Jai Catalano

I became a professional salsa dancer in 1999 and started an amazing journey that took me through a roller coaster of experiences. Throughout a 10 year period I danced on practically every stage in every city, state and country you can think of. During all the fun I became the lead commentator for ESPN’s World Salsa Championships. However, when the economy tanked in 2008/2009 the show, the money and all the fun ended.

As challenging as that was for me I had a lot to look forward to because I was a newly married man with a baby boy on the way. Becoming a dad was the best thing that ever happened to me until I became a dad for a second time. 18 months after my son was born my wife gave birth to my beautiful daughter.

During the beginning stages of parenthood I retired from dance and made a career change to photography but ran into some challenging obstacles along the way. However, through hard work, dedication and family support I began to turn things around.

Today I am a part time Photographer, part time Equities Trader and a full time Father of 2 & Husband of 1.

My name is Jai Catalano and this is my story.


“Success has many roads… sometimes the slightest change can make the biggest difference.”

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