5 Good Investment Ideas5 Good Investment Ideas

Who doesn’t like a few good investment ideas? We do live in a capitalistic society. Even if you aren’t fond of capitalism, you should be fond of making your money make money. As we move beyond debt we look toward the future to increase our wealth. Let’s be clear. If you invest, there is no surefire way to fully secure your hard earned money. However, a world without intelligent risk taking is a world that isn’t very intelligent. I am not telling you what you need to do with your money I am just pointing out some good investment ideas.

5 Star Funds

I am a huge fan of Fidelity Investments. They have great fund managers like John Carlson. They have excellent customer service. They also have 5 star funds that are winners each and every year. Yes the market will go up and down but if you invest your money for the long haul you can find a 5 star fund that gives you a little capital growth and income. The combination will help you sleep better at night when the market is bearish. I personally enjoy small cap discovery fund.

Options Trading

When I was looking to get back into the market my step father gave me a few good investment ideas. One of them was options trading. In a nutshell, an option is a contract that gives someone the right (the option buyer) to buy or sell the underlying asset (your stock) at a specific price on or before a certain date. If you choose a solid huge company like Pfizer or Wells Fargo you can make a solid 10 percent a year on your money.


Exchange Traded Funds. What is so good about ETF’s? I will tell you. ETF’s are great because you can trade them like a stock. If you like a little risk then ETF’s are safer than stocks and less expensive. In addition they are great for diversification and there are plenty of ETF’s to choose from. One of my all time favorite ETF’s is PHK. It’s a Pimco High Income Fund. It pays a great dividend and even when it goes down it always seems to make a comeback. Yes it’s risky but at $12.41 and a 10% yield you are not talking about a fortune.

Rental Property

I have been a landlord for years. I watched my home go from $600k in value all the way down to $289K. It was a tough pill to swallow. I stuck it out and am happy I did. Although the valuation of the 2000’s are gone, my property makes me money. In addition I can deduct my mortgage and property taxes off of my personal taxes. A savings I am happy to take each year. Yes owning can be scary. However, houses are still a good value, mortgage rates are at historic lows and unless the economy cracks again housing will continue to go up.


Although it’s quite easy, you might not have a desire to build a website. However, there are several inexpensive websites being sold on Flippa everyday. Yes you have to do your homework but if you follow these website buying steps you can find a way to make passive income. In case you were wondering, I own a few websites that I have built from scratch. Each of them makes passive money. I follow the rules (Google Rules) of the game and update them regularly.

Do you have a few good investment ideas? Please share them below. 


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