How I Got Market Samurai Free

Market Samurai FreeHow I Got Market Samurai Free

I guess you want to know how I got Market Samurai free? Well, let me tell you. I got a fully functional software from Market Samurai free back when I first started in online marketing. No, I didn’t crack any codes to get it. No, I didn’t hack the company while they were at lunch. And no, I didn’t steal anything, hurt anybody or do anything wrong to get Market Samurai free. Here is my story.

Project Payday

I started looking to make money online and I came across Project Payday, a site that allows you to build side cash for signing up for trial offers. It seemed like a simple concept so I signed up and I actually made some lunch money. However, I wasn’t happy because to me it boarder-lined scamming.

Let me give you an example.

Joe is a broker of a hair gel company for brunettes. He tells me to sign up for a free trial offer and for doing so I will get $20. He takes a fee and I get the balance and some hair gel for brunettes. The thing is I am a blonde so I end up canceling the offer before the trial offer ends and move on to another offer to make more lunch money.

Is it a scam? No, because there are hundreds of great offers out there but if you want to make money and can’t use the product then you know it’s not ethical. So I quit.

Then, one day I started doing more searching online and came across a software called Market Samurai to help me increase my photography business by ranking higher in Google. Just the name alone made me want to look at it. Who doesn’t want to be a Samurai? So, I downloaded the free trial and watched the introduction video but didn’t know what the hell they were talking about. At this point I was thinking to myself that maybe I should have kept that hair gel.

30 days go by and they send me knew videos, updates, information and everything you can think of under the sun to get me to learn about Market Samurai. What did I do? I did nothing and the trial ended.

The Challenge

You can find some interesting characters on the internet. Ed Dale, who looks like Meatloaf without the hair and emotion, found his way onto my computer screen because his name is strongly attached to internet marketing. In just 7 weeks Ed Dale and his crew teach you the basics of internet marketing for FREE by setting up a website with the goal of making 1 dollar.

So, I took the challenge and started a site. However, in order to beat the competition you need to do the research before you start the business. How do you think the research is done? Right. Market Samurai. I then re-established my free trial because I needed the software to complete the program. However, this time around The Challenge was going to help me understand how to use Market Samurai.

On day one of using the program it crashed because I didn’t have the right OS system. Fine! I upgraded. Then Google temporarily put a hold on my access because I used Market Samurai too much in one day. Fine! I waited a week. Then, my trial ended because I couldn’t find a niche and Market Samurai’s team is located in Australia and couldn’t respond for a total of 12 hours due to time zoning. Then, I asked Market Samurai to extend my trial again because I couldn’t finish The Challenge without it. They said ok but gave me only 15 days to accomplish my goals.

Guess what I thought to myself?

Exactly! Hair gel.

Market Samurai Free

15 days is impossible for a newbie to try to understand how to set up an online business but I was going to do my best to not complain. I mean the program is called The Challenge so I challenged myself.

Day 1 I opened up Market Samurai and it didn’t allow me to login so I put in another support ticket and waited 12 hours.

Day 2 the rep from Market Samurai asked me for my email address I used when I signed up so I sent it and waited another 12 hours.

Day 3 the rep told me to take a screenshot of my screen with the program open because my email address wasn’t registered and he wanted to evaluate the situation. 12 hours.

Then before long 15 days was up and my trail was over.

However by the luck of the universe…

Market Samurai sent me this email.

Hi Jai,

Unfortunately we got our wires crossed in the office.

I gave some incorrect information about our activation system relating to trials. Your copy of Market Samurai is correctly registered, and our attemped investigation into which account you were using was in vain.

I am very sorry for the mixup here.

To make up for the time I have wasted of yours, I have activated your copy of Market Samurai free as a full version. So it will now count as paid.

All the best, and sorry again!

I had to read and re-read the email a few times as this never happens in world.

Lessons Learned From Market Samurai

Even though I got Market Samurai free I think they are a great company. They did all they could to rectify every situation I had and never once came across as arrogant or unconcerned. Mistakes happen but our journey together was positive and I am grateful to have Market Samurai free or not. I know there are many great SEO software companies out there but MS stuck by me when I first started out so I will stick by them as we continue to grow.

In case you were wondering this happened in October 2011 and I still use Market Samurai daily.

Download your Market Samurai free trial today and give it a try. Watch their video tutorials as they are very helpful and extremely easy to understand.


The above link is an affiliate link. If you like Market Samurai as much as I do then I would appreciate it if you test them out through the link above. If you decide it is for you then once you purchase the full version I will get a commission.

If you need more information please email me and I will answer any questions you have on Market Samurai Free of course.

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9 thoughts on “How I Got Market Samurai Free

  1. We have MS but don’t use it that much. Partly that is because it uses the appalling Adobe AIR system – I really can’t see why it isn’t stand alone unless it is for you Mac types!

    But it is all concerned about how the world sees your site and not about the site itself. Now both of these are important of course but the SEO Quake tool bar is more useful I think. And the Google AdWords tools are probably as useful for the analysis anyway.

    Well – that’s fun isn’t it?

    1. I like keyword analysis too. Yes I am a Mac guy but I guess you knee that with the photography. I don’t use SEO Quake much but will look more into it and see if I start to see what you see. 🙂

    1. No but it shows you the competition for keywords so you understand how or if you should try to rank for a keyword. Email me if you have any questions.

  2. I’ve just started out doing keyword research and got the free 12-day trial of Market Samurai. So far it’s been really slow but with some great functionality on the other hand, so a bit of a mixed bag for me. The SEO Competition tool is the best part of MS but it would be better if this was simple to access for all keywords returned in the initial research rather than having to open it up especially each time.

    1. Google Keyword tool is quite deceptive in that it doesn’t breakdown your competition. So let’s say you see a keyword that says low competition you might feel you can compete because it says low. However, in reality MS will show you how low or high that “low” competition really is. I use MS still to this day and it has proven time and time again to be lucrative.

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