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My New Investors Underground Review.

Investors Underground Review – 3 Years Later

I can’t believe it’s been 3 years since I joined and wrote my personalized Investors Underground Review.

The other day I read through my thoughts and realized that 3 years is a long time. A lot, and I mean A LOT, has changed since 2014.

Back then I was still a newbie, excited and impressionable. Today, my photography business continues to grow, my website (Beyond Debt) is on par to have the best year since I started blogging and thankfully… I am still trading profitably.

Where do I trade you ask?

Investors Underground of course… but more importantly than where let’s talk about why.

Why do I still trade at Investors Underground?

After 3 years… Let’s take a look.

Investors Underground Review – About Investors Underground

Before I get into the Investors Underground Review let me briefly tell you about them.

Investors Underground is a professional stock market chat room service, started in 2008. They have a diverse community, from people who are just embarking on their trading career, to full-time traders.

Investors Underground Membership Community

Investors Underground Community 2017

Nathan Michaud, Investors Underground’s main moderator, provides members with nightly detailed watch lists so that members are fully prepared before coming to the market the following day. Their nightly scans include high volume stocks that provide the best opportunities for profiting during the trading day.

30 minutes before the market opens, the watch list gets narrowed down and adjusted to the best of the best stocks to trade.

In addition, Investors Underground and their moderators give real time trading alerts during market hours if and when opportunities arise.

Their moderators include:

  • Nathan Michaud
  • Cam B
  • Michele Koenig (offshorehunters)
  • Emil
  • Cody (@OddStockTrader)
  • Sandro (Splendores)
  • Phil
  • Tim Grittani
  • Derrick
  • Eric Wood (elkwood66)
  • Brandon (crawfish_poboy)
  • Modern Rock

Investors Underground Review – Who is Nathan Michaud?

Nathan Michaud Investors Underground

Nathan Michaud started his trading career in 2003 and has been a full-time trader since graduating with a finance degree from the University of New Hampshire in 2007.

In 2004, Nate founded to combat one of his (and many others) biggest flaws: over trading.

Each morning he’d find himself profitable, only to lose it to over trading throughout the day. So, Nate started a blog to discuss the trades he took, why he took them and what was on watch for the following day.

The following year, he merged a prior chat room he helped moderate with InvestorsLive and began to build an audience of live traders.

During this time, Timothy Sykes, (penny stock trader and entrepreneur) took notice of Nate’s profitable trading style and after a successful run of trading, the 2 of them collaborated on a subscription-based model to help newer traders become consistently profitable.

In 2012 Nathan Michaud became a stock market guru on a social platform to learn how to trade stocks.

However, in 2015, due to “differing paths and philosophies”, Nate left to focus his energy on his own growing service: Investors Underground.

Today Investors Underground is one of the leading premium live trading chat rooms on the net.

Investors Underground Review – The Chat Room

Investors Underground Chat Example 2

Welcome PopUp from Investors Underground Momentum Chat

Investors Underground has three different trading chat rooms for various trading styles: Momentum, Swing, and OTC.

  • Momentum Chat – Momentum trading seeks to capture profits in stocks that are making significant price moves (up or down) on heavy volume often in reaction to a news or rumor catalyst.  The momentum chat is run by Nathan Michaud.
  • Swing Chat – Swing trading seeks to capture profits by holding a stock position overnight to several weeks. The swing trading chat room is run by Michele Koenig, (aka @offshorehunters), who also runs her own service Tradeonthefly.
  • OTC Chat – OTC trading (over-the-counter) seeks to capture profits from stocks traded outside the NYSE and NASDAQ exchanges. The OTC chat room is run by several moderators:  bbstock, oilgusher & OddStockTrader.

It’s important to note that Investors Underground’s rules (applies to all 3 rooms) should be taken very seriously. Chat members who don’t adhere to the rules will be banned for 24 hours.

I only hang out in the momentum chat room because that is the room that best suits my needs as a trader.

One of the best parts about the momentum chat room is that Nate will share his thoughts before he places a trade. He does not (nor anyone else in the Investors Underground community) front run his subscribers.

What is Front Running Your Subscribers?

Front Running is the unethical practice of a stock market guru trading a stock immediately before telling their subscribers which stock they are trading. Then after the stock market guru is in the stock the subscribers follow their guru into the same stock so that it moves the stock one way or the other. Once the stock market guru is in a profit they exit the position and alert the subscribers.

This is important and so I will mention it again. Nathan Michaud does not (nor anyone else in the Investors Underground community) front run his subscribers. Ideas, knowledge and potential traps are shared well before a trade is placed.

Below is an example of something Nate might say before placing a trade.

Example of Nate sharing his thoughts well before placing the trade

Ok… Let me guess. You have no clue what he means. That is ok. It takes a few weeks to follow the IU lingo.

Let me translate it for you.

Nate said he is going to start to short sell (ss) symbol ALGN (Align Technology) if he sees a quick surge in price action. He also wants to make sure ALGN confirms the inability (fails) to move higher.

By him sharing his thoughts others are allowed to watch the price action and learn how trading is done at Investors Underground.

Another important chat room perk is the announcement of the most discussed and most popular symbols that are calculated in the chat room and on Twitter. Those symbols will get highlighted in chat before the market open.

Investors Underground Chat Example 1

Most mentioned Tickers & Top Tweets highlighted before the market open.

The Investors Underground chat room is one of the best chat rooms around because of their respect for the trading craft. The rules are in place to keep out the noise as well as help people develop their own trading style.

Investors Underground Review – Latest Features in Chat

Aside from being an amazing community, Investors Underground chat room serves as a scanner, news source, trade idea generator and much more.

Recently they added some nice features that every day trader needs in order to be successful. The new features include:

  • Ticker Tags
  • Ticker History
  • Ticker News
  • Ticker Float
  • Ticker Twitter Updates
  • Ticker SEC Filings
  • User History
  • Earnings
  • Tweets
  • Voice and Audio Alerts

To read more about these new features at Investors Underground please check out their detailed post here.

Investors Underground Review – Video Recaps

Nate posts 10 to 15 minute video recaps every night which allows the members an opportunity to see exactly what he was thinking during trading hours.

These video recaps are important as they can solidify or clarify your own thoughts about trading. They help answer questions and concerns without having to ask them in chat or via email.

In addition they help you to focus on day trading strategies, trading psychology and so much more!

Video recaps are part of their membership service and are not free to the public however, Nate does post free video recaps from time to time such as the one above.

Investors Underground Review – 8 Part Beginner Video Series

You can learn a lot from free stuff. I know I did. I think it is important to gather as much information as you can about trading and the trading room you are looking into before making a decision.

For example Investors Underground has a great 8 part beginner series that I think is very helpful to those starting out. It allows you to get a look and feel for trading before spending your hard earned money.

The series is broken down into 8 parts:

  • Intro to Day Trading
  • Intro to Technical Analysis
  • Intro to Long Setups
  • Intro to Short Selling
  • Intro to Trading Computers
  • Intro to Stock Brokers
  • Intro to Scanning
  • Intro to Trading Services

Now let me make this clear. The free series will not make you a great day trader. It is just to get a solid look and feel for trading. I believe it allows you the opportunity to make sure this is the path you want to go down without the risk.

Investors Underground Review – Other Free Stuff

Ok, so it’s important to get all the information you can first before making a decision. And it is best to do it without having to pay. Here are a few free videos that Investors Underground has offered as a way to educate, inform and strengthen your knowledge of trading before deciding if you want to join Investors Underground.




Investors Underground Review – Educational Videos

I purchased both the Textbook Trading video and the Tandem Trader video when they came out. These 2 videos are very well done and strengthened my knowledge and confidence in the beginning stages of my day trading journey. These videos should only be watched or bought after you have enjoyed the free material first.

In addition these are not stand alone videos. That means that you shouldn’t buy the Tandem Trader if you haven’t watched the Textbook Trading video first.

I actually did a review of the Textbook Trading video back when it came out.

Textbook Trading – The Textbook Trading video is broken up into 11 carefully crafted chapters which will educate you on the trading style of the Investors Underground community. This is a very detailed video that will educate you and put you in a much better position to trade once you decide to do so.

  • Purpose & History
  • Setup and Terminology
  • Charting & Technical Analysis
  • ABCD & Long Trades
  • Red/Green & Long Trades
  • Shorts and Over Extensions
  • Morning Emotion & Faders
  • OTC Trading
  • Brokers
  • Daily Routine & Goals
  • Websites & Homework

Tandem Trader – The Tandem Trader video is broken up into 9 in depth chapters which will sometimes put you in the emotional seat as you watch Nate trade live. He shows his wins and some pretty BIG losses. This is a very well developed and detailed video that gives you a bird’s eye view of trading long and short setups.

  • Introduction
  • Trading Concepts
  • NASDAQ Longs
  • Parabolic Shorts
  • Shorts & Faders
  • OTC Trading
  • Level 2 Analysis & Float Rotation
  • How to Scan for Stocks
  • Tools of the Trade
  • Trader Interviews

Investors Underground Discounts & Disclaimer

I take pride in my blog (Beyond Debt) and my transparency to the readers. So, it is important that I tell you that I have become affiliated with Investors Underground because I have used their services and gained significant knowledge from their educational material over the years which has greatly helped me on my own trading journey.

What does that mean?

If you click on an affiliate link on this Investors Underground Review and make a purchase, I’ll get a small commission that supports the cost of this blog and my enormous bills that my wife and kids make me pay!

Your price stays the same and You pay nothing more. In fact, You pay a significant amount less because Investors Underground has given my Beyond Debt readers a generous discount which you would not be able to get if you were to purchase from them directly.

It’s a win-win-win!

Investors Underground Discount Pricing!

Final Thoughts

Day trading isn’t easy. I never want to mislead anyone into thinking it is but I feel that Investors Underground gives people a strong chance at surviving through their education and chat room service.

In addition, their moderators are well versed in various strategies in the market so you see what works best for you and learn from that individual who you admire.

My thoughts to those who are new are simple. Watch all the free stuff you can find and ask all the questions you have. Don’t be shy but don’t be foolish. There are a lot of questions you can get answers to yourself.

For example: If you are looking to avoid the PDT rule you don’t need to ask Nate. You can just ask Google. Hopefully, somewhere on their results page, you will see my article I wrote on the PDT subject.

Lastly, once you have done your due diligence and are satisfied take 1 to 3 months and sit in on chat at Investors Underground. Get a feel for what is going on before you start trading. You can learn a lot about them and their service before you start risking your hard earned money.

Please know that my above suggestions apply no matter where you decide to trade.

The stock market has been around since 1817. That means don’t rush to trade… rush to learn because I have a feeling it will still be there when you are ready to trade.

Like always feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.


Some of the links in this post are from my sponsors. I thought you should know because honesty is better then sugarcoated bullsh*t.

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