My Day Trading iMac Setup Using Bootcamp

I love iMac computers because it is so user friendly for my photography business. However, when I started to day trade stocks I knew I was going to have issues.

Why? Because all of the direct access routing software used for day trading is not compatible with Apple computers. And being that I still am a corporate photographer I knew something was going to have to give if I wanted to do both.

Luckily someone I know, who is a Mac user, shared his knowledge with me which led me to the amazing set up I have in the picture above. Sure it’s not as grandiose as this setup here but it works for me and I love it. So, after going through the whole process myself I thought it would be great to share my day trading iMac setup for the hardcore iMac lover who doesn’t want to make the switch.

Before I begin the step by step process of how I run my DAS trader pro software on my Day Trading iMac Setup let me say that less is more for me. The 5 screens you see above might seem like a lot if you are just starting out but they are really just a combination of my original set up (which can be seen here) with 2 new monitors that I added late last year as a little gift to me from my successes in 2015.

Anyway, have a look at the photo at the top of the blog and you will see that I have two 24 inch LED monitors that flank my main iMac 27 inch retina monitor. In addition, I have a 16 inch portable AOC monitor that I never stopped using after my upgrade. Finally on the left of that I have my Mac Book Pro from 2014 which is a stand alone screen I use for emails, chat and Skype sessions.

Note: I run my DAS trading software through Windows 10 via Bootcamp. You can use other software such as VMware Fusion or Parallels but I spoke to a representative at DAS trader and was told Windows via Bootcamp is the best way to trade in and out of stocks without any lag time.

Ok let’s get started with my day trading iMac setup.

Installing my Windows 10 on an iMac

  1. I inserted a USB Flash Drive (at least 6gb) into one of the 4 USB ports on my main iMac and download an ISO Windows 10 pro from here.
  2. Then I accessed my Bootcamp on my iMac by going to the menu bar. Click Go > Utilities > Bootcamp assistant.
  3. I then opened up the Bootcamp assistant and clicked continue.
  4. Next I clicked all 3 check boxes on the next screen. Create a Windows 8 or later install disk, download the latest support software from Apple and Remove Windows 8 or later version.
  5. With the USB Flash Drive still in its port I then clicked continue again so that the driver would format which would allow the Windows software to download on the drive.
  6. Then I typed in my password and followed the partitioning process of my iMac. Note: I split my computer 80% OS X and 20% Windows 10 because I have a lot of saved files on the OS X side of my computer.
  7. Then once complete I restarted my computer and after I heard the Apple start up chime I held down the option key until I saw this screen here. Then I chose Windows and followed the setup process from there. Setting up Windows is pretty easy but in case you need a little help here is a quick video to help you get it installed and setup.

Setting up my Day Trading workstation

  1. Inside the box of the two 24 inch LED monitors I purchased there are VGA cables. I connected those cables to their respective ports in the back.
  2. I then connected the other end of the VGA cables to a Mini DisplayPort Adapter that I purchased on Amazon. Note: I bought 2 adapters because I bought 2 monitors.
  3. Then I connected the mini DisplayPort Adapter into the thunderbolt ports in the back of my main iMac. Click here to see what a thunderbolt port looks like.
  4. To connect my 16 inch portable AOC monitor into my iMac I just connected it with a USB cord that comes with the monitor.

Setting up your Windows 10 monitor configuration

Note: You must be on the Windows partition of your iMac.

  1. On the display screen of Windows 10 I clicked the Windows Icon Task bar on the lower left of my screen.
  2. Then I clicked settings > system > display.
  3. Once there I customized my display with the settings that worked for my needs as well as monitor specifications. Here is a good blog post for setting up multi monitors using Windows 10.

Voila! You are now done…

After everything was complete I opened up my DAS trading platform from SpeedTraderPro and have had no problems whatsoever. Hopefully my day trading iMac setup was helpful to you. And in case you were wondering here is my desk that I got off of Amazon which I absolutely love and this is my chair that I spent a lot of money on.

Why did I spend a log for a good chair? Well, my motto is if you don’t take good care of your ass nobody will.


Some of the links in this post are from my sponsors. I thought you should know because honesty is better then sugarcoated bullsh*t.

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