save-money-buying-a-computerHow I Saved $324.18 on My Imac Computer in Less Than 10 Minutes

Who doesn’t want to save money buying a computer or anything for that matter? It might sound frugal or it might sound cool to save money but there is one thing for sure, anyone who likes paying full price needs their head examined. A small proportion of rent, employee pay, utilities, insurance and many many more expenses get added into full price. Additionally if you know that, understand that and wise about spending your money you will find ways to save more money without spending extra time trying to save it. In fact, last year I had to buy a new computer (iMac 27 inch retina) because I was in dire need of an upgrade for work related purposes. However, when I saw the $1700 price tag I almost fainted. So, I fanned myself off, did a few hyperventilation techniques and put on my creative cap so I could tackle the goal to save money buying a computer.

When to Buy a Computer or Any Expensive Item

The first thing I like to do is find out what holiday is right around the corner to help me save on my purchasing needs and desires. What I mean is if I need to buy a personal item and there are holiday sales that I can immediately take advantage of I hop on that opportunity. If you aren’t in a rush then wait for a holiday sale. It’s truly free money that most retail shops are implicitly obligated to give away, in a form of a discount, if they want to stay competitive. Luckily for me the president’s day holiday was in full swing and there were sales galore so all I had to do was find a store that sold the computer I wanted as well as a store that honors coupons so I could save even more.

Always Look for Coupons

Always look for coupons is my motto. I don’t mean get a copy of the local paper and sit home on a Sunday and clip out coupons. NO! Pfft. Even though that still works… That is so last century. What I mean is go online right now and look for a coupon… any coupon on an item you are interested in purchasing. Chances are you will find it. Look at coupon sites such as: Retailmenot and then try Craigslist and Ebay. Without exaggerating I have saved thousands of dollars just by spending 5 minutes looking online for a coupon. Anyway, without fail, Ebay had a 10% off coupon at Best Buy.

Note: Coupons are always changing to accommodate various factors such as time of year, customer’s needs and competition. 

Here is a quick tip on how to buy a coupon from Ebay.

  1. Make sure the seller’s feedback is 100% positive or really close to it.
  2. Make sure seller has sold more than 20 items with positive feedback.
  4. Double check the dates coupon is valid.
  5. Make sure the category your item falls under isn’t excluded from the coupon.
  6. See how long it will take to get the coupon. Most are emailed immediately.
  7. Contact the seller if you are confused or have a question.

Then after I did my due diligence on the Ebayer I purchased the coupon for $1.99 and headed out to Best Buy.

Note: If you are nervous about buying a coupon just do the math on the risk to reward. For my purposes I knew if the coupon was worthless I was only risking a few minutes of my time and $1.99. If the coupon was good my reward was 10% of $1700 or a savings of $170.

Final Amount Paid

Naturally the coupon worked and I found the only hard part buying the computer was parting with my hard earned money. Thankfully it was so much easier knowing I was saving a lot just by knowing how the system worked. In fact, here is the final paid for my Imac computer.

  • Computer – $1699.00
  • Coupon     – $1.99
  • 10% off President’s Day Sale
  • 10% off Best Buy Coupon

Total $1377.80

And that in a nut (computer) shell is it. Now that I look at it maybe I could have bought another and sold it for the difference. Hmmm. Not a bad idea. Maybe next time.




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