6 Free Stock Chart Websites

New traders contact me all the time to get as much information as they can because they know, from my personal experiences written on this blog, I have gone through the good and the bad in day trading. When I was putting together a stock research tool to gather quick information on the fly I started thinking about stock charting. As you can imagine, stock charting is extremely important because traders use it to find chart patterns for their preferred strategies and to perform technical analysis. So, if you are just starting out or you need a stock chart on the fly here are 6 free stock chart websites to add to your tool bag.

Free Stock Chart Websites #1 – Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Finance is my go to website for stock quotes with a quick glimpse of a stock chart for a symbol I am looking up. In addition, if you expand the charting platform further you can dig a little deeper and use indicators like, the simple moving averages, stochastics and bollinger bands. As an added bonus, Yahoo Finance has news headlines, important press releases and key statistics that are very useful if you need to do more extensive research.

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Free Stock Chart Websites #2 – Finviz

Finviz is the stock chart website I use to do my nightly scan for stocks. If I see a stock I might like to trade the following day I can pull up the stock chart and get a nice view of the daily chart with trend lines and moving averages already accounted for. As an added bonus you can find tons of information on a particular company such as, the float of a stock, ATR and volume.

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Free Stock Chart Websites #3 – Trading View

Trading View is a beautiful stock chart website that is very user friendly and superbly done. Although I don’t use it all the time, I like using Trading View on a more casual bases when I am delving deeper into a stock. TradingView’s charts are largely displayed across the screen for easy viewing and have detailed charts with advanced features. One of the biggest benefits of Trading View is you can create personalized ideas, set timely alerts and get notifications.

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Free Stock Chart Websites #4 – Stock Charts

Stock Charts is another stock charting website that adds certain indicators to its interface which can be helpful if you know how to use them. Stock charts has a very clean and simple look to it which makes it a pleasure to use. The moving averages and MACD indicators are added in which can give a chart enthusiast a quick read on a stock chart and the pattern it’s showing. Also, Stock Charts has a paid subscription charting school that is beneficial if you are interested in learning more about technical analysis.

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Free Stock Chart Websites #5 – Big Charts

Big Charts is on of the first free stock chart websites I used when I got started. It is pretty basic in it’s look and appeal but it is truly a great website to get a quick birds eye view of a stock chart with no bells and whistles. I use Big Charts just to see a chart pattern and nothing more. One of the things I found very beneficial in my early days is their news articles underneath the specific stocks I was researching.

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Free Stock Chart Websites #6 – Free Stock Charts

Free Stock Charts has a pretty awesome look and feel to it even though it is full of advertisements. When I discovered it I realized it was set up as a one stop shop for charting. It has news headlines, basic scanners and a running ticker stream to keep you up to speed with what is going on in the market. One of my favorite things about Free Stock Charts is it is very similar in look and feel to Think or Swims charting which I still use to this day.

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There are other free stock chart websites that are ok but I felt didn’t make the cut for this post. However, I am posting them underneath in case you find them more helpful for your liking. Happy charting.


Google Finance

Bar Chart


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