Basic Day Trading QuizBasic Day Trading Quiz

Do you have what it takes to trade stocks? Test yourself with this Basic Day Trading Quiz to see if you know the basics.

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Question #1: What kind of chart is this?

Opps... Try again!

Question #2: As a day trader how many times a day should you trade?

Question #3: If you are long a position in Facebook (FB) you?

Question #4: If you are short selling a stock you want the price to?

Question #5: Where is Wall Street?

Question #6: The bid and the ask are?

Question #7: If a stock has good earnings you should?

Question #8: A day trader is?

Question #9: Another word for an equity is?

Question #10: It is said that 90% of day traders?

Question #11: Which behavior will eventually result in losses?

Question #12: As a day trader what should you do if a stock goes against you?

Question #13: What followed the stock market crash of 1929?

Question #14: A stock that has a short rally right before crashing is called?

Question #15: Which popular public company went bankrupt?

Question #16: How many stocks are chosen for the S&P 500 index?

Question #17: Stocks listed on the pink sheets are usually called?

Question #18: What animal is a weak economy attributed to?

Question #19: Which federal agency is responsible for regulating the stock markets?

Question #20: Who is the CEO of Facebook?





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