Make $300 with Mypoints Rewards During Morning Coffee

SwagBucks this and SwagBucks that, but what about Mypoints Rewards? Has anyone even talked about how great Mypoints Rewards can be? I guess I haven’t either but I have been a money making member since 2002. Why I let 15 years go by before I blogged about it is beyond me, but better late than never. Honestly, I am always looking to creatively inspire money making ideas and share them with those who care to listen. Well, here is a simple one. Granted, it isn’t going to make you rich but during my “me time,” with my daily cup of coffee, I can make an extra $25 a month which is a pretty cool way to start the morning.

What is Mypoints?

Before I get into sharing how I make some extra coffee money using Mypoints, let me briefly explain to you what Mypoints actually is.

MyPoints is a rewards program that gives you points for accomplishing certain tasks. For example, reading e-mails, shopping, taking surveys, doing web searches and completing a variety of other activities are excellent ways to build Mypoints Rewards. Once you have accumulated enough points, you can redeem those points for a gift card to your choice of over 70 merchants.

How I Don’t Use Mypoints Rewards

I am very conscience about spending money and I enjoy budgeting because I find it rewarding. I say this so you realize I don’t actually shop on Mypoints and accumulate points that way. However, I am sure that if you were looking for something to buy, you could shop through Mypoints gaining points along the way but that would go against my blog’s motto: creatively inspiring saving and money making ideas.

Anyway, I don’t use Mypoints for shopping and if you are to join Mypoints please do so responsibly. Spending unnecessary money goes against building financial freedom and a simple path to wealth. I only mention this because I thought it was important for you to know before we get started.

How I Do Use Mypoints Rewards

mypointsAfter I signed up here up for Mypoints I began getting daily emails telling me about certain deals, surveys or coupons they were offering. For years I just clicked the email, opened it up and then immediately closed the website giving me 5 points just for viewing.

Mypoints sends 4 or 5 emails daily and after 6 months or so I would redeem my Mypoints Rewards.

Like I said, I did that for years (and still do) but lately I have been looking into sharing more money making ideas like Mypoints rewards gives. Then, after digging a little bit further, I noticed that they had daily surveys which would give certain amount of points depending on the survey. So, I decided to give the surveys a try but only during certain hours of the day.

The early mornings are the easiest times of the day for me to have a little “me time”. With a wife and 2 kids I’m sure you can understand. So, while I am enjoying my morning cup of coffee, I open up Mypoints and view the surveys they have.

They usually have a dozen or more and I only look for the ones that have the most points for the least amount of time. If I qualify for the survey then I can accumulate anywhere from 50 to 200 points. If I don’t qualify for the survey I get a 5 point disqualification bonus.

mypoints-2I enjoy the disqualification points as it’s a quick way to build up points for nothing. However, you are only allowed 5 a day which I gladly take to add to my account balance.

In addition to that, sometimes I watch the videos that they offer. They don’t give many points for watching videos, but every now and again something looks interesting and I will watch it and gain some points.

How Much Money Can I Make with Mypoints Rewards?

mypoints-4You can redeem your Mypoints Rewards for any of the 70 plus merchants that participate in the program. Although Ebay, Walmart and AMC are some of the great participants, I only redeem my Mypoints for a $25 PayPal card. I do not care about getting gift cards that force me to buy from the card holder’s store. In my opinion, that scenario obligates me to purchasing some item and limits my ability to buy from other competitive merchants. Basically, I get $25 cash in my Paypal account when I redeem my points which allows me to spend it how I please.

Final Thoughts

Let’s be clear, you are not going to get rich on Mypoints and I only participate in the program because the news is depressing, misleading and alarmingly addictive. Not a day goes by without hearing about a death, robbery or some other form of violent act on television. So, I decided to make coffee money instead before the wife and kids wake up. In addition, I invest no more than 30 minutes a day and, so far, it doesn’t take away from our quality family time or my work.

With that said, for the last 2 months I have been able to redeem my points from Mypoints Rewards for 2 PayPal credits of $25. I can’t complain, $50 bucks in 2 months and all while I am enjoying and drinking my morning cup of coffee… Eso me gusta mucho! That is Spanish for I like that a lot.




Some of the links in this post are from my sponsors. I thought you should know because honesty is better then sugarcoated bullsh*t.