10 Short Seller Commandments – Short Selling Stock

If you like short selling stock like I like short selling stock and you LOVE the music of the Notorious BIG then I hope you will enjoy the 10 Short Seller Commandments. What is the 10 Short Seller Commandments you ask? It is my version of the rules needed for short selling stock sung to rap music. Below you will find the video uploaded to Youtube along with the lyrics to the 10 Short Seller Commandments in case you like it so much you would like to sing alone.


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10 Short Seller Commandments

– Start –

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

It’s the 10 short seller commandments

Traders can’t tell me nothing about this short sellin’

Can’t tell me nothing about these stock, these bonds. Commodities…

I ain’t forget about the ETF’s

My triple leveraged catz.

I’ve been in this game for years, it made me a skeptic

There’s rules to short selling or stocks will go hectic

So here’s what I wrote sing along to get the most

From short selling stock so your money don’t roast.

Numbero Uno I know you won’t be pleased

Shortin’ too early can cause a short squeeze

Newbies pile in making traders feel worried

Cuz everyone was thinkin’ to short in a hurry

Number 2 No shortin’ if you have to ask when

Learn the rules first and then short then

Cause you need to have a plan to short sell stock

And if you don’t believe me believe Mr. Modern Rock

Number 3 don’t forget to calculate the fees

You’ll be crying like a baby when you pay your broker daily

Fees add up

They’ll hit you in the gut

You’ll be looking at your statement like WHAT!

Number (4) foe you aint heard this befoe’.

Don’t feel sorrow if you can’t find a borrow

Number 5 pay yourself and don’t be a hero

The stock might go lower probably not to zero

Number 6 if you’re not right you’re wrong

Never add more short and don’t flip long

7 this rule is misunderstood

Following trades is just no good

Newbies and sheep get pumped then dumped real hard

Like all the investors of Jordan Belfort

Number 8 watch out for the parabolic

Or You’ll go on narcotics become an alcoholic

Number 9 should have been number 1 take note

Newbies stay away from stocks with low floats

They are real bad news and if you need an example

Google KBIO Etrade Joe Campbell

Number 10 make yourself a goddamn promise

If you can’t make money shortin” then just be honest

Don’t have no doubt

Don’t scream don’t shout

Just do yourself a favor and get the F*** out

Follow these rules you’ll live ahellava lot longer

Look ahellava lot younger feel ahellava lot stronger

Cuz traders lose money every single day

90 percent fail that’s what they say

So get yourself a job and feel no remorse

Get married have kids and join the workforce

But if you know how to short and your money starts to zoom

Remember the rules or else KABOOM!

– End –

I hope you enjoyed my song the 10 Short Seller Commandments. If you did please leave a comment in the comment section or on the Youtube video itself.

The song was written, rapped and filmed by me.

The video was filmed on my Panasonic AG-UX90 4K Professional Camcorder and edited on Final Cut Pro X.


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