting my time if I cant stay up all night?
    Alsowhen you are shorting a stock do you find there is enough availability to do so or can you sometimes miss out on a shorting opportunity because of this?
    Thanks in advance and hope your succeeding in your investing journey. Keep up the good work.

    1. Hi Angus. Thanks for saying those kind words. It means a lot to me. Ok let’s get down to your questions. I love Australia by the way. I almost moved there 10+ years ago. Anyway, if I were in your shoes I would not be able to day trade the American market. Am I in front of the computer all day? Yes and no. If I am in a position I usually keep a close eye unless I have a longer term plan. If there is no real set up I am interested in trading I write in my blog or take care of other work that I do during the day. Yes most trading platforms have auto stop functions but I don’t use them.

      Here is my suggestion because staying up all night looking at charts go up and down will put you to sleep faster than you can imagine. Have you thought of swing trading? Swing trading is strategy of trading in the stock market where a tradable asset is held for between one to several days in the effort to make money from price changes or ‘swings’.

      So with that said I would check out Superman’s service. I hear it is great although I have never used him. I hear he is up 400K this year alone. You can check him out here You can also try Michelle who is the swing trader from Investors Underground. You can check her out here. I haven’t used her either but I used to look at her watch list regularly before she started charging for her service. If you do decide to use either one of them just mention my name. I get no affiliate commission but it’s good business practice/karma.

      Ok your next question… Shorting a low float stock will be tough to find borrows for. The float is the number of shares available for trading of a particular stock. So, if there aren’t many shares and people are borrowing them to short you are going to be met with frustration. I find I run into that problem a lot more than I would prefer so I recently decided to change brokers. However, I am changing brokers for 2 reasons. 1. to have more access to hard to borrow stocks. 2. to have a faster platform for day trading using hot keys. Hot keys allows me to enter and exit positions fast.

      Anyway, look into swing trading. I think that might help you trade in the market, sleep at night and possibly make good money.

      Let me know how it goes.

  92. How are you doing so far? I’ve been keeping up with your blog, and post after post, I see a lot of studying month after month, which is cool; however, it’s been a while now and I was wondering how you are doing?

    I’m looking at diving in, soon.

    1. Thanks for following. I trade almost everyday. Check the watchlist which posts a recap and you will see. Anyway, slow and steady wins the race. Let me know when you dive in.

        1. I heard TD Ameritrade does paper trading. Interactive Brokers does it too but you need to fund your account. Also, SureTrader and SpeedTrader have 7 free trials for paper trading but after that there is a fee. You can also check with various brokers who you are interested in trading with. Most good ones have paper trading services.

  93. Jai, I’ve read about 80% of your blog. As it’s been about a year from your joining of the millionaire I’d like to ask if you’re now making the great gains Tim preaches others do and can achieve. Would you say you are or on the bring of becoming the 10% of traders now? I’d like to hear how everything has worked out as far as this point. Thanks

    1. Hi Rylan. Only 80%? You need to finish the other 20. 🙂

      You can check out my daily recap on my watch list which highlights how my day went. They say slow and steady wins the race and I couldn’t agree more. Small gains have definitely helped my ability to keep moving forward. I also am no longer in the challenge but I trade in Investors Live and Day Trade Warrior which has helped out immensely. I hope this helps.

  94. Hi, when you used Tims subscribers service and his alerts, does he only alert on what stocks to short or does he also alert what stocks to long?
    Thank you.

  95. Hello Jai!
    Those post and comment are very helpful
    I apply to the challenge and waiting for contact
    I just learn that it cost $5000 a year to join the challenge…
    I use two years turn $800 into little less than 5k and I am very aware of my bank roll management… I m in college so I have many newspapers(wsj etc.), journals(economists etc.), and database access (Forecasting report etc.) for free. So basically I m running my stock account on basically no cost other than broker fee(I trade less than 50 hands a year).
    I am highly aware of penny stock because I trade some small cap biotech companies, which is the reason I looked into Tim. The videos are good so I apply the challenge. However I read this post and learn about the plan fees…
    I know I have to put money in the pot in order to win the pot…but somehow I still finds it counter my philosophy of low management cost.
    I want to hear your suggestion! what you think about tim’s 100$ or 50$ monthly plan?
    Honestly being a college student I have no time to party, I have too many information to read already (every morning two hour reading on economic material and I major in bioengineering)…
    Thank you

    1. Let me tell you what I would do if I were in your shoes. Know that this isn’t a suggestion as I don’t know you at all and this is just my feelings based on what you wrote.

      If I were in college and I turned 800 into 5k in 2 years then I would continue building on my riches with more size. You are making 12.5 percent a year which is a solid return. It’s not life changing but solid.

      However, if I wanted to grow my riches I would look into swing trading. That way I could continue college and sleep at night without watching every tick. Superman has a great service from what I hear but I do not subscribe to him and have never used his service. I have used Day Trade Warriors service and I find that to be great too. Their swing room is very good and super specific. I am not affiliated with either so do your homework if you think swinging is for you.

      In my opinion when you are shorting pump and dumps and longing earnings winners who really have very little fundamentals you have to keep a eye on your trades more than you might expect. I find them to be very very risky if you aren’t diligent. I recently saw a guy lose his entire portfolio going all in on one trade that went against him.

      I hope that helps.

      1. Thanks for the reply Jai.
        Again all these information I have found very helpful.
        I notice swing trade is much profitable if one can do it right
        I m going to continue learning these.
        I does sometimes short biotech company for a few days (because I read their people’s scientific publication and have a better angle on what they are doing).
        My long stock, on the other hand, might last years.

        Thanks again,
        Hope to keep in touch

  96. Hey jai, I applied for the challenge student as I found Tim on YouTube a few weeks ago and thought that this would be a great opportunity for me to make a lot of money. After reading your blog posts, I’ve learned that the costs is $5,500 which I can’t afford (being a cook and making $8/hr). I had to skip a lot of the comments because the’re were too many, so I hope I don’t asked the same questions here.
    -Has the challenge student prices change over the years?
    -Are you still even with profits or up/down?
    I can maybe build $1,500 in a couple months but not sure that’ll get me anywhere although it did for Tim Grittani but I’m not sure that’s all the money he had. I’m 18 and recently graduated high school trying to find a way to make a living off of the stock market. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Aaron. I believe the challenge is more expensive now but don’t quote me on that. I am no longer in his chat room but the probability of you making anywhere near what Tim Grittani made is slim to none. Read his story here and try to understand his process before trying to emulate what he did. Also finish school, make some money and when you have a cushion of money to play with then play. Right now you will have a tough time making it work with all of your hurdles you listed. Lastly I don’t mean to be mean, don’t be lazy. I spent a lot of time helping people out. Now you have to help yourself out by at least reading everything on my blog and all the comments too. It will help you immensely. Good luck.

  97. Hi Jai,

    Thank you so much for your blog, I have been researching Tim Sykes for 2 months now and I was very skeptical, watched all his you tube videos etc etc etc

    I am a married man with a wife and 3 kids under the age of 4. I work full time and have little time for anything else.

    I have been involved in the stock market now for about 5 years and I am doing well with stocks and shares. Basically started with 7K and now up over 220%. The strategy I use for this I learned from a guy called Robbie Burns using his method from his book ” The Naked Trader” – This will be my long term strategy and it will be my pension when I retire.

    I am getting a bit impatient and don’t really want to wait for 30 years plus to make my millions as by this time I will be told old and I would look silly driving a Ferrari at an old age. I suppose my driving license will be expired by then 🙂

    I then came across Tim Sykes and thought If I could use his strategy to accelerate my returns then great – so going from Investing to Trading.

    My goal is to have 2 strategies – 1st one will be my naked trader investing vs Tim Sykes trading strategy and then I will see which one grows the quickest.

    I was looking at Tim Sykes SmallCap Millionaire program as I think it would benefit me as this is geared towards Longer term stock picks. Tim has a 1 year subscription of about $2000 which is a lot of money but I can understand that education is the key factor and you can’t put a price on education.

    I am unable to find anything on the web for reviews on Tim Sykes SmallCap Millionaire program and was wondering if you knew anyone that has started this program and to share any reviews for this ?

    Thanks again for your honest blog.


    1. You are very welcome. Glad to be of help. Ok first congrats on such a big family. I have 2 kids so I know you are up to your ears in pretty much everything. Second 220% in 5 years??? That sounds amazing. There is no strategy out there that I know of that will guarantee that return. 90% of day traders lose money. Tim Sykes has 2 millionaires but one of them was a great trader before meeting Tim and the other one had Investors Underground on his side too. I am not saying Tim won’t help you but you have a family and are doing really really well at 220% in 5 years. I highly suggest you either increase size or look into swing trading. I hear Superman has a great strategy but I have never used his service so you have to look further into it if my suggestion piques your interest. Also, Day Trade Warrior has a great swing room lead by a guy named Jeff. His win rate is about 60/40 but he banks HUGE on his winners and cuts off his losers fast so he does really really well. Anyway I hope my suggestions helped and I wish you a ton of luck with the trading and family.

      1. Thanks Jai,

        It is very hard work with the kids, also I didn’t tell you that 2 of my kids are twins and 14months old. Double of everything – I need to catch up with my sleep. Ah well I won’t complain though as its the best feeling in the world. Hard work but worth it.

        Also you didn’t answer my question about :-

        I was looking at Tim Sykes SmallCap Millionaire program as I think it would benefit me as this is geared towards Longer term stock picks. Tim has a 1 year subscription of about $2000 which is a lot of money but I can understand that education is the key factor and you can’t put a price on education.

        I am unable to find anything on the web for reviews on Tim Sykes SmallCap Millionaire program and was wondering if you knew anyone that has started this program and to share any reviews for this ?


        1. Sounds like you have your hands full. Sleep is overrated anyway. :).

          To be totally honest I have no clue what that is. I used to hear him speak of a long term newsletter from time to time but I have no clue how profitable it is. Furthermore I know nobody who subscribes to that service so I can’t help you there either. To my knowledge Tim is known for his day trading but you would have to investigate further to get more accurate info. However, long term news pics are swing trades unless you hold for life. Then you are an investor. Hope this helps.

  98. Tim’s strategy works, more or less depending on different people.

    But the quality of instructions of Tim’s millionnare challenge program absolutely does not worth $5,000+. EOD.

    1. The quality of the dvds are subpar but the various webinars frim various people are well done. Nate Michaud has amazing videos if quality is important.

  99. Hey Jai,

    I recently stumbled upon Tim’s strategy on penny stock trading. I was always interested in stocks but had to get away from that to handle my family business. I really got interested with what Tim had to offer but I’m skeptical to pay up 5000$ for the challenge. I do not mind learning and I’m not here to make 1000$ per day from day 1.

    I have no idea how online stock trading works and also the fact that I live in Dubai makes things even more complicated. It would be really helpful if you could help me out with this before I can think of subscribing to Tim’s and learning more about stock trading.

    1. Hey Ali. I love Dubai. I went there in 2004. I bought my then fiancee a diamond ring in the gold zouk. We never got married but it was a fun experience. Anyway, listen you answered your own question. I think you should read my article on all the free stuff you can learn before you make a decision. Read here first. Test out other people’s chat room. Don’t spend money until you learn about some of the process.

      So do yourself a favor. Read the article I posted. Learn about the market as much as you can for free. Test out other trading rooms. I recommend Nate or Ross which are in the link but test others out for free too. You need to do your homework and find your comfort zone. Trading isn’t easy and you will lose money but your goal is to make more than you lose. Good luck.

  100. Hi Jai,
    first of all congrats to your subscription, So In order to be in Nate or Tim’s chatroom do you have to be a member?. or any body can get to it.
    What to do to get into these free chatrooms?

  101. What kind of questions were in the interview before you became a challenge student?? Any hard questions? And what day trading software are you using ??

    1. Hmmm. That was a long while ago. Hard questions? It’s really about you and your experience. Just answer truthfully.

  102. Greetings Jai,
    It has been over a year now since you’ve started with TS. This seems like plenty of time to learn the methods he teaches.
    You should be trading live accounts now and profiting — if so, what is your daily/weekly average gain or loss (should be gains) in dollars? What is your average daily/weekly gain or loss in percentage? What is your Profit Factor? What percentage of trades are winners?


    1. Hi John. Too much personal info for my taste but feel free to read my watch list on a daily basis. I do a daily recap and talk about my wins and losses daily. Thanks.

  103. Jai,

    I am 22 year old musician and composer. I make most of my money with gigs/performances and composing music for small films and other media. I have been interesting in trading for a while and have read many articles and watched videos. I recently came across Tim’s program and he makes it seem very attractive. I completed all of his homework assignments and watched and read many of his other resources. However, after reading your blog all the way from your first post, I can see that jumping in head first is not advisable and will probably lead to failure. So I have an idea for getting started and I would love your opinion:

    I don’t have a lot of my own money, but my parents still support me heavily, so I do have some money I could use to begin trading. SO, what if I went into the program and began trading using VERY small amounts, just to begin learning, say maybe $300-500. And as I get better at it, I could spend more and more. I think that if you really learned how to do Tim’s program and became even mildly successful, the cost of his program would eventually end up paying for itself.

    I know this may seem like a common sense strategy, but I’m interested to know from someone like you with years of experience if this strategy could indeed work.

    Thank you for your time,


    1. Hi Jacob, Thanks for writing and asking my opinion.

      Did you read my free resource post here? It really details a lot you can do for yourself for free. Also, I day trade in 2 rooms now. I am at Investors Underground and Ross Cameron DTW. Both are on the resource list I linked above. I highly suggest you check them out and read and watch EVERYTHING on that list.

      Ross Cameron’s room is the only room I have come across where they really focus on the details of risk management. The cost is great and the education is amazing. Investors Underground is where all the heavy hitters trade. These guys go in with size and end up with HUGE gains. It’s quite intimidating at first but the real life education from the crew is what separates the boys from the men.

      Luckily they both have free trials to see if their room is for you.

      I know you think you have an idea that might work but the stock market is a very tempting and illusive place. I highly suggest you do as much studying and homework before you spend money because there is a 90% chance you lose money no matter what position size you use.

      Good luck.

  104. So you spent ruffly $5000 on all of this, what did all that money go to, also have you heard of Jason Bonds what do you think of him?
    Im asking because im a 16 year old trying to get into trading and I dont have $5,000 to spend on teaching my self trading, so i need to find a different way, Ive done a alot of research but i need some guidance.
    thank you

    1. Hey Isaac. Go through the comments section and you can read all the comments that explain what the challenge entails. I have heard of Jason Bond but I have heard no good news unfortunately. To be fair I have never used his service so it’s very possible people are bad mouthing him due to the nature of this business. Although his service is of no interest to me you should do further research on him if you are interested.

      Unfortunately, you need capital to trade. Turning $5000 into $1 million is nearly impossible. Yes it can be done but the chances of it happening are slim to none. My suggestion is you is read this page here and try to educate yourself with the free tools I have laid out. Then go from there. Good luck.

  105. Hi Jai

    I’ve just had my 5th lesson email and am expecting an email to confirm my interview (is what i understand will happen from your experience).

    My question is –

    If you had the choice now would you do all of this again or pass and find your own path?

    The only thing putting me off is this $5500 sum. Its a steep amount of money for a buy in to the unknown. Plus its not mentioned anywhere which makes me instantly think, scam.

    I’ve watched alot of video about Tim and watched Wall Street Warriors. He seems like a honest guy and i actually think the whole things seems real but i just dont want to get stung. Am i right in thinking i would get access to his own platform when i signup, thats extra?



    1. Hey Adam let me explain something to you. When I do something I look at the journey that I take and learn to appreciate the moments it has taken me along the way. That means I would absolutely do it again the same way because I was thankful about the good the bad and the ugly. I mean let’s be real he flew me out to trade with him on his dime because of this blog and that just made it all the bit better for me. You can read the post here. The better question would be if I were you would I join and the answer is NO! Why? Because there are so many ways you can educate yourself with trading that will be more cost effective and in my opinion more educational. I suggest that you read this blog post I wrote here. Everything is free or with a trial service. The best advice I can give you is to really educate yourself as much as possible for free first then find a service that you think fits your budget and style. I recommend both Investors Live and Day Trade Warrior but both are completely different styles of trading. To go one step further in my opinion, Day Trade Warrior gives you a great education with so many extra perks that don’t break the bank. So, I liked Tim and wouldn’t change my journey but if I were you I would take my advice from above and think of it as a huge gift from me to you. Good luck.

      1. Thanks for the link, i’ll read through everything and see what i think. Hopefully in 1 year i’ll have a blog saying how much you helped me.

        Oh and you can fly me out to see you, i’m based in the UK : )

  106. Thank You Jai for writing this post. I just signed up for TS Millionaire Challenge and just replied the email for the interview session. Fortunately for me I stumbled upon your blog and read your comments from top to bottom (almost all) and am truly grateful that you replied all the questions. I gained a lot of new inputs for sources for free learning materials from you. So Thank You Very Much from Malaysia!!

    1. Excellent. Thanks for reading and commenting. I wish you a ton of success. Please let me know how it all works out for you down the line.

  107. As you said before you bought the penning stocking silver service, do you think it would be a good idea to buy a DVD set study, then buy penny stocking silver?

    DVD sets I’m thinking about are like Cameron fous’s, Tim, or Investors Live: Textbook Trading DVDs.

    I feel like I could save money if I did this because if I get a good understanding of trading with the DVDs then buy the service it may save me money.

    Another question, are the videos that come with penny stocking silver service good enough to teach you everything.

    1. Isaac if you already have Textbook Trading by IL then check out the Tandem Trader next. I think that is a great DVD to follow up and learn from. If you don’t have Textbook Trading then that would be first on my list.

      The Penny Stocking Silver service is something I really never had independent of the challenge so I couldn’t tell you.

  108. Jai I feel like I know you. I’ve read almost all the above comments and you reveal quite a bit about yourself. You are authentic and I appreciate that.
    I have a few questions if you do not mind answering….
    I, too, would like to get an idea of where you are at statistically since you started this process. Without going into detail what has your ROI been since you “really” started trading in the market?
    what is your win to lose ratio? (Before you direct me to your watchlist, they only show individual stocks returns and i am looking for the aggregate returns)
    where do you think you are now…you say treat trading like a baby; are you walking, running now or still crawling?
    Has your trading style changed or are you still cutting your trades short?
    what was your trading style like before TS?
    is TS method predominately day trades or can they be used for swing trading?
    do you know if the silver membership offers the same alerts as the millionaire membership? (i know you were not in it for long).
    thanks in advance and happy trading!

    1. Hey… Cool comment thanks for reading.

      I take small gains and have been building consistency by nailing the morning emotion and then calling it a day. I don’t trade if I don’t like the set up. I don’t over trade either.

      As you know my watch list has a daily recap and that will give you a better insight if you are interested. I have had 5 losing trades in 2 months. I also had 1 losing trade and was down HUGE but got lucky as I stuck with it and etched out a small profit. That trade made me change some rules and tighten up my game.

      I would say I am walking now. I take small gains or shall I say steps and don’t look to swing big yet.

      Before day trading I was more of an investor. I still have some long term positions.

      Just so you know I haven’t been trading with Tim since January of this year. I am currently with Investors Live and Day Trade Warrior. And starting in August I will just be with DTW. I feel at this stage being with a chatroom creates too much noise and influence for me which isn’t good when making a trading plan. Basically anyone can come in and scare you in or out of a position and that isn’t good for the long term.

      I don’t know much about the silver membership as I was primarily in the challenge from day 1.

      Good luck.

  109. I made a cash account with etrade of a deposit of $900 and realized you can’t buy and sell on the same day unless you have a margin account which I plan to get soon which is $2000 minimum. So FYI to any future traders having a cash account won’t be ideal for trading penny stocks

  110. So I have completed and been accepted as a student to the challenge. Obviously I am still in the air as to rather or not to follow through withe it. What are you profits/gains to date from the start of your challenge.

  111. Hi Jai.

    I also want to join for the challenge. I am 18 years old living in England, and i am going to University this September. Ive been reading about trading and Tim Sykes for more than 4 months and i know that 90pc of people lose money in trading. I have many questions for you.

    Actually my end goal is to become an investor. Im only using trading to make about the right amount of money (about +200 pounds) so i can start investing. But i know it will take hard work, and most important TIME!

    My question is you have been in this challenge for over a year i think. So could you please share how you have changed as a trader by using this challenge and if you seeing your future secured in trading by using this challenge?

    My second question is if i buy the PENNY STOCKING SILVER for about 3 months. Can i learn the same as buying the challenge? Of course if i really work hard and learn learn and LEARN… Also use a Demo account.

    My Third question is that what DO you have to pay TAX when you withdraw money from your portofilio??? IF yes, How much?

    Thank you soo much for reading.

    1. Hi Tushar. Thanks for the comment. I am going to say some harsh things so be prepared. You are correct 90% of traders lose money so your odds put you at the biggest disadvantage without even beginning. You wrote, “Im only using trading to make about the right amount of money (about +200 pounds) so i can start investing.”

      That above statement you wrote gives you slim to no chance of making money. I would actually say 0 chance but I guess there is always a chance of the impossible happening.

      First 200 pounds equals about $311 US dollars. You can’t even buy a weeks worth of groceries let alone a stock with that kind of money. Second even if you found a stock that you could buy you would have to be PERFECT in your execution in order to double or triple your money. Then you will need to be perfect again and so on and so on until you give yourself enough room to grow.

      So, let me answer your questions… The challenge taught me that this isn’t easy. That this isn’t a game. It taught me that there are a ton of greedy people in the world ready to rip you off and take your money and the slightest error in judgement will cost you greatly.

      To answer your 2nd question I have no clue what the Penny Stocking Silver package can do or can’t do.

      Your 3rd question comes with a big YES you need to pay taxes. You have to pay capital gains tax. You might even be hit 2 times for being a citizen of the UK. I have no clue as to what that would be as you would need to consult an accountant.

      Listen I know you want to make money like the rest of the world but your going about it the wrong way. You are 18 years old getting ready to throw money at a system that is designed to entice you to join the ranks of 90% losers. I suggest you go to the University this September and learn about what trading is all about. Educate yourself about support/resistance, low float stocks, promotions, sectors, scanning and the list goes on…

      Lastly you need capital. $311 is about the amount of money I spend taking my wife to a fancy restaurant.

      Get some money together and make sure you have enough to lose so you don’t feel bad losing it then and only then would I personally recommend you giving trading a try. And if you think investing is easier (yes trading and investing is very different) you will find out the hard way.

      I wish you well and hope I gave you the right amount of information to steer you in the right direction. Good luck.

      1. Sorry I didn’t mean 200 pounds, I meant 200 thousand pounds. In your previous comments You said that you bought the penny stock silver memebership in profit.ly, That costs 99 dollars a month. So my question is if I stick with the silver membership and don’t go for the challenge, would I miss important things? That the challenge offers but the Silver membership doesn’t?

        Thank you for reading!

  112. I want to make about 200 thousand pounds… Can I start with 1000 pounds? I will not take a penny out from my portofolio, so if I am patient and work really hard, how long can it take me to earn 200 thousand pounds if I start with 1000? I know is a tricky question, let’s suppose I educated myself and bought the challenge? So do you have a roughly idea, how long would it take me?

    Thank you

    1. Wow big difference and big mistake…

      I have very little recollection of what the PS can offer as I was a subscriber for about a month then I switched to the challenge.

      How long would it take for you to do what? Make a million dollars? Make money? Not lose money? I want you to know you are going to lose money the idea is can you make more money than you lose. There is a 90% chance that you will lose money so right at the forefront you are at a disadvantage. You need 3 things to possibly succeed. You need the right tools. You need to find the right stocks and you need to have risk management. In my opinion that isn’t with the challenge.

      I highly suggest you read my post under free stock market tools first. Learn as much as you can on your own before jumping into a setup that is designed to stack the odds against you. After you do that if you are still interested email me and I will guide you from there.

      Oh and one last thing… Read this post here as well as the others.

      I wish you well.

      1. Thank you so much for your help, i really apppreciate it!

        Okay, i will read a lot of books, watch videos until when i have a strong idea about the market.

        Could you recommend me books i can read and where should i start from to build my trading knowledge..

        By the way, what is your email?

        Thank you again bro!

        1. You are welcome. Before you read books, I suggest you read blog posts on my page. Then any questions you have along the way you Google it. Also all chat rooms are not created equal and if you follow someone’s alerts you will lose.

          So, read up on charting and their patterns, candles and what they mean… Read up resistance and support. Then jot your questions down and google them. Check out that free resource page on my site too. There are 20 or so links that will help you greatly.

          Lastly my email is on the contact page.

          Good luck and I look forward to speaking with you later on down the road.

  113. Great read. So much info. Seems you went from a TS student and supporter to a not so much TS supporter. Would my assessment be accurate?

    1. In order to fulling understand anything in life one must experience it for themselves. However, the main reason is growth as a trader.

  114. Hi Jai,

    I have recently signed up for the millionaire challenge I have read through your blog, question for you.

    1. Would you pay the 5k again for this training?

    2. Have you started trading yet? How is it going?

    I just want to make sure spending 5K is worth it as I have my family to support. That being said I look at this the same at you. Like education, or tuition. I want to study and read as much as I can for the next year so I can start trading. It’s like learning a new language.

    Do you have any advise for me before I start?

    1. Hi Andrew. That is always a tough question for me because there are so many better places to get an education on trading these set ups and the cost is less. However, it shaped me to who I am today. In addition Tim Sykes flew me out to LA to trade with him for free because of my dedication. Yes I have started trading but I am with Day Trade Warrior where you get a lot more for your money.

      Here is my advice. You say you have a family. You will lose money. There is no doubt that you will lose money but how much money you make will determine if losing the money is worth it. Take it slow and don’t depend on trading to feed your family. Good luck.

  115. Thanks for your comment Jai,

    Are you full time trading now?

    Also just to clarify, would you advise me to do the millionaire challenge or do a different way? I am determined to one day be a full time day trader I just need to know to get educated. I will not depend on trading to feed my family, however I would love to get to that level.


    1. I am not full time no. Would you like me to make an introduction to Day Trade Warrior for you? You can experience it for free for 7 days and ask a ton of questions if you would like.

      1. Hi Jai,

        That would be great what exactly is day trade warriors? Would you still suggest me to follow and buy Tim’s sources.


        1. Andrew that you have to decide on your own. Here is the truth of the matter and it’s a tough reality… 90% of traders lose money and following a guru will only get you so far. In fact following a guru could lead you to go broke if you don’t have your own point of view going in to a trade. Read this. It should help you understand what I mean. I will email Ross from DTW and you can go from there. Good luck.

  116. Hi jai,

    I am super excited for Tim Sykes interview and I want to know what should I expect for the interview ? And how long would it be?

  117. Hi Jai,

    Great post. Thanks for writing it!

    I am considering joining the challenge, in fact I already got the interview but asked them for a few days to think it over. So my question to you is, you started two years ago, did you make any money through it? Or would you recommend the silver/monthly pack?

    Thanks in advance!


    1. Hey Josh. I write quite extensively on the comment section as well as the watch list section. That should answer your questions about PnL. I only recommend Day Trade Warrior for newbie education.

      1. Hey Jai, thanks for your prompt response!

        May I ask why do you recommend Day Trade Warrior over Tim’s Challenge? (I’m just trying to see what’s the best option for me, and possibly learn from other’s mistakes…).

        Thanks in advance!


        1. You are welcome. There are several reasons. I find DTW to be a better education, less expensive and easier to understand. I have no affiliation with DTW but after nearly 2 years he has proven to be my favorite. In addition he answers every question without issue or annoyance. He has a 1 week free trial to see if it works for you. If you would like I could introduce you via email.

          Read my review of them here.

  118. Wow, this post definitely provided a lot of great information. I was actually offered a position to be a student a year ago but ended up having to turn it down because of school. I’m currently a 19yr old sophomore in college (Finance and Econ major) and I’m ready to put time into learning Tim trading methods but I’m still skeptical because $5000 a year is a ton of money for me. It’s been a year since you started, is it worth it? Would you suggest a college student to start the millionaire challenge?

    1. Thank you. I am glad you liked it. My subscription ended in January 2015 because that marked a year. I didn’t renew because I was enjoying my time in Investor’s Underground and Day Trade Warrior. I am now just at DTW.

      To make it clear I learned a lot from everyone and don’t regret a thing I did but as I told someone today I would highly recommend Day Trade Warrior as their prices, education and risk management is beyond everyone else who I have seen. By the way the challenge is nearly 6k now and not 5.

      1. hi jai
        i want to start trading.I m new in this business.I was going to join tim but i joined warriortrading.com.I went through all your comments.I want guidance to start learning trading. I mean proper education understanding it.Now what should i do. What should i start doing understanding the charts and everything.What should be the first step.I hope u would guide me & i also want to follow you.Where i can follow u so that we can be in touch everyday.

        1. Great now get in touch with Ross and he will guide you from there. It’s a slow and steady process but if you stick with it you will learn a ton. Good luck.

  119. i mean i didnt joined warriortrading.com.Ijust registered there my email id.Iwant to learn everything i can before start trading

  120. Hi Jai,

    Thanks for writing this.

    I have a quick question: Day Trading interests me but I wonder what your opinion is as to how long will it take me to start making serious money, say 4k per month (at least), with $20k to invest?

    I understand that this varies by the person, time etc. but if you can give me a rough estimate I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you!


    1. That is the toughest question to ask someone. It depends on so many factors. The goal is to become educated on the process so you don’t lose more money than you make. I wish I could give you a specific answer but that is beyond impossible.

  121. hi jai,

    I read through your comments. I been wanted to get into trading like most people, I have no clue where to start. Would you be able to put me on the right path, where I can get more knowledge and can get started in this industry.

    Thanks in advance for your help!!

  122. Hi, Thx for post,
    Do you have to pay any additional fee besides the “upfront $5000+”? and does the it include the dvds? and is it true that you have to pay $10,000 a day to train with Tim Sykes?


    1. I am currently in another chat room and am no longer with Tim. I have heard the Challenge is 6k now but you would have to ask them directly. When I was in the challenge everything was included but that might have changed. I have no clue what he charges to trade with him. He flew me out to trade with him for free.

  123. Hey Jai, I really appreciate how you answer everyones question so I hope you do answer some questions that I have for you.
    1) First, I am still kind of confused on the $5k that you paid for the DVDs? Is that money only for the information that TS gives you to learn about the stock market & Penny stock on the challenge or does that money also counts towards your investments and tradings??? IF not then that means that you paid $5k for the info and another ..lets say
    $2k (which is the minimum required for trading penny stocks) for the sole purpose of investing on the TS site correct? ??? a total of 7k to 8k???

    3) How much in total ( counting the DVD’s and the minimum money used to be able to start trading penny stocks with TS) do we need before getting into this challenge??? and be realistic please

    —Also, I still have 1 more year left to graduate from college and I do not have a lot of money, in fact I just simply dont have 8k to risk as of now because I only work part time to support myself but I do have a lot of interest in learning a lot about the stock market and trading which is why I have began reading books about the Stock Market, Penny Stocks and Investing etc.. in order to acquire more knowledge before I even think about getting into the TS challenge

    I have no fear about taking risk and I do have dedication and patience when it comes to doing something that i really want to do which is why want to become financial literate before getting into this challenge because I know that I will loose money but I want to reduce the risk by learning more about stocks in general, I have over $50k in student loans debt and that just frustrates me and makes me want to succeed in life even more and work my ass off in w.e it is that will generate income for me even if it means taking risk and loosing money to gain even more.

    I plan to save up some money after I graduate and have my first real job and eventually get into this challenge, so my next question is….

    2) As a business student, I do have some knowledge in the stock market just not deeply enough yet, but do you really from the bottom of your heart recommend the TS trading challenge?? assuming that I have the money??? **PLEASE REMEBER TO FIRST ANSWER THE QUESTIONS ABOVE …..THE TOTAL AMOUNT THAT SOMEONE MUST HAVE IN ORDER TO EVEN THINK ABOUT DOING THE CHALLENGE ???

    I really appreciate your time Jai and i Hope that by now you are doing very well in the stock market. My best wishes, a good luck

    1. Hi Brandom.

      Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and thank yoyu for your nice compliments. Ok let’s get down to business. I am going to answer you honestly and without sugar coating my answers. However, before I start let me remind you I haven’t been in the TS challenge since January 2015. I am currently in another chat room which I find to be a much better place on every level. You can read my review of them here.

      Ok let’s get started.

      From my understanding the TS challenge is now nearly 6K. When I was in the challenge it included the DVD’s, daily market recaps, the chatroom, daily watch lists and live trading 1 or 2 times a month. You need at least $25,000 to get past the PDT rule (click here to learn about PDT). You can start with $500 at Suretrader but $500 barely buys you a night on the town in NYC so I never recommend doing that.

      So, as you can see your question is a little tough to answer because you need capital to trade and to lose. You will lose before you win (unless you get lucky). Luck is never a good strategy because it leads you to believe you know what you are doing and then one day BOOM broke.

      With that all said if I were you I would finish school and learn all about the stock market on the side. Having 50k in debt and adding to it with trading is like sticking yourself with an HIV infected needle after learning that you have cancer. Sorry for being so graphic but it’s pretty stupid if you ask me.

      Forget thinking you have knowledge of the stock market. You have 0. Why do I say that? Because you can learn all about the stock market and that will make you knowledgeable but learning about how to benefit from the corruption in the day trading world is a whole new ball game. Something many people try to conquer but fail.

      If I were you I would finish school, get a job, lower your debt and find money to toss away on the market. That way if you lose all your money you won’t feel bad about it because you have something to back you up.

      I hope that helps.

  124. Hi Jai,

    Great blog. I too was going to go with TS and even intv with them. After reading your blog I checked out DTW. It looks really good. Not a lot of money and cars flashing around. That is nice but it’s not what I’m looking for when wanting to learn. Learning this can bring you all of that, but I want nuts and bolts. I’m going to research them some more. I sell real estate as my day job and have a big commission check I was going to plunk down on the TS challenge. So far I like what I see. Is it still worth getting a profit.ly account as well?

    1. Your comment doesn’t make sense. Anyway, a profit.ly account just verifies your trades. If that is what you want then that site does that.

      1. Hey Jai,

        Sorry I was doing too many things at once. Yes I made no sense. What I was trying to say is that I was going to sign up for the millionaire challenge until I saw your post about Day Trade Warrior. I have now researched them and like them better. The millionaire challenge is still $5500 to join. DTW seems to be a better deal. You still get a lot of training material and webinars. Sorry for the confusion.

        1. Ahh yes. Much much better deal. The education is much clearer and the community is awesome. I suggest reaching out to Ross (tell him Jai sent you) and see if he can point you to all the free stuff first. Educate yourself as much as you can. No rush to trade. The market has been around since before the 1900’s so I am pretty confident it will be there tomorrow. Get my drift?

    1. That’s a tough question to answer. I would say nothing because I have been taking strategies from various people over time and blending it towards my comfort level.

  125. Hi Jai,

    I am considering joining the Challenge Team. All that is left is for me to pay the tuition fee. However, I do not want to get ripped off. Is the TS course worth the fee? and what is your general feedback on the course?

    I get the feeling that they are making out as if not many people are chosen to join the Challenge Team. But in reality if you are willing to pay the $5,700 fee anyone can do it. I’m also questioning why there isn’t much feedback on the web about the course.

    I’ve been told “If it’s too good to be true…… it probably is.” And that is in the back of my mind.

    Please could you give me some advice.


    1. I honestly think there are better ways to educate yourself which are more cost effective. No matter what you choose you will lose money as this game is very very challenging. Yes it looks easy and sometimes you get lucky but getting lucky is a fools approach.

  126. My personal thoughts, like many others is that this is all just one massive money making scheme for Tim.

    It’s very cleverly done as the whole marketing campaign makes it seem like an elite club and trick you into thinking you are being hand picked.

    It makes you feel comforted knowing that you are not being given things for free and that if you work hard you will achieve your dreams.

    Tim stresses in his lessons that he only recommends free products, makes himself out to be a white knight, yet later charges people nearly $6000 for the privilege of being trained by “him”!

    The application form makes you fill in loads about your goals and financial situation so that the salesman knows your weaknesses and can exploit them to make you feel obliged to sign up.

    I suspect that any rejected applications are purely because the applicant clearly wouldn’t be in a position to find $6000 to hand over.

    Tim also owns the profit.ly website where people track their trades so he has a whole overview of everything that’s going on. There is plenty of info via Google that says people can manipulate their figures on profit.ly anyway.

    All of us looking to sign up with Tim are pretty similar, we all want more money and are looking to better ourselves and be more free in life. These marketers know this and know how to exploit us. They have tons of experience getting money from us like minded people.

    I’m not even sure if Tims rags to riches story is actually verified? On a similar note, look at the Fox news defence consultant who fooled everyone into thinking he was CIA for 35 years, and got security clearances etc at high levels before being found out as a fraud.

    In my case I am currently “waiting” for the interview after applying recently. I’m looking forward to it, but since I now know they are looking for me to pay then no chance am I signing up.

    Finally, I know the full set of DVDs are available for download at torrent websites, should you wish to try before you buy…..

    1. Your thoughts about the whole process seems very well thought out. The only thing I will say is that there are a ton of people selling their services and stock picks. If you watch any stock market related TV you will start to see that everyone is selling something.

  127. Hello, Great to read your article. Could you please tell me how are you going since you signed up and also when you paid for the challenge, did you pay over the phone? or paypal? or what method did you use?

    Thank you 🙂

    1. I am going well. My watch list shares my daily journey but I am take a week or 2 off to regroup. The post tell the day I joined. I think I paid by CC but I am not 100% sure. It’s a business so you can pay with pretty much anything.

      1. Great! So how much success did you have by being on Tims challenge? Did you start with a small account? How much did you grew that account witching Tims course? (1yr)

  128. Jai,

    I’ve read almost if not all the blog. I am glad to see there still people out there willing to help others in getting informed. I am also a bit skeptical about Tim’s trading challenge. To be honest I was really pumped up until I read your blog. On the other hand, there are many students that testify making money with Tim’s strategy. Tim never says its easy in fact he mentions that we need to work hard and study our butts off. As of this moment I don’t know what to think…Can you please give me your input…


    1. Absolutely Jen. Thanks for reading the blog and thanks for your compliment. The truth is there is no cut and dry answer. There is no magic formula and there is no guarantee in trading. 90% of traders fail. And those that don’t sometimes get humbled. This past week many careers ended on one stock KBIO. It destroyed people who were short the stock and couldn’t cover in time. In fact people who built up nice gains for weeks, months or even years are back to zero or owe their broker money.

      Anyway, as you have read in my blog I used to recommend the challenge but found over my time trading that there are better and more cost effective ways to learn this craft. Ross Cameron and Day Trade Warrior. I can recommend/introduce you to him and see if his style is to your liking. He has a free chat tomorrow which might benefit you. It might also overwhelm you. Trading can be pretty overwhelming in the beginning. Heck it can be overwhelming 2 years later. Ok I think I answered your question. If I didn’t let me know and I will try to clarify more. Feel free to contact me directly via my email which is in the contact page.


  129. Jai,

    Thank you for your prompt response. Your answer is very helpful. I guess we must be willing to loose money since trading can be very profitable as well. I all depends on risk we are willing to take. I’ll definitely look into DTW. I’ll keep in touch in case DTW is something I would like pursue.


  130. Hi Jai,

    I have gathered from your most recent comments/replies that you are no longer learning under Tim Sykes, would even suggest alternate educational paths as well; I appreciate your honesty.

    That being said, are you still trading penny stocks or would you also recommend commodities, currencies or futures?


    1. That is correct Kate. I trade equities that have momentum. Sometimes they are penny stocks and sometimes not. It all depends on what is in play.

  131. Jai…thank you for being honest about your experiences for nearly the last two years. Judging by your very first post in February of 2014, it seemed like you had the right attitude about becoming a successful TS student. I know it’s not easy, but what the heck happened? I’m a stern believer that if you put in 120% effort you will be rewarded exponentially. In my experience, trading is mostly about behavior. Skills are important, but secondary. Was TS not providing you with the right education to become successful? Or did you not do the best you could in studying? Thanks!!!

    1. You are welcome. I don’t quite understand your comment because it assumes many things about me but if it makes things clearer I am happily and successfully with Warrior Trading and have been with them for a year+.

  132. Do you think is it possible to pursue the challenge program while still in a 9-5 full-time job ? (without quitting the job).
    Could you please briefly compare the silver membership vs the challenge program. From a birds eye view, how this challenge program helps one to eventually become a successful trader? Does this help someone differentiate/identify the different trading patterns? Sometimes even after bad news (like a stock gets a warning that it is going to be delisted the next day – after a market close), next day the stock price still goes up. Does the challenge program helps to deal with this kind of situations?



    1. Hey Matt,

      In my opinion I don’t think it is realistic to have a 9 to 5 job and try to day trade because day trading is fast and sometimes furious. I would look on the website to find out the difference between the 2 packages you are referring to as I don’t know the answer to that question. To answer your final question I think there are better educational rooms that will help you to identify the specifics as to when to enter a trade and when to exit. Hope that helps.

  133. Hi Jai,
    I was considering joining the millionaire challenge.
    I have gone through most of your posts here and its almost been 2 years since you started.
    i just wanted to know if the millionaire challenge has paid off and is it worth it..
    Actually speaking the value of the 6k spent can only be determined by the profits made and money earned.
    So, how much money were you really able to make till date since you started? 🙂
    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Nicky.

      I haven’t been a part of the challenge for nearly a year now and I no longer recommend it to people who ask my opinion. I am currently with Day Trade Warrior and find it to be much more solid in regard to education. It is also much more cost effective.

    1. Mike who is a moderator there only trades mid to large cap stocks but there needs to be a catalyst to trade. He also only day trades Jeff, who is a moderator there also, trades mid cap stocks and he only swings. The key is to find your niche through education. Hope that helps.

  134. Hello Jai,

    I’ve been researching Tim Sykes and the stock market recently and it interests me. I also started learning about binary options and different types of brokers. I also applied for his challenge but learned that I need 5.5 k to enroll in his webinars for 1 year so I emailed his team and told them I am not ready for the interview because of the proper funds and I will get back to them when I do.
    also, I just read your blog and most of the comments and what I’ve learned so far is that you need at 5.5k a year to enroll in Tim Sykes challenge and you need your own 2k to start a brokerage account. I’ve learned that you are not in Tim’s webinars this year and you are with Warrior trading. I checked out their website and see that they also offer different trading courses, different bundles at different prices. I also notice members of of Warrior trading posting positive comments about the education they have received. Is the education you receive with Tim Sykes and Warrior trading different or the same ? If you could only save up enough funds for Tim’s webinars or for Warrior Trading, which one would you choose? I hope you can answer my question in the best way possible. Thank you

    1. Hello. From reading your comment you seem a bit confused and I truly think you should take a step back and find what you are looking for first. To look for info on binary options, The Challenge and Warrior Trading seems a bit scattered in my opinion. I know by you asking me my opinion you are helping to narrow down your search but I think you need time to really delve into investigation mode and carve out your answer.

      Also to start trading with 2k is like trying to run a marathon barefoot. I don’t care what anyone thinks 99% off people can’t build up an account with 2k. Especially if it’s the first time you are trading. You need capital to trade but you need the right tools and education to trade successfully. Naturally with all the research you did from my blog you can tell who I recommend for education but if you need to see it again the answer is unequivocally WT.

      Here is what you need to know and you have to really digest this first. Unfortunately. to spend your hard earned money on a trading education doesn’t guarantee profits. And right now trading only “interests” you which is not the desired place to begin any new endeavor. I don’t want to discourage you but with trading you will lose money. That I can guarantee you but how much MORE money you make through having the right tools and a solid education will determine how successful you are.

      Take your time and learn as much as you can for free first before you even trade 1 share of stock. The market will always be there. I hope this helps.

      1. Thanks for replying so fast. I understand that binary options and penny stocks are 2 different ways of trading and have different platforms. I just stumbled upon and learned about binary options after I had been learning about penny stocks. And I have decided to narrow my studies down to penny stocks and maybe get into binary options in the future. And you are definitely right about learning the most I can for free before I enroll myself in any classes. I’ve been watch a lot of Tim’s free videos and free recent webinars. Also, you should get back into profit.ly again if its not too much of a hassle just so we can check your progress and get motivated 🙂

  135. Hi Jai I would just like to thank-you for your time & contribution to helping others but as Nicky I’m on the same curious page to find out how much you’ve actually made between now & the time you’ve started as I’ve been doing research for over 6 months now & still contemplating whether it’s worth dipping my hands into the market?

    Thanks 🙂

    1. As you should already know from reading previous comments I don’t recommend the challenge so keep that in mind. Also, I share my personal experiences such as wins and losses on my watch list. I haven’t updated my watch list since late last year but might start looking to do it again soon.

  136. Love your site Jai, I would love to be referred to Ross and pointed to the free content first and then later to the paid. Any help with someone with no knowledge would be appreciated.

  137. Hello Jai, I am kind of new and I want to devout my entire year to learning to trade and I want to thank you for your effort it means a lot. Can you help with this question if you can ? The stock market of china is in bad condition and I heard in the news that the companies were not allowed to sell their shares, does this mean that the people who have already bought their shares in china companies are going to lose their money due to the loss of value for their shares. If I was having shares on the china market would it benefit me at this time.

    1. I highly suggest you do as much research as possible. If you hear something in the news question it and learn what it means before assuming you have understood it. The restriction bars sales by shareholders or senior executives who hold more than five percent stakes of the company. They banned short selling since the summer of 15.

      In my opinion the situation in China is in its beginning stage and China will continue to do all it can to curb a major disaster. What will happen and how long it will take to work itself out is anyone’s guess. So, if you plan to buy shares of stock from Chinese companies make sure you aren’t the first one at the party because no one ever knows how long it will take for the next party goer to arrive.

      I hope this helps.

  138. Hello, i came across tim sykes site today. I am a cfo of a leading and award winning micro/small cap hedge fund that trades exactly the types of securities he trades. It comes without saying that the stocks are EXTREMELY volatile, you can make alot of money then you can lose it real real fast. Take it from me, our fund went many years of 100+ % per year. Now the fund is down 80% Ytd due to the recent energy crisis. We had an opportunity that would have blown our returns into the stratosphere, with a company to be the next social media ipo success. I took out a significant home equity line of credit to invest in the fund. We were laughing at companies like snapchat, Now the company we invested in is worth zero because of some silly internal comflict. You never never know. There is a reason tim syke’s hedge fund went to 0 in 2007…. I am now moving on to another hedge fund. The lesson i learned from all of this is that the money you invest in micro and small cap, you have to be mentally prepared to lose it all. I wish any of you who plan on taking this challenge the best, and hope you will approach with the right mind set, as i have learned from inside the business.

    1. Thank you for your comment. Even though most day trading gurus don’t teach the “investing” strategy that you shared in your unsuccessful hedge fund, not having the proper risk management and rules are a guarantee for losing money. Good luck in your next venture.

      1. Hi,

        I came across this post when because I am researching about Tim Skyke’s challenge as I was interested in joining it. Tbh, I have not read this full thread but I have skimmed thru majority of your post and I appreciate your honest feedbacks. Where can I learn a step by step guide on trading stocks? Starting from the terminology and how to get set up with a brokerage and explaining their commision system, also, which online broker can I use for penny stocks that have an option to short them?

        Sorry for the overwhelming amount of questions and thanks in advance

        1. Hey Jam that is an excellent question. I wrote to you directly. Please let me know if you didn’t get it as I will send it to you again. I look forward to helping you.

    2. If you put yourself in a position to “lose it all”, then you shouldn’t be trading. What ever happened to common sense risk management?

  139. Hi,
    Thanks for sharing your post.. I’m currently reading and watching Tim videos and posts since I will have the interview tomorrow to join the challenge. The thing is I don’t have that much money to give away to Tim as you said in one on your first comments. Can you please explain how much money do I have to invest to join the challenge? alsoo..what kind of questions they ask you during the interview?

    1. I no longer recommend the challenge. If you are interested I will point you in a less expensive way accompanied by great education. Feel free to go to the contact page and email me directly.

  140. I have read all of the comments and was just curious
    how much did you make so far in trading and how much did you start with in your brokerage account

  141. Jai

    I am so confused, i have skimmed through your posts and it seems you have left TM? Why is this so? Were you not making any money and staying in profits after learning all the methods and investing all this money!?

    thanks for your time.

    1. Hi Pat. I am confused that you are confused. Did you not read the FAQ? Did you not spend time reading through my journey? If you didn’t there is your answer. In life every person goes through phases of growth, understanding and change. That is exactly what I am going through everyday and I spell it out on my blog. I suggest you read everything in my blog and everything you can about trading. I hope this helps.

  142. Hi,

    I’m currently a self employed joiner/carpenter. For a year or so now Iv been looking into a career change. Like you, Iv came across a few different day trading options but when I came across Tim’s videos, I liked the fact how honest he was about money side of things, and he wasn’t afraid to show how well he’s done.

    About 6 weeks ago I decided I want to be a day trader. The main draws for me are, the money (potentially), the hours and freedom it can provide, and mostly, the fact you can trade from anywhere in the world!!

    Until 6 weeks ago I never really knew the first thing about how to trade. I knew the very basics about the stock market and what stocks are etc. Since then Iv educated myself on almost every technical analysis video on YouTube.

    I guess my question is, is Tim’s trading challenge for the likes of me??? Or do you have to have had some previous experience of trading before??


    1. Hi Dean,

      While I am a huge proponent of studying all you can online along with other resources I would be foolish if I told you you are ready to trade… especially in a market like we have now. Also, I no longer recommend the challenge so I couldn’t advise on it but if you read my FAQ here you will see the direction I feel is best for those looking to trade. I hope that helps.

  143. My thought and reply regarding Tim Sykes millionaire challenge::
    This is for Tim Sykes
    I had my doubt but faithfully followed and completed each lesson even though I could not image how watching these videos was of much value regarding the end point, thinking at the end of the lessons; I would either learn some valuable tools or get some kind of sales pitch… After the lesson: Tim Sykes Challenge – Cubicle to Freedom, I received this:
    Join the Early Bird List to get a month free + 30% off. Early Bird Ends:
    Well guess I didn’t have to wait to the end…
    Just let me say this, thanks for total waste of time. Your offer to get something for thirty days and after that, 30% off of the invisible; great stuff…??? What the heck just happen to completing the initial bait of teaching how to use such; being completed? I am only certain of this much right now, what you referred to as homework up to this point, taught about enough to leave someone homeless. Shame on you.

  144. Jai,
    Thank you for your candor on your blog. I actually had a phone interview with Gerald Bean.
    Although the course was expensive I felt it was like “going back to school” for a year and that was the tuition. I’m a very novice trader and my thought was that Tim’s course was a “one stop shop” so to speak where I could find and study all I could about his type of trading. After reading your blog you recommend doing the reading on your own for free-correct? And if so, once you have a good working knowledge who do you recommend to follow when you’re doing your first trades? ( I know at the beginning with Tim’s course you’re watching him in real-time making trades.

    1. I don’t know if I completely understand your questions. However, the link on the menu bar or FAQ has a link to my free resources page. I don’t follow anyone’s trades so I would say once you have a good working knowledge of a strategy I would build a watch list and follow your rules you set for yourself.

  145. Hi there Jai
    All i can say is that you on the right path Brother!!!
    We that take Tim Sykes to hart will fall in the 10% Bracket of Successfull Traders and becoming High Rollers!!! I am from South Africa and our money is the Weekest in the world,,,the money for Tim Sykes Student Challenge + start up money to trade with is exactly the amount i paid for my house in South Africa. But if i had the Cash to join Tim Sykes Academy i would do it tomorrow!!!! Cause Jai you will become a Millionaire,,,,and thats a Guarantee,,,,Forget about the Negative Comments,,,,i feel sorry for them cause they will go through life being Average,,,,being Dreamers!!! Jai me and you are Dreamers,,,but we are Dream Chacers,,,,with a Purpose to reach our Goal!!!!
    I got an invite to join Tim Sykes Academy but cant afford it,,,,but still i am not giving up,,,saterday i enjoyed Tim Sykes 35 Birthday Webinaar,,,,and Jai it was Fabulous,,,,like Tim always say surroung yourself with possitive things and possitive people!!!!!!!
    Instead i bought Tim Grittani’s Training System on Ebay,,,,millionaire Student of Tim Sykes as you know,,,,and mann i am excited!!!! Cant wait to reveive my dvd package,,,,,Jai as you know Knowlege is Power Brother,,,,like Tim Sykes is constantly saying Build up Education with my Tools. Jai we will reach our goal,,,,its just Time Brother!!!!
    Jai good luck with your Studies,,,,stay Motivated and Possitive,,,,our paths will cross one day in Bali or Seashells!!!!

    1. Thank you for the nice compliment. I know longer trade with TS but thanks for the nice words nonetheless. All the best to you.

  146. hey Jai. A little bit of my story. I did my first trades back in 2009. I wanted to become a day tradder not knowing what i was doing, it didn’t go so well so i stopped, didn’t trade much fortunately. I’ve bought and sold stocks here and there sporadically after that, made a few bucks out of luck and lost a few as well. In the beginning of this year I stared buying long term investments, dividend stocks, that kind of thing, much bigger account this time. I’m in the car business so I mainly buy automakers because that is what i know and it’s been working really well for the most part (for a long term portfolio). When I say for the most part I am talking about I had a big loss this week. almost $10k and it’s the only stock I own that i got because a stock broker I know recommended it to me. the weird part is I didn’t get upset for one minute instead something clicked in my head. it helped me put things in perspective and realize that I do wanna do this thing but i need to do it the right way.
    Last week I came across a funny picture of Tim Sim Sykes on instagram laying in bed with tons of Benjamins ha! so I started doing some research about the guy and first thing that came to my mind was, this is just another penny stock scam, based on my experience back in 2009 but then I did more research and the guy started to seem like he is legit so this week after my big loss…never test the depth of the river with both feet “warren buffet” so I signed up for penny stock conspiracy and Tim Alerts a few days later just to see how it is and it’s really good but I need more so started doing research about the challenge and I found your blog earlier today while I was at work. I came home and hour later and pulled the trigger… I am doing it !!! so i’m excited, we’ll see what happens.
    oh, and I was just watching some videos on youtube and came across your video with Tim. it didn’t connect in the beginning but then your name sounded familiar, i was like “wait a minute is this the same guy from the blog I was reading earlier today… pretty cool !!! thanks for your help

    1. Thanks for sharing your story. As you might have read in my FAQ I know longer recommend the challenge but being that you have already joined it I want to say good luck. If there is one thing I can say to you to save you from one day blowing up is have a plan. Your plan and NOBODY else’s plan. Looking forward to hearing about your success in the future. Please keep me updated from time to time. All the best.

  147. After you purchased the tuition did you have full access or did you have to keep purchasing more to advance.

    I am asking because I want to know the total cost. Plus I want to make sure once I purchase the tuition there won’t be another cost which I won’t be able to afford to advance.

  148. Jai,
    Can’t seem to find out why you have stopped recommending Tim Sykes Challenge unless conflict of interest is your problem? Care to reply?

  149. Hello,

    I’m very interested in joining Timothy Sykes challenge. I was contact by email, however, I don’t have the money right now. I see that you have tuition at over $5000. Does this include the $2000 you need to start?

    Thank you.

    1. My fee was 7700$, that does not include your starting capital. I started with 2000$, lost some already, but I made the mistake to start trading from day one…. Ive watched half of the dvds now and feel much more confident, chosen the right strategy for me and been paper trading for a while, everything looks good so far and will deposit 2k more to my account very soon.
      Dont start trading too fast, wait till you feel smart enough! Dont make my mistakes. I had great first 3 days, turned my 2000$ account into 2600$ and then lost 800$ in a single trade! And the next few days lost even more.
      I own a small business and can afford my mistakes, but not everyone can, so take care, dont start trading immediately, invest in your education. You can make the tuition fee in one single trade (hopefully one day you will make 55k on a trade like Tim Grittani just did few days ago).
      Good Luck.

      But if your tuition fee is only 5000$ I will ask for refund!!

      1. $7700? Wow incredible. And to think 90% plus fail. Let me say that 99% of the people trying to learn how to trade will not duplicate $55k on 1 trade. For your information Tim Grittani had to cover for a loss and box his shares on MGT before he made the $55k. That means that you have to have the skill level, borrows and balls of steal to do that what he did. The better strategy for everyone else should be to try to gain consistent profits.

  150. I was just wondering if you are still trading jai and if you have found a profitable strategy yet which works for you?

    1. Yes sir I am trading. In fact I have been helping traders get on the right track via 1 on 1 Skype sessions. Hope that helps.

      1. Still on the penny stocks? I trade forex but not sure about penny stocks, I’m hearing mixed reviews, not sure wether to invest or not, I was thinking about tims challenge but now I’ve read up on it all I’m not to sure to be honest, did you find you profited from doing his course?

    1. It was a long time ago but from what I remember I was asked

      At a movie theater which arm rest is yours?

      What is Satan’s last name?

      Why does grape flavor smell the way it is when actual grapes don’t taste or smell anything like it?

      What’s the difference between normal ketchup and fancy ketchup?

      and if I am not mistaken the last question was…

      When does it stop being partly cloudy and start being partly sunny?

  151. Hi Jai,

    Like many others, I am thinking of joining the challenge. I am also considering just buying the pennystocking silver package, as I have some knowledge of the markets and I will save some money that way. Does Day Trade Warriors provide stock tips, or an extensive watch list like Tim’s program, or is it strictly tutorials and off you go? And based on your experiences, which video tutorials were most beneficial to you? I’m self employed and have time to put in the work to learn the systems, so I just want to play my cards right and start off on the right foot. Cheers!

      1. Dear Jai

        Like Dave Mac I also think to take the challenge, but the difference is that I have no experience in the penny stock market and 5k seems pretty much to pay for me or maybe I do not know and it worth every penny invested… What do you think and can you take in count please this message too.
        Thank you!

  152. Hello Jai,

    I have read through almost all of the comments and in fact it’s nice to be able to talk to someone who is actually interested in having a more or less honest conversation about the while Tim program. I am a student but I have been studying the market for at least 1 and a half years now and so I am not a beginner, but still will not consider my self to be a pro. I opened a $5000 paper trading account and to date I’m up $800 and I’m focused on penny stocks. After listening to Tim I feel some of his strategies will better refine some of the mistakes I make and that’s why I want to get his DVDs and other stuff. BUT I am seeing a lot of hate on Tim so I don’t know, could you be real with me and tell me if Tim’s DVDs are really worth the money and the effort? I am a very hard worker so if it’s legit I’ll put a very good amount of time into it to really know what I’m doing.


    1. Hey thanks for reading all the comments. Each comment shows the growth and change in perspective. Anyway, I emailed you directly. Let me know if you didn’t get it.

  153. Hello Jai, I also read a good amount of these comments, I’m also interested in Tim’s trading strategies, I have already opened an Etrade account. I have been reading and watching some of tim’s video. But just like Ato said, is Tim dvd worth the effort

    1. I wish it were as simple as saying yes buy a DVD and you will be fine. It just doesn’t work that way. The amount of work involved is beyond the scope of what I write.

  154. Hello Jai. How are you doing with TS program, are you making any money with his program? I was interview a week a ago and accepted, but paying $5000 + dollars up front is kind up steep. you think is worth it to join? I like to learn to trade what platform you recommend and education.
    thank you upfront for any info.

    1. Hi. Have you gone through my FAQ section of my blog? I actually answer a lot of answers right on the blog but if you need further help reach out to me directly and I will kindly help you out.

  155. Hello Jai,

    I’m Napasorn from Thailand. I was finding info about TS (signed up for the challenge and waiting for the interview call). But now that I read through the comments, think I’m going to DTW. For my experience, about 2 years in forex, no success yet.

    Can I ask (may be it sounds silly). Since I’m not in the US, can I trade US stocks?

    Thank you very much

  156. Hi
    I read your blog about Tim challenge, and I am in the middle of considering to subscribe to this service. I want to ask if I may, after two years with Tim …did you benefit, have you made money and got what you expected from this course. ?
    and if I may ask did you become a millionaire as he claims ?


  157. Hi Jai,

    Found your blog in this very helpful. I’m currently reading as much as possible from books and on the web, I have watched a lot of the videos etc etc. As you have had some experience with Tim could you give me some info on all aspects I tried reading all the comments but far there are a lot to get through. I have always been fascinated with the stock markets both blue chip and penny stocks. I’d say that I’m still very much a beginner but I’m very keen to learn as much as possible. I’m saving in order to open up a trading account that runs about 3k. I didn’t realise there was then a extra fee for the tuition and 10k is something I don’t have at the moment not being in a permanent work and working for myself so I have to be reserved with my income. Any advise on where to get started would be amazing. Sorry if the post is hard to understand or is poorly written. Thanks


  158. I beieve you have to join his webinar and alerts to make money.
    to learn is skills is hard but try to trade with him because not everyone is genius like Tim.

    1. Angel? That is a bit much but I am a guy who cares about sharing the truth. Without a doubt I can get you on a road that will cost less than 1 tenth of what gurus are quoting you. Click here and send me an email and let’s see how I can help you out.

  159. Hey, Jai,
    I really appreciate what you are doing to help others in this blog…
    I’m actually a high school senior and I really want to find a way to pay for college. Been watching Tim’s videos for a while and really enjoy them. Do you think he would ever take a high schooler for the millionaire dollar challenge? Also, I do not have a job yet so money is a big problem right now but if there are any resources that you think might help me start could you please email me?
    Thank you!

  160. Hi, the first thing I would like to tell you is thank you, it is a lot ow work answering to the same questions again and again, I can see you love to help people.That’s very sweet of you.
    I was thinking to take the Tim challenge myself, to me the price is like all the money I’ll have for the next 4 or 5 months (with luck), I just close my home based business with a terrible loss and I’m thinking in a career change, I’m currently a pastry chef and I’m very tired of working 84-90 hours a week in a physical job, and making barely the money I need to survive, I read all the comments and I cant decide if taking the challenge or not, I can see that you don’t think it is a waste of money (but also you don’t fully recommend it) I’m confused… I’m in Canada and on top of the $6.525 that the challenge costs now, Canadian dollars are 30% cheaper than US$ so I’ll end paying 8.728 CA$.
    Is it possible for you to tell me if you were able to earn any money because of the challenge? do you think in the silver program I’ll have the same results for less money?
    How was your experience in that challenge?

  161. Hey Jai, My name’s Rocky, I wanted to talk to ask you a few questions, I began reading the blog, but it’s kind of long. I am trying to join the TS challenge, I’m going to be interviewed on Monday November 7th, 2016. Can you shoot me an email at your earliest convenience so we can talk bit? Also I started reading the blog from 2014, how are you doing with trading now a days in 2016?

    Thanks in advanced!

    1. Hey Rocky I tried to send you an email but it bounced back. Anyway, send me an email and leave me an email to contact you on. Go to my contact page here. Looking forward to speaking with you.

  162. Hi Jai, I read part of the blog and I am really curios about it, I am really interested to start with penny stock and make them even my work if possible. I saw tim sykes times ago and I want to ask you what is your opinion. I mean you followed him so you know him obviusly better than me. Is it a good choice to start following him for understand penny stoks? I see there’s even other people that provide that but looks like that he is the best. I am also confused of what select from his programs (the challenge is too expensive for me), I was thinking about silver one. I saw there’s many people that follow him and gain solid money and I am not talking about millions but enough to have a nice life and work only with it. I’ve got so many questions hahah…
    However thanks in advance for reply 🙂

  163. Jai – first of all a big wow! to you. You posted this in 2014 and still replying to people who commented 10 days ago ?! I’d give you an applause man! What brought me here ? – I was looking at some scam reviews of bforex, colmex and other platforms and though I’m very confident about Tim in positive way, just make sure the scam reports are legit, I was looking for bad reviews and i got into yours looking at the title. I’m glad you gave a positive view but $5k USD gave me a heart ache and my dreams are shattered! Ask me why ? – I applied for his challenge 3 days and today i received his 3rd e-mail. After seeking big amount, if I have that, half of my debt will be paid with 5K USD and the rest half i can work my ass off. Reason I’m into the challenge is to earn at least that 5K first thats 20K MYR! If you are fine with giving me some personal tips or be my mentor on some basics like what platform to use and where/ how to choose/ find the penny stocks, I’ll try to learn it by myself. Though I can’t afford to join Xavier’s gifted children school, I would like to learn it by myself with some mild advised.

    Also, please let me if have you made any money so far ?

    Thank you !

    1. Hi Nathan,

      That is a very tough question to answer. I have been a teacher all of my life under many different forms. In trading I have taught people to think for themselves, be independent and through 1 on 1 certain trading techniques. I also have great content and have been blogging for a living for quite a number of years. I guess now that I look at it I am both a teacher and a blogger with good content. I hope that helps.

      1. Jai
        I respect the fact that you put thought into it. Secondly i have been studying stocks off and on for about three years now. i have 100k to invest any advice.

        1. I can’t recommend what you do with your money but if I had a 100k I would put it in the VTSAX fund and forget about it. Read the post here.

          If the burning desire came to me to learn to trade I would start with these free videos here.

          Then if I still had a desire to trade I would buy this video here and then here.

          However, the amount of money I would use to try out trading would be no more than 10% of the amount of money I had. Nothing more.

          Lastly, keep in mind the odds are against you beyond your wildest thoughts.

          I truly hope you can use this information to make the right decision and I wish you well.

  164. Just Got accepted to Millionaire challenge. Good people and I’m sure it might be worth it to some but I personally have a lot of the basics down and I think this particular program might be overkill for me. Tomorrow I have to tell them thanks but no thanks! Mainly Because the new price is $6525. I think there is better value with others programs in the $2k for 1 year range.