How to Save on Groceries

25 Ways on How to Save on Groceries (Part 2)

If you thought that there were only 25 ways on how to save on groceries you were half right. There are actually 50 ways to do so if saving money and getting out of debt is your goal. If you didn’t get to read part 1 of the 2 part series then please check out the link on the bottom of this post after you enjoy 25 more ways on how to save on groceries.

Shop By Yourself

The last thing you need is someone influencing your shopping method. In addition you will find that shopping with other people makes you stay at that location longer. That means more potential for influence and impulse buying. I say shop alone.

Cash Only

If you have a debt problem then using cash ONLY will help you solve it. If you bring $50 with you then you can only spend $50. Using cash only puts you in a category of being a smart shopper and a smart budgeter. So, if you really want to learn how to save money on groceries leave your credit card home and just use cash.

Check Store Policies

Certain stores have certain items on sale which might temp you to shop there. However, if the item you are looking for has a limit then it might only just be a marketing ploy to get you there. For example if Tuna is .99 cents each but there is a 4 can limit it might not be worth it in the long run. Check store policies.

Take Your Lunch

If you need to learn how to save on groceries you have to learn how to prepare some of your own food. You don’t have to be a master chef but taking your own lunch to work will help you save in the long run because you won’t be tempted to buy outside. In addition you will learn to control your portions.

Drip Your Own Joe

Coffee costs a lot of money. I should know. I live in NYC. Let me explain to you how making your own joe will teach you how to save on groceries. Coffee satisfies and curbs hunger from time to time. Making your own joe will save you money and possibly some extra usage of the food in your house.

Build a Garden

I guess building a garden doesn’t quite apply to us New Yorkers but it should to those who have the space. Growing your own vegetables is one of the best ways to train yourself on how to save on groceries. Plus it is such a great feeling to know you created your own food, ate it and saved all in the same bite.

Take Your Own Water

Water like joe helps control your appetite. By drinking 8 glasses of water a day you can save yourself in the long run on your groceries. I am not saying to starve yourself. When it’s time to eat it’s time to eat. However, water will keep you satisfied a bit longer so you can save on eating every time you hear argh.

Quit Juice or Soda

We all know sugar is bad for us. I don’t mean sugar from fruit. I mean juice and soda. However, did you know that sugary juice or soda can actually have an negative affect on your appetite? Yes it’s true. It can make you hungrier than you were before which is exactly what you don’t need.

Store Stuff

If you have the space you can find all the wonderful deals in your neighborhood and store stuff for the long term. However, be careful that what you are storing is of great value and doesn’t have an expiration date. The last thing you need to do is loose what you haven’t used yet.

Go Vegetarian

Vegetables are satisfying if cooked right and they are a lot cheaper than meat. Ok so maybe cutting out meat, chicken and fish is a tough call but in case you didn’t know fish is very expensive. If you are going to eat meat do it once in a while.

Shop with a Time Limit

20 minutes. That is all you need. If you shop with a time limit you won’t think about some of the other items that weren’t on your grocery list to begin with. Think in and out. In and out. I guarantee you will save a lot of breatd if you set some time goals.


Yes food has clearance items too. Sometimes you can get some real bang for your buck on some of the stuff that won’t be reappearing at a store near you. It’s not always easy to find store clearances on food but talk to the store manager and see where they stand.

Change Eating Styles

If there is every a way to learn how to save on groceries it’s changing eating habits. By making small changes we can control and save money. For example if you eat junk snacks you can switch to veggies or cut them out all together. The savings is limitless if you make a change.

Buy Another Fridge

Again you need the space for this. However, if you have enough space to get another fridge in the house I say go for it. You can store stuff, make meals for the week and beyond. It’s a great way to save money and shopping time.

Farmer’s Market

I have a lovely farmer’s market right by my house that is fresh and absolutely amazing. In addition the prices are amazing. You can get some really good sales there. And if you get to know the owners you might get a few freebies along the way.

Check Your Local Community Garden

There is also a local community garden that people grow and pick their own food. It’s a great how to save on groceries tip plus it gets you in touch with your neighbors. Like minded people sometimes have great ideas to share.

Invest in a Crock Pot

Cooking in a crockpot is one of the best ways to get rid of old vegetables and cheap meats. All you have to do is throw it all in and add some seasoning. Voila. Here is the best part. Once you are done you only have one dish to clean.

Use Less Expensive Meat

So, you can’t become a vegetarian. It’s ok. That’s a tall order for most people. However, inexpensive meats is a great alternative if you want to know how to save on groceries. Shop around to see where you can get the least expensive and freshest meats.

Caned, Frozen or Fresh

If you take control of your food you can control what you spend. From time to time you will find caned food is cheaper than frozen or fresh. Sometimes you will find that fresh is actually cheaper if you know what to cook, how to store it and what to buy. Do your homework to see where you can save.

Cut Out Salty Foods

We all know what salty foods can do to our health. However, salty foods make you hungry and thirsty. That all ends up becoming an excuse to eat or drink. It’s not healthy and it’s expensive. That being said cut out the salt to save a lot more than you bargained for.

Shop Online

I shop at Fresh Direct from time to time. Yes I really do. It’s super convenient and saves me time and money. Let me explain. When I signed up they sent me a few coupons that I used to save. In addition if you learn their schedule you will learn when their items go on sale.

Price Match

Price matching is just smart shopping. Remember it’s about getting out of debt and saving money. Price matching will help you do that. By just spending a few minutes doing your homework you will learn how to save on groceries every single time.

Shop Late At Night

Shop late at night when nobody else is there. It will force you to concentrate on getting in and out of the store which is exactly what you need. If you don’t have the other shoppers distracting you you won’t loose focus on your goals.

Avoid End Cap Specials

In retail marketing, an endcap is a display for a product placed at the end of an aisle. It is perceived to give a brand a competitive advantage. However, you don’t want to give the brand the advantage you want to give  yourself the advantage.

Look Up and Down For Deals

Super markets are not dumb. They put the pricey stuff at eye level. However, there are shelves above and below that can have some great deals. Look up and down the shelves and see where you can save in the long run.

Now That You Know How to Save on Groceries, Which Ones Do You Choose?

Check out part 1 of how to save on groceries here.


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