Jai CatalanoThere is a pretty good backstory before I started trading stocks and blogging about it… Where shall I begin? Wait, I know!

I became a professional salsa dancer in 1999 and started an amazing journey that took me through a roller coaster of experiences. Throughout a 10 year period I danced on practically every stage in every city, state and country you can think of. During all the fun I became the lead commentator for ESPN’s World Salsa Championships. However, when the economic crisis began in 2008, the show, the money and all the fun ended.

As challenging as that was for me I had a lot to look forward to because I was a newly married man with a baby boy on the way. Becoming a dad was the best thing that ever happened to me until I became a dad for a second time. 18 months after my son was born my wife gave birth to my beautiful daughter.

During the beginning stages of parenthood I retired from dance and made a career change to photography and ran into some challenging obstacles along the way. However, through hard work, dedication and family support I began to turn things around.

Today I am a corporate photographer, creative photo editor, stocks/options trader, blogger and… if that wasn’t enough…

father of two and husband of one.

My name is Jai Catalano and this is my story.



I speak 2 languages. I speak English and Yo hablo Español!


I danced at Carnegie Hall with Tito Nieves in 2007.


My son was born exactly 9 months to the day I got married.