5 Reasons You Must Listen to Bao Modern Rock if You Are a Struggling Day Trader

“No good deed goes unpunished,” came to mind when I recently read a mean spirited, disrespectful and hurtful Tweet sent directly to Bao Modern Rock. Correct me if I am wrong but if a firefighter rescued you would you turn ugly towards that firefighter because you disagreed with their point of view? I will admit he isn’t saving lives but he is saving accounts which is a big part of people’s livelihood. Let’s be real… most people don’t lose their lives in a fire but 95% lose their money day trading in the stock market. I am also not saying one shouldn’t disagree with him but can’t we disagree with common courtesy and respect? Maybe you didn’t realize he was so helpful in the trading community.

Let’s digress for a second and catch you up to speed in case you are a new trader or don’t know Mr. Rock because you have been trading under a… ahem… rock (pun intended). Bao Modern Rock is a Vietnamese American who left a Silicon Valley job and subsequently became a successful trader. The thing that makes him greater than other successful traders is his willingness to shares his vast knowledge that can help you beyond any educational material you will pay for. To take this point to another level, he does it over and over and over again for free.

Why is it free? I don’t actually know. Maybe he does it to pass the time. Maybe he uses it to remind himself of the day trading traps, or maybe he simply cares about protecting those who are mislead by cleaver marketers, charlatans and furus (faux guru). I truly couldn’t tell you why Modern Rock does what he does but I can tell you there are several reasons to listen to him and none of them have to do with the fact they are free.

Reason 1: Bao Modern Rock Gives/Shares His Trading Ideas

Whether it’s in the Investors Underground chatroom (You can check out my IU Review here) or Twitter, Bao Modern Rock continually shares profitable and actionable ideas. He has invested a lot of time, money, and energy in the stock market which makes his knowledge very helpful. In addition, when he mentions a stock that is setting up in his favor he is, in essence, teaching you, preparing you or warning you. Furthermore, he doesn’t front run the stock which is a common problem with some teachers in the day trading community. Having an actionable trade idea is a gift that only a few people give. MR is one of those giving people.

Reason 2: Bao Modern Rock Teaches the Trading Community for Free

There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t read a Tweet from MR reminding the trading community the rules of the game. “AVOID trading midday unless you’re more advanced”, “Volume PRECEDES chart moves”, and “When the market closes doesn’t mean your learning ends” are some of the teachings that you learn from Modern Rock. Luckily, for us, he does it every single day and sometimes more than once. Here are 2 tweets that Modern Rock sent out to his Twitter followers recently.

Reason 3: Bao Modern Rock Makes Trading Fun

I say it all the time: trading is boring. I can be sitting waiting for paint to dry and find that after it dries I have to sit and let it dry some more before making a trade. However, Bao Modern Rock makes the waiting very entertaining. Ok, I will agree that he might only be entertaining to me, as well as a bunch of his followers, and maybe my sense of entertainment is very different than yours, but I think he is very entertaining.

Reason 4: Bao Modern Rock Enlightens the Trading Community

Modern Rock is always looking to protect traders from stock market gurus who (whether they know it or not) might be taking advantage of their subscribers. I have watched him call out several chat rooms over the years and it’s always with good intentions. His rants are very passionate, informative, and necessary to the new trader who isn’t familiar with the game. If there is only 1 reason to listen to Modern Rock this would be the reason.

Reason 5: Bao Modern Rock is Admired by All Day Traders

I admire Modern Rock. We have exchanged a few cordialities over the years due to this post I wrote in 2014, but I don’t really know him. Today, I continue to grow a respect for him because I can see he truly cares about helping the trading community because I do too. He is arguably one of the most popular, respected and admired day traders around. I highly suggest you check out his interview with Chat with Traders.

Final Thoughts

Bao Modern Rock is truly one of a kind in the trading community. His generosity should be met with admiration, respect and wholehearted thanks. I am not saying one must agree with everything he says, be it trading or otherwise, because that is the farthest from the truth. It’s human nature to disagree and have an opposing opinion. Ideas, thoughts and varying feelings can be helpful and educational to us at the same time. However, should you feel the need to express yourself to Modern Rock remember 2 things:

He is a man who altruistically goes out of his way to help others and he only blocks assholes.

Check out Modern Rock here and here on Twitter.

Do you have a reason you listen to Bao Modern Rock? Please share it in the comment section.


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