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Hi my name is Jai Catalano. I offer 1-on-1 Skype consultations for new traders who are interested in knowing the truth about trading and where to begin. If you are confused lost or just need to speak to a real human being about trading then I can help you get started.

My Skype 1 on 1 consultations will save you time, headaches & money before you invest yourself in the stock market.

2 Hour Skype 1 on 1 Consultations with Jai

I help new traders minimize the many financial and educational mistakes that inevitably will happen in the beginning. Let me help you too before you get started so you can make a more educated decision. In just 2 hours you will gain a lot of useful knowledge in our 1 on 1 Skype session.

Here is what we cover.

  • Ways to get discounts on your favorite chat rooms and educational material.
  • Learn the realities of trading.
  • Recognize the pit falls of trading.
  • Discover how chat rooms really work and how they make their money.
  • Realize the time and capital commitment required to trade.
  • Explore strategies best fit for your time and schedule.
  • Become savvy on the disadvantages you face and how to circumvent them.
  • Understand the true cost of trading: Chat Room, Education, Scanners, Platforms, Charting, Commission, Hidden Market Rules, Opportunity Costs, Fees & Taxe.s
  • Learn a much more cost effective stock market education.
  • Unlimited email for additional help getting started.
  • One time fee of $150 (USD).

If you’d like to schedule a consultation, then you must fill out and submit the form below.


Thanks a lot Jai for such an insightful session. I took in so much information that will go a long way in guiding my path in trading.

Lincoln Kamau

Skype 1 on 1 w Jai

Thank you so much Jai!!!… I have already 100% made up my mind that I can probably do this on my own if I spend the time studying. It was great speaking to you and thank you for allowing me to reach out here and there with some questions. Christina Richason

Skype 1 on 1 w Jai

Good Morning Jai yes thank you for your time and advice it was worth every penny. I will start to go through all the information provided in the coming days and weeks to get a better understanding of everything before looking for my first trade. I will keep in touch and thanks again. Andy Carr

Skype 1 on 1 w Jai

OMG Jai! Thank You so much for all these links and info I’m looking forward to looking at all of it! I got a lot of learning to still do and with you getting me on right track i can not thank you enough ???? Thank You! Paul Hoehlein

Skype 1 on 1 w Jai

Thank you for the Skype Jai. It was very educational. I know of at least a many more pointers to keep in mind. I hope to be successful while taking calculated risks. As you’ve suggested, I’ll first learn and maybe after some time, I’ll start trading. Thank you for the information & the free stuff you’ve sent. I’ll go through it & will be in touch with you if I need any more info.

Reuel R. Lewis

Skype 1 on 1 w Jai

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