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Frequently Asked Questions.

Ever since I started this blog I have received hundreds of questions. In fact, I have gotten over 1500 questions, comments or emails and I have answered every single one of them based off of my truth in the moment I was writing. Some of the questions were kindly worded, praising me for my generous information and others were mean spirited and challenging my New York upbringing. However, I tried my best to keep emotions out of it and answer as truthfully as possible. In 4 years a lot has changed. My thinking has changed, my recommendations have changed, and my process has changed. In fact, if you read everything on my blog since the beginning you will see exactly what I mean. Anyway, as I stated above I get a lot of questions, most of them the same. So, here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

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Who do you day trade with?

I am a member of Investors Underground and highly recommend them over any other chat room.

Do you recommend any stock market books?

This book I reviewed here changed my life but there are other stock market books here I highly recommend too.

Why did you stop trading with The Millionaire Challenge?

My yearly subscription ended in January 2015 and I wanted to learn from Investors Underground.

Were you successful in the Millionaire Challenge?

It all depends on what You call success. When I began the challenge which you can read here I quickly learned that I needed to study and not rush to trade. I only traded 7 times that first year which made me about $400. It wasn’t even 1/10th of what I had spent but I was happy that I was learning and understanding the process.

Why did you stop trading with Warrior Trading?

Sadly too many negative and unproductive things were coming to light about Warrior Trading so I decided to leave.

What kind of stocks do you like to trade?

I love day trading $10 and under type stocks. You can check out my free daily (I try) watchlist here.

Can I speak to you personally?

Absolutely. I answer everyone’s emails and comments. You can email me or we can discuss setting up a 1 on 1 Skype sessions for those who wish to know the real truth about the lies misrepresentation and deception.

I don’t have a lot of money how can I start trading?

In order to truly trade successfully you will need enough capital to trade and that capital should not be capital you need to live off of. However, I suggest you watch these free videos to get a broad sense of what it takes to become a trader. If you like Investors Underground you can check out their discounted pricing for my Beyond Debt readers here.

Can I be a profitable trader even though I have a 9 to 5 job?

Yes and no. If you learn how to swing trade properly I am sure you could be profitable however, I personally would never recommend day trading to those with a 9 to 5 job.

What brokers do you use?

I have 3 brokers. Interactive Brokers, Fidelity and Vanguard.

Are you profitable and if so how much money do you make?

Yes and as of January 2017 you can track some of my financial journey here.

How much money did you start with?

To avoid the pattern day drader rule (PDT rule) I started with $25,000.00

How should I get started?

If you are interested in day trading I would watch these free videos here by Investors Underground. They are the only trading room and educators who I found success with and recommend.

Do you use affiliate links on your blog?

Yes there are a few affiliates throughout this site. An easy and free way to support Beyond Debt is through those affiliates I have found useful. Prices are always the same for You and this blog receives a small commission.

I have read the FAQs but still have more questions to ask. Can I email you?

Absolutely. My email address can be found here.

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